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The Many Sides of Vivienne Strauss

I seriously don’t know how I missed this, and I feel bad because if I had known I would have shared much sooner about the great wife of artist Matte Stephens — her name is Vivienne Strauss. I mean I knew of her, but I had no clue that she is also an artist who has not 1 but 3 Etsy shops! Yes three! Oh the many sides of Vivienne Strauss…

The first etsy shop is called The Other Side of Vivienne where her paintings are sold, then there’s a shop called The Double Sided Vivienne with original collages, and finally the third featuring vintage patterns called Modern Design 901.

I stumbled upon her paintings when I was looking at Matte’s fun owl head costume and noticed a comment there from his wife, and I followed the comment straight to her Flickr photostream where I discovered this whole WORLD of lively art by Viv herself. Then I located her shops and can clearly see her eye is for retro quirky characters that range from Josephine Baker to ladies with poodles and oh-so-posh lifestyles.

I’m quite pleased to have found Vivienne and to know that Matte and Viv are a couple of really cool who do what they love, are in love, and making people happy with their art. But you know what they say… behind every good man is a GREAT woman so I should have known than Vivienne must be some kind of wonderful because look at the mega-successful Matte. Three cheers for artistic couples!

(images from vivienne strauss)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Etsy Faves on November 03, 2008

Daily Discounts: LAMA

Today kicks off two full weeks of decor8 discounts offered by both sponsors of this blog and friends that I’ve asked to participate — and these offers will be posted daily so good things are in store my friends! This week is all about the sponsors, and next week will be dedicated to those who are not sponsors but who are friends of this blog and I’ve asked them to participate. I can’t wait to reveal the line up! With that, here is the first discount for the day, more to follow in the next hours, in between regularly scheduled posts of course.

First up is 20% off at LAMA on all items, wow! They rarely offer sales like this so if you like something definitely take advantage of this one. The code to enter upon checkout is: LAMAdecor8. Enjoy and make sure to tell your friends in case they love Latin American design with a very fresh, modern twist.

My wish list includes: 1. Doily Hearts pillow, 2. To The Moon necklace, 3. Calu Mother plate, 4. Swallows by Lorena Siminovich, 5. Teapot with a Cold and 6. Tree Bird brooch.

Thank you LAMA for your generous discount!

Psst: All discounts posted this week and next will be valid until November 21, however some shops have limited stock so if you see something you like you may not want to wait too long… Just a tip!

(images from lama)

Posted in uncategorized on November 03, 2008

Hello Handmade {New!}

Just in! The talented Betsy Dunlap and Shanna Murray have teamed up to open Hello Handmade, a shop that just opened this morning. Combining the artful calligraphy of Betsy with the beautiful illustration of Shanna, you will find a special ’09 calendar, seasonal print, and some vintage hangers to purchase for display use – all ready for you in their new shop this morning. Congrats, ladies!

In the weeks and months to come, you can expect cards, gift tags, and more! Not only are collaborations huge right now, but have you noticed hangers becoming increasingly popular to display prints, photography, and calendars vs. traditional frames? Fun!

Thank you Betsy and Shanna for letting us know about your new shop, best wishes for a successful business!

Psst: Have you seen “The Jill”, Betsy’s custom calligraphy style? It would be perfect for a wedding or on place cards for a fancy dinner, don’t you think?

(images from hello handmade paperie)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on November 03, 2008

New Blog of the Week

Blog of the Week: Operation NICE.

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