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January 2009


Sunday Morning Inspiration

January 11, 2009

A little Sunday morning design inspiration for you… I rarely blog on a Sunday but my friend Emma posted about the lovely stylist Stephanie Hanes in NYC and I couldn’t resist peeking at her website as I’d not heard of her before. What terrific photos to enjoy over tea and French macaroons this morning (mine came from here). I couldn’t wait to share so here you go… A peek. Click here for more.

Now that I’ve enjoyed a little inspiration from Stephanie, I’m off to drool over the latest issue of Domino magazine with one of my favorite actresses on the cover, Zooey Deschanel (don’t you love her music?). While I usually don’t drool over celebrities on the cover of any magazine, I can deal with those I feel are from the more down-to-earth crop of celebs. The Drew Barrymore Zooey Deschanel types seem more accessible to me somehow. I’m hoping they’ll profile Zooey’s talented and lovely sister Emily in the future as I’m a huge Bones fan… Anyway, you can buy the she&him CD here on Amazon in case you’re interested in hearing Ms. Deschanel’s lovely voice…

By the way, is it only me or do you also think that the Deschanel girls and Katy Perry look totally related? Zooey is super talented so I just love seeing her in my favorite American design mag this month! For those of you without access to the print article, you can view her studio here on the Domino website.

And before I sign off today I must share with you a most unique present from Three Potato Four owners Janet & Stu. This is from a bottling company that went out of business awhile back… I’d never heard of it before but since their little girl is named Holly and they found two of these bottles, they surprised me with one. It really does say, “Refresh with Holly” and so this is something I’ll never part with – what a special gift! Thank you J&S!

Enjoy your cozy Sunday!

(images from stephanie hanes)


Wall Murals

January 10, 2009

This image from the Library of Congress gives us a majestic glimpse of Norway in the winter of 1890. This is soothing, don’t you think? Outside of soothing, it also got me thinking a lot about scenic wall murals again. I don’t know, they can look nice sometimes and I’ll show you two examples of what I mean below, so save those “Ewww” remarks for a moment and wait for the photos…

See many more here: Photochrom Travel Views.

This image reminds me of a wall mural that is a bit campy but I love it because it’s in my favorite neighborhood bar in Hannover called Blattgold. They papered the wall in a mural much like this one and added faux antlers and lots of fun, modern lighting, mid century modern chairs and sofas, and on another wall, this gold flock wallpaper. You’d never think these things could live together but they do. Another wall is emerald green and lime, really! I wish I had photos. Such a fun idea for a bar! It’s funky eclectic, owner Sascha did a great job decorating this place. I remember seeing a scenic wall mural on Apartment Therapy that I really liked, they found it in Cottage Living magazine. Here it is below…

AT said that the homeowner, “fell in love with this wilderness-themed mural in a hunting catalog and instantly needed it in her bedroom. She pasted it up, just like wallpaper.”

Wait! I do have photos of Blattgold. I found them online at a site for restaurant reviews called Qype. These photos were shot during the day, at night the restaurant lighting is very come hither with lots of candles. They also seem to love Amy Winehouse and Johnny Cash because last time I was in they played both CDs in their entirety.

Oh, wait. Blattgold has their website up (it wasn’t up back in November). You can view more photos there I think. I can’t wait until I’m back in Hannover this year to hang out there with Anne! Hi Anne!

So with that, see you on Monday friends! Have a great weekend everyone. Play, rest, eat, light candles, invite over some friends, rent a movie, order take out, sleep in, go skiing, fit in something fun!  – Holly

(image top: library of congress 2nd image: apartment therapy via cottage living, bottom 4 images from qype members weasley and posch)

Shopping + Products

Big Cartel Shop Roundup

January 9, 2009

Do you shop stores on Big Cartel? Maybe this post will lure you in and hook ya! And a big BY THE WAY… this took me like 500 hours to write today (the coding alone, sheesh) so I hope you will find some value in it and share this with others who are looking for more independent shops online.

My Polaroid Shop

Viner Studio, Suzy Jack, Studio Mela

Studio Mela, Six Hours Photography, Signorina Navarra

Noun and Showpony

Raquel Aparicio and Nest Pretty Things

Mud Puppy, Mingus Designs, Kinos


Gracia & Louise



Flat Steve


More to love:

Art & Photography:
Gathering Sprigs
Kelly McKernan
Fifi Lapin
Lottie Frank
Orange Lola

Home Accessories & Textiles:
Manor 12
Herriott Grace
Up in the Air Somewhere

Paper Goods:
Field & Sea
Sarah Hough Paper
Old Tom Foolery
Red Oak Press
Papered Together
Mixtape (zine)

Hollie Fyffe
Mai Noto
Infrared Studio
Princess Delabocadefresa

Fashion, Totes, Hats:
Terry Graziano
Project 116

Softies & Crafty Things:
Tiny Warbler Designs
The Cat in the Shoe
Fern Animals

Do you have a favorite Big Cartel shop?

(images all linked to their sources above)

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