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January 2009

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Linn Olofsdotter {Illustration}

January 23, 2009

This is so cool. I have to share. I mentioned Linn Olofsdotter in an earlier post and that I wanted to do some digging to learn more about her and check this out — she lives in Portland, OR! Originally from Sweden she is quite a talented illustrator and has landed many impressive contracts with Samsung, Green Peace, Oilily, Levi’s, La Perla, and Computer Arts Magazine to name a few.

“Linn originally moved to Brazil to start up a motion graphics studio with her husband and creative partner before working as a senior art director at a Boston advertising agency. These past work and travel experiences helped to inform her illustrations, which still begin with hand-drawn images.”

Her website is lovely but you’ll flip when I tell you she also has an Etsy shop. I love the color and energy in her work, so happy to see she sells some of it as prints, exciting!

(images from linn olofsdotter)


Inspired By Soderberg Agentur

January 23, 2009

Soderberg Agentur in Stockholm represents and promotes leading stylists, photographers, and graphic artists worldwide. Based in Stockholm, I found them via Emma yesterday and I haven’t been able to take my eyes of the work featured on their website. Great Friday inspiration! Here’s but a taste. You’ll need to go to the Soderberg online portfolio for more.

Linn Olofsdotter

Daniel Hertzell

Linn Olofsdotter

Erik Lindvall (this photo makes me want to take my camera to a carnival in a BIG way).

Now I’m curious to learn more about Linn Olofsdotter because I REALLY like her work. A lot.

(images from soderberg agentur)


Dash & Albert Rugs

January 22, 2009

Do you remember that Fixx song One Thing Leads to Another? Well that’s kinda of happening today with my posts, one seems to be inspiring the next. I started the day mentioning Megan, then I blogged a shop she’d featured on her blog, that shop showed Massachusetts-based Dash & Albert rugs, and now I’m blogging Dash & Albert — but I can’t help it. I really like their Cotton Woven rugs because they feel very laid back and cozy. When I was looking for a rug last year for my flat aboard, I was trying to find a vintage kilim from Turkey but I didn’t accomplish that so I came back to the states determined to snag one here to bring back over with me in May. I still have that as a goal but now I’m thinking I should grab a striped rug from D&A for my entryway and do a kilim in the dining space. Here is a photo of the entry.

I’m thinking a striped rug may look nicer (a runner) than the postage stamp currently in there from Denmark. I’m thinking of a rug with pattern and color that stands out a bit more could work. I’m not going to paint or paper the walls or do anything else to this space other than add a new runner because we plan to hunt for a larger flat this summer so I don’t want to invest in wallpaper or paint if we’re moving anyway. So for now, only a rug! My new flat will have an entry and hardwood floors and I’ll use the furniture shown here in it (minus the bench, which will most likely go in another room or on the balcony) so a new rug can just move with us.

Here are some beautiful options below from D&A and though I don’t plan to purchase any of them for my space, I’m hoping I’ll find one that I’ll settle on for the hallway by May 23rd so I can tuck it into my luggage.

I’m not a big plaid person but some of the plaids aren’t bad… Or maybe I should just stick to the kilim idea and repeat in the entry, which does concern me because a vintage kilim is something I’d rather not place in a space with dirty shoes and constant traffic. Hmmm. Or perhaps I should consider a little Madeline Weinrib action in the entry? I feel a visit to ABC Carpet & Home in NYC coming on!

Anyone have runner suggestions for my entryway? Please don’t say black and white stripes because while the idea is great but I tried that already with a runner from IKEA and it drove me absolutely bonkers because the black part showed every single speck of lint/dirt/etc. that landed on it. I’m a clean freak so I was vacuuming every 30 seconds and it made me feel like a bit of a nutcase and I’m sure my neighbors were mega annoyed by the constantly sucking sound of the vac. Also, I’m more of a flat weave girl than a thick pile/tufted/looped etc. girl because I am a bit of a klutz and tend to trip over rugs a lot so if you find a runner that is really flat and would work for my entry, please remember all of that. :)

(images from dash & albert)

Shop Tours

Gum Tree

January 22, 2009

Speaking of Megan over at Beach Bungalow 8, after reading her blog this morning I’m wishing I could be in California in breezy white linen pants, a sleeveless silk blouse, and some pretty silver sandals shopping by the sea at Gum Tree, located in Hermosa Beach, CA. Wow. Megan blogged it awhile back and describes the interior as, “beachy, sophisticated, laid back” and I’m smitten. California dreaming…. This is totally my style. Love all the white, the stripes, the trunk as a coffee table, so very charming, bright, and energetic.

You can view more photos here. Don’t you love those Dash & Albert rugs with those pretty stripes?

(images from gum tree, taken by simon harsent)


Creativity Series: Just Do It! {2}

January 22, 2009

It’s time for our weekly Creativity column on decor8! Last week we discussed mind mapping and some of us went back to childhood for ideas and inspiration. I remember hearing once that sometime you have to go backwards in order to continue moving ahead. Interesting thought, which is why I think mind mapping is pretty important. Did you get a chance to pull together your own mind map? Do you feel it helped you? Did some of your childhood interests surprise you?

In trying to decide what to talk about today, I imagined myself feeling totally uninspired and drained… What do I usually do on days when I feel anything but creative? You know, when ideas are not flowing, one feels bored to death with work or life in general.  It happens to us all. How do I begin to pull myself out of a creative rut? How do I stop negative thoughts from taking root and ruining my day?

Exercise. Whether it’s stretching for 20 minutes or hitting the gym, the positive impact of regular exercise on physiological functions has been extensively studied and confirmed — Exercise boosts creativity!

A simple walk around the block is refreshing and a good way to clear your mind. If I’m outdoors I like to focus on observing instead of participating by paying attention to the sights, sounds, colors, and patterns around me. Sometimes I bring along a camera or a recording device to capture a part of my walk that I find inspiring, whether it’s a building or a conversation that I heard in passing. It doesn’t have to be a sweaty gym routine. A simple walk is nice. Just getting outside to be alone and absorb my surroundings is often all it takes. And I always make sure that I turn off my cell – it’s ME time.

Many successful creative people exercise regularly to recharge and shift their thinking from the negative to the positive. They are first to admit that they have control over their emotions and can choose whether or not to feel bad, uninspired, etc. They take responsibility for their feelings and decide to feel good and if they don’t, they do whatever they can to make that feeling happen in a safe and healthy way.

Whether it’s Yoga, a walk around the block, or a sweat-a-thon at the gym I know first hand that creativity flourishes when exercise is part of my daily routine. When I was in Germany for 5 months, I walked 3-4 miles daily and during that time creative ideas flowed like crazy, I was super productive, and I exceeded a lot of the goals that I had set for myself each week. It was amazing, what a high when you feel 100% in control of your life and creative ideas come naturally! Now that I’m back in the snowy, freezing New Hampshire countryside with no sidewalks and strapped inside of a car all of the time, I walk 4 miles a week (2 weekly gym visits) and I’m not feeling nearly as creative. I see a connection between creativity and exercise in my own life. Maybe you can think about your daily routine. I’m certainly going to make changes, I started this morning when I went to the gym and as a result I feel very creative and alert today.

But enough about me. I thought it would encourage us all to speak to an Interior Designer based in Manhattan Beach, CA who is also a blogger and who keeps her creativity high through regular exercise. Megan Arquette authors the blog Beach Bungalow 8 and exercises 5-6 days a week (an hour daily) despite her busy schedule. Ideally she’ll do 30-40 minutes of cardio (running or swimming) and 30 minutes of weights during a single session. Megan wants to eventually fit in road biking or stand-up paddle  boarding (standing on a long wide surfboard while paddling) into her future routines. Go, Megan!

decor8: You’re an Interior Designer and blogger who apparently loves to exercise but I’m dying to know… did you ever hate it and if so, how did you motivate yourself to change?
Megan: I only hate it when I haven’t been disciplined, taken a week off and then know it’s going to get worse before it gets better. I’ve always fed myself the line that “even a slow, 20 minutes of running is better than nothing”. Once I’m out there, moving, zen-ing out, I’m always so thankful.

Holly: Let’s say you are blogging, or really into your design work and you notice that you’ve skipped exercise how do you handle that?
Megan: That’s really about making excuses. I can, realistically, always carve out 30 minutes to do some kind of workout. If I need to brainstorm, or I’m stuck on an idea, exercise provides the perfect time to allow the mind to ‘still’ itself and the creativity to get flowing.

Holly: What are some foods that help boost your creativity and make you feel great?
Megan: I need lots of protein, so I always have string cheese, turkey or hard boiled eggs in my fridge. I love cooking, I’m not that skilled, but I love creating something for someone and sitting down to share it. We were recently given a tagine. Not knowing what to do with this beautiful, conical, cooking vessel, I researched some Middle Eastern recipes that called for all sorts of combinations of exotic spices and proteins. Cooking is such a fun, fruitful and creative process.

Holly: If you belong to a gym how do you motivate yourself to go?

Megan: Well, I actually like going to the gym, I’ve never really needed motivation. I get more done when I’m there. But I will try and mix it up a bit by taking classes. I’ve input the classes that I like on my phone’s calendar with an alarm that sounds 2 hours before. This way, I can wrap up what I’m doing and get my mind readied for a good hour of hard work.

Megan Arquette, Interior Designer.

Holly: What are some exercise tips that you’d like to share with those currently not involved in a routine?
Megan: Don’t over do it in the beginning, you’ll become discouraged. No excuses. If you miss one day, go a bit longer the next few days. Keep at it and you will see change. Most of all, be kind to yourself. Don’t look in the mirror and beat yourself up. Love your body, no matter what it ‘appears’ to be ( believe me when I say these things, I’ve been there. I gained over 50 pounds with each of my pregnancies so the I know what it feels like to want to just give up before you begin) Also, go buy something you look good in and feel good wearing at the gym. Even if it’s a great pair of running shoes. The ego boost is priceless.

I’m happy that we discussed exercise this week because I believe that once you have a regular routine you are in a better place to start thinking about goals and dreams. How does regular exercise help you to feel more creative? Do you have a regular routine? What do you do? Have you been making excuses to not exercise and feel badly about it? Have you ever connected exercise to creativity? Did this topic encourage you today?

(images from megan arquette)

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