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Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

It’s Take Five Tuesdays time, one of my favorite posts to pull together! Last week I missed writing this column, and I feel so bad — I hope you aren’t upset with me. I hate to let anyone down, it’s just like I was a bit of an airhead last Tuesday (I specifically recall that day and how much work was on my plate) and I forgot to write my Etsy post. I promise to make it up to you now with the best batch of sellers yet. I find these especially sweet. I’ve even included a 6th to win your love back. :) So here you go, your weekly Etsy dose!

I love the mini original paintings by This is all I know in Portland, OR. I cannot stop looking at them ever since Ez showed them on her wish list. I seriously cannot peel myself away. I would love to own each of these shown above, I’m absolutely smitten by the little faces looking back at me.

Krize: Smiling Shop from Spain. Digital prints, cards, and more to tickle your fancy. Aren’t the illustrations (and colors) sweet?

Luxe Deluxe in Scotland. Jewelry that I think I seriously need to own at least 10 necklaces from. OMG. Somebody talk me out of it, quick! Oh wait, you need talking out of a major splurge as well? Sorry, I guess we have to just give in to maybe one…

Sharon Montrose Photography out of Los Angeles. Does it ever feel like LA is the new Brooklyn or something? I hear more and more about LA this and LA that. And just look at the cutie pie animals. The owl is calling me, but I haven’t a vacant wall to spare… Sorry little hootie. Maybe you can adopt him?

Sea Unicorn in Los Angeles. More jaw dropping gems. Seriously people, these sellers on Etsy are blowing my mind. Why would I ever need to shop in a mall EVER AGAIN. I cringe now when I walk by all of those accessories chain stores because for not much more money I can own something that benefits a seller and her family, supports the local economy, and has some heart behind it. Am I right?

B O N U S seller, here’s #6: Trumpery laser cut pendants (or whatever you want them to be, just add string!) in San Francisco. I cannot for the life of me recall when I found out about them, it may have been on a blog. If so, please raise your hand if you blogged them so you can get full credit here. Don’t be shy, call out your find sista!

(images linked to their sources above)

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Daily Discounts: Designers Guild {US Site}

Soft, feminine, luxurious…I’m excited to announce this great discount, Designers Guild invites you to take 20% off of everything on their US website. Bed linens, pillows, throws, stationery, candles, you name it… Please enter decor8DG upon checkout, offer valid until November 21, 2008.

I’m seeing floral bed linens everywhere lately, in stores, magazines… they seem to be making a pretty big comeback, especially for Spring ’09 so why not start mixing and matching patterns using fine linens from Designers Guild? Their fabrics are exquisite, I own several and can absolutely state this as fact: their quality is exceptional. I love all of the fancy details as many are embellished with special trims, embroidery, lace… Making them quite special. They even have bedding for kids, candles, soaps, and more.

I’m loving some of their latest bedding collections like the Alcina and Ariana, but my favorite has to be the Cabriole in blue, gray, and a mustard yellow. Of course I also like all of these pillows, but who doesn’t? We ALL LUST for pillows, it’s totally a girl thing I think. My husband still doesn’t ‘get’ the fixation. :) But he lovingly puts up with me and my pillow addiction.

Note: This is only good on the Designers Guild US website and they only ship to the U.S. (Sorry for those outside of the U.S.).

(images from designers guild US)

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Daily Discounts: Lollipop Pottery

Today’s discount is from Lollipop Pottery, a generous 20% off site wide if you enter “decor8isgreat” upon checkout. This offer is good until November 21st and I think it’s the best time to scoop up some of their fantastic bowls and plates, all microwave and dishwasher safe, completely handmade by a lovely couple in Ohio. He: A Potter and She: A painter = together Lollipop Pottery just makes sense. I think after browsing their website you’ll see why. Love seeing couples in business together!

Some of my favorites include: (not shown) Caged LoliBird plates, and shown: a & b: one of a kind bottles. c. glazed bowls in bird, skull, or medallion patterns in a variety of colors, and d. sugar bowls.


(images from lollipop pottery)

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Southern Weddings Blog

How many of you are married but still love to flip through bridal magazines for decorating inspiration? Me me me me! I find many great ideas in wedding mags from the dreamy color palettes to floral arrangements, wedding favors, the general styling of receptions, it’s all simply amazing. That’s why when I noticed that an editor by the name of Madelyn kept visiting decor8 leaving comments that linked back to Southern Weddings I had to see what the blog was like because their print magazine is pure bliss.

The Southern Weddings blog maintained by the editors of the magazine has now occupied my time for the past 30 minutes… And I’m married already! If you are looking for inspiration either for your own wedding, one that you are helping plan, or you simply love to look at beautiful photographs, head on over to the Southern Weddings blog. That’s where I found floral designer Katie Elfers and in this blog post you can see some of her work, however there is lots more on her website.

I can’t get enough when it comes to floral design, I love all of the latest techniques that I see whenever I scan bridal mags or blogs. I make it a habit to buy flowers each week from the local farmers’ market and I take about 30 minutes to style them in a way that is just a little different from my last arrangement. It’s a very peaceful 30 minutes for me, I usually stand over my kitchen sink arranging them in one hand as my mother taught me, then tying them, I set them in a vase and often I’ll secure a pretty ribbon around the vase or maybe use small paper butterflies or some other accent from the hobby shop and glue it onto a thin stick and stick it into the arrangement to make it look a little more interesting, not too kitschy though as I don’t want to take away from the beauty of the blooms.

I just love the portfolio of Katie Elfers and the talented editors of Southern Weddings magazine and blog, which they’ve pulled together so nicely. Thanks Madelyn for stopping by!

(images from katie elfers, photographed by german photographer Tine Hoffman.)

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