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October 2008

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New: Violet

October 22, 2008

I’m so excited to write this as two of my favorite artists, Camilla Engman and Elisabeth Dunker in G?teborg, Sweden recently moved into a working studio together that they’ve called Studio Violet. Studio Violet has a blog, web store (they ship worldwide) and a website. I have to admit, when I stumbled upon this news today while reading Camilla’s blog I felt butterflies inside because I really LOVE their studio space and the current products they have for sale in their shop. Have you ever looked at something and said, “That is just SO me”? Okay good so you know how I feel about Violet.

New: Violet

So far, Camilla and Elisabeth have collaborated on a few products together and no doubt more will follow, but for now I’m especially enjoying the Friends of Violet poster (which I’ve already ordered for my apartment because the color palette totally fits my place). Isn’t it sweet?

As you know because I’ve mentioned it a gadzillion times here already but in the future I have big dreams of opening a shop/arts & crafts gallery & workshop center with a friend so I imagine that for these ladies this is a very exciting goal to have reached… together. I’m sure they dreamt of this moment too. I love seeing talented women find one another and work together in such a beautiful productive way.

New: VioletNew: VioletNew: VioletNew: Violet

Congratulations to them and to all ladies (and gents) reading who are collaborating on projects. This seems to be a growing trend in the independent arts and crafts world right now, though I hate calling it a trend as they come and go… hopefully collaborating sticks around for a very long time because it’s really taking off and so far I’m hearing nothing but positive reports. I hope to see more and more talented people pulling together to make their dreams come true.

(images from elisabeth dunker)

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I’m a Featured Buyer on Etsy!

October 22, 2008

Oh my goodness I’m so excited! I just found out that today Etsy posted my article in their Featured Buyer column. Weeeeeeeee!

I'm a Featured Buyer on Etsy!

I’m soooo happy. Click here to view it. I have to go see what comments have been left, I can’t wait to see what Etsy readers have to say about my article on shopping handmade. This is really exciting for me, I’ve been shopping Etsy since Feb. 2006 and never expected they’d ask me to participate in this series. Thank you, Etsy!

(screenshot from the etsy storque)

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Inspired By: Autumn Edition

October 22, 2008

This is a totally girly post but I think you’ll enjoy it. Today I thought I’d share some of my recent inspirations mood board style, things that have either directly influenced my work, my spirit, and/or my heart strings (tug, tug). I hope you enjoy this collection and I invite you to click on the links below to view more lovely items not show here within this post. I also invite you to create something like this and feature it on your own blog and link back to this post (leave your link in the comments section below). I think it’s fun (and important) to share our inspirations as we can all learn, grow, and go ‘ahhhh’ together. I hope you enjoy these little gems. Enjoy!

Inspired By: Autumn Edition
{a.} Garden variety cakes.
{b.} “Into the Sun” photographic print by Ez Pudewa.
{c.} Lobster & Swan treasures.
{d.} New: Domino book (I don’t have it yet but I heard it’s lovely). Sneak peek here.)
{e.} The cutest bunny for a pet — me want a silly wabbit too!
{f.} Free greeting card and tags at Creature Comforts.
{g.} Dilkabear prints.

Inspired By: Autumn Edition

{1.} Jen Gotch photography.
{2.} Coats by Little Houses via: Trunkt.
{3.} Charming illustrations by Kayo Tamaishi as shown here on the inspiration board of Secrets of a Butterfly.
{4.} The photography of Shanon Gass.
{5.} Books by Australian designer Shannon Fricke (Colour and Space is a book I cannot stop looking at lately, her other book called Colour is now on my wish list).

Inspired By: Autumn Edition
Of course I am inspired by my own things too… My house and what I fill it with. And I’m forever into my husband Thorsten. He is a treasure and makes our home shine. Sounds corny but it’s true.

{a.} The indie art in my apartment in Germany.
{b.} German designer Orike Muth’s lighting. Swoon!
{c.} More art in my little New Hampshire house.
{d.} Fresh flowers from the farmers’ market on Thursdays. I love arranging them. I inherited this love from my mother. She is flower obsessed and was trained as a floral designer so it’s no wonder I guess…

Inspired By: Autumn Edition

{1.} Jen Skelley illustrations.
{2.} The ever-inspiring October Pikapackage.
{3.} More Jen Skelley patterns.
{4.} The Free People blog.
{5.} Free downloadable wallpaper for your computer from Free People.

Inspired By: Autumn Edition

{a.} Dahlias and astibe make for the perfect bouquet.
{b.} A girly vintage dresser that was once unloved but now totally adored.
{c.} J.Crew high heels for Fall.
{d.} New: Kate Spade jewelry collection.
{e.} A pretty but far from perfect workspace via Emmas Designblogg.
{f.} Lena Corwin’s lovely wedding invitations.

Inspired By: Autumn Edition

{1. + 2.} Kilim rugs (photos from Domino).
{3.} Glittering cupcakes.
{4.} Vintage tea trays from Le Souk.
{5.} NK Pure incense sticks (esp. Litchi).
{6.} Vintage costume jewelry from the flea market (via: Sweet Jessie).

Inspired By: Autumn Edition

{1.} German decorating magazines. Shown: Living & More.
{2.} Dutch decor and design mags. Shown:VT Wonen and 101 Woonideeen.
{3.} Jeu de Paume Books from the Yvestown shop (psst: Don’t miss her new blog: Yvestown Lifestyle.)

Inspired By: Autumn Edition

{a.} A masculine Autumn boutonniere
{b.} J.Crew colorful flats for tall girls like me.
{c.} Quail eggs on display.
{d.} A thoughtful gift bag display.
{e.} Vintage wallpaper in tiny spaces, like a pantry or hall closet.

Inspired By: Autumn Edition

{1.} White interiors with touches of black and lavender.
{2.} Rita Konig’s serene and feminine bedroom.
{3.} Bringing in found branches and arranging them as a decorative accent (photo via: Shannon Fricke’s blog).
{4.} Creative (and easy) centerpieces from the Martha Stewart gods.
{5.} High heel typeface.

I also am inspired by scents. Tell me, what’s on your perfume tray? Here is what I have on mine, I wear a different scent each day so I have seven which I know is not at all normal but normal is overrated I think. :)

{1.} Viktor & Rolf: Flower Bomb. {2.} Mexx: Berlin (Summer Edition). {3.} Kylie Minogue: Sweet Darling. {4.} Armani: Code (for Women). {5.} Clinque: Happy Heart. {6.} Dolce & Gabbana: Light Blue. {7.} Gap Body: Loveshack Body Mist. (Can’t seem to find it on their website, I purchased it at Karstadt).

I’ll make sure to show you another Inspired By again soon, I’m thinking a Winter Edition in January if that’s okay with you?

(images linked to their sources above.)

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The London Cushion

October 21, 2008

I first heard about The London Cushion in Living Etc. magazine but was reminded of them again today while reading Made By Girl.

The London Cushion

They have a fine selection of cushions from all over the world, but lots of UK designers caught my attention because they’re not ones I see as often as the more ‘typical’ designers that I know so well from the states. Plus I’m a major anglophile and have been since 1996, yes 12 years obsessing over music, art, and design in England… so naturally I adore several that I found on The London Cushion that I’d like to share with you below. A little eye candy if you will. :)

The London Cushion
The London Cushion
The London Cushion
The London Cushion

Do you have any pillows that you’re obsessing over right now? They can be from any website, please share in the comments section below your pillow wish list please. :)

(images above from the london cushion company)

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