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February 2009

Color Inspiration

Color Cravings: Shades of Green

February 2, 2009

I’ve having a color craving, or two… You see it’s this palette and it has me going a bit ga-ga at the moment. Chartreuse, Mint, Clover, Silver and White. A delicious medley for Spring, which will be here before we know it. J.Crew and Anthropologie have color cravings too, seems we share many of the same… This palette offers a lot of versatility. Consider this: when you’re out in nature, green and blue are the two most dominate colors in most parts of the world. Sky and Earth. When you observe the colors alongside them, flora and fauna, everything coordinates. If your palette is like the one below, you can mix in some blue. Or add some black. Maybe a dash of cantaloupe (you will see an example of that in the chair upholstery shown below) or rose. That’s why it’s a versatile color mix, at least according to me.

Fashion and wedding attire from J.Crew. Home and garden from Anthropologie.

I would have taken the time to link to each product shown above but it’s all basically from the new Spring catalog so just click here and you’ll find most of what you’re looking for. If you get stuck, comment below and I’ll post the direct link.

Oh green! Imagine these hues living together in a room, say your office? I love green in an office or entryway. I find this palette refreshing, welcoming, and a bit preppy romantic which I love. When I think of the bathroom, I tend to lean towards blue, gray, black and white, pinks, neutrals, lavender but the more I look at the Anthropologie shower curtain {shown direct north} I’m thinking green tones definitely work in a bathroom too but I’m still not completely sold. And though they are nice in a bedroom, I tend to see these greens more in a guest bedroom for some reason that I can’t explain… but I’ll try. I don’t think this palette is cozy and that’s good for a guest bedroom. Why? I’d rather my guest room be polished, simple, clean and tied together – not necessarily cozy, warm, or overly relaxing. I love my guests, but I don’t want them to stay locked in their zen den or worse, never leave the house!

Where would you like to see this color palette in your home? Do you hate it? Do you like it and why?

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(images from J.Crew and Anthropologie)

Etsy Faves, Rooms

Photography by Kristybee

February 2, 2009

Kristybee is another Boston local for you to love this morning, and what a delicate feminine view of the world she has! I just love looking through her lens, I really like her point of view. Her work has been described as poetic, warm, touching, and sensitive.  I found Kristy via Flickr and haven’t been able to take my eyes off of her many gorgeous folders there. I’m so pleased to share her work with you today because I know that you’ll really like it too.

Psst: In addition to selling her work as prints, she also has a Flickr photo group called Cornea Burn for photographers obsessed with sun shots and lens flare.

(images from kristybee)

Etsy Faves, Stationery

The Paper Apartment

February 2, 2009

It’s fun to find locals online, like Boston-based The Paper Apartment. I’m really enjoying her paper goods, especially the silver dipped feathers and girly ruffle cards… So pretty to perk us up on a Monday morning!

I want to hang a bunch of these feathers from a branch in my glass vase… perfect for my buffet.

(images from the paper apartment)

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