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Two Beautiful Dutch Apartments

My friend and travel partner Danielle, who I actually met via decor8 in 2006 when she showed her apartment to readers and a friendship blossomed from there, just purchased a gorgeous home outside of Amsterdam. I can’t wait until she shows you the photos once she gets into the space and makes it her own. It is a fantastic home with beautiful property — very magazine worthy for sure. In preparation for her new home, Danielle and her boyfriend are selling their current apartments.

The apartment of her boyfriend. He has great style!

This is by no means a sales pitch, I have no interest in helping her sell these properties as I’m sure her broker is completely capable and I’m willing to bet both will sell rather quickly without any help from me. But I was so completely inspired by how Danielle lives, and of the apartment in which her boyfriend resides in The Hague (Netherlands) that I want to give you a sneak peek.

Danielle’s apartment.

You can go to her blog to see all of the images, they are just wonderful. You can tell Danielle is a stylist — she did a great job staging both apartments for a quick sell. Enjoy!

(images from danielle delange/the style files)

Posted in Home Tours, Inspiration on June 26, 2008

Artist Jennifer Davis

I’m sure many of you know Jennifer Davis but if not, you’ll want to as her work is pretty amazing. This is a painting that I purchased from her that arrived today. My current home is an 1875 carriage house with the horses names still on a beam across the ceiling in the bedroom! My last home was a huge 2 level barn that was gut renovated and just lovely.
I’ve always been attracted to historical homes, particularly since I was raised in South Carolina around so many gorgeous ones. I find myself loving either historical ones or extremely contemporary houses perched atop a mountain or ocean front. I think this is a good example of purchasing art that speaks to you though. This painting may not speak to you at all but because of the last two homes I’ve lived in, it truly means something to me. I’m bringing it with me to Germany to put in my apartment over there so that I have a piece of my life and memories around.

Here are some more paintings by Jennifer that I’m smitten by. I’d love to own them all if I could…

Jennifer also has an etsy store where she sells some of her more affordable original paintings, where I shop for them. :)

(image from jennifer davis)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Etsy Faves on June 26, 2008

Impressionen {new design}

I was so pleased today to see that one of my favorite catalogs in Germany has expanded to include an online store. They’ve always had a website, but ordering was a bit hard as you usually had to call things in. I’m sure all of the Germans reading this will be happy to see the new Impressionen site and that they have all kinds of lovely things up for Fall.

I like how they show all their products in mood board style, then you just click on what you like to learn more about that particular item. I think the visual presentation is lovely.

(images from impressionen)

Posted in Shopping + Products, Travel on June 26, 2008

The Cocktail

I wrote about the illustrator of this lovely little book called The Cocktail over at Real Simple yesterday (link here). Her name is Kat Macleod and she has a few pillowcases and a pretty handkerchief for sale at Third Drawer Down right now.

I must confess, I purchased the book soley for the illustrations… Although the boozy concoctions look truly delicious. Some of the illustrations are so nice that I’m almost tempted to remove and frame them. But then there is this whole uncomfortable feeling I have about destroying a perfectly lovely book… So for now I will display the book on a shelf in my kitchen.

(image top: holly becker for decor8 bottom: third drawer down)

Posted in Books + Magazines on June 26, 2008


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