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Tiny Bazaar

I just received the nicest email from designer and shop owner Danielle Thompson of Tiny Bazaar. Her handmade goods are so sweet! She also sells digital scrapbooking/craft downloads. I didn’t even know Danielle had all of this goodness to share so I’m thrilled to learn about this crafty lady.

I love Blythe dolls and happen to own 3 so of course I love her dolly photos. I love these colors, it’s like one big happy circus filled with cotton candy, peppermint sticks, and a pink tongue to prove just how much fun you really had!

Psst: Danielle has a blog and she’s on Flickr, too!

(images from tiny bazaar)

Posted in Etsy Faves on February 04, 2009

We Are In This Together

Neighborhood, sharing, networking, hope, recycling, helping, taking a more proactive and less reactive approach, collaborating, showing kindness, cutting back materially but stocking up spiritually, a shift happening in the world… These are some pretty dominant ideas and feelings circulating out there right now. That is why We Are In This Together, a limited edition print by Lorena Siminovich at Petit Collage is such a beautiful thought for 2009 to remember and put into practice as we deal with others.

Beautiful thought, Lorena!

Would you like to comment on something that has shown you lately that we’re all in this together? Think hard, anything that comes to mind? Personal experiences in how we can apply We Are In This Together in our life? I’d love to get your thoughts on this topic. It’s important to think about.

(image from petit collage)

Posted in inspiration, Objects, Rooms on February 04, 2009

Pingg’s Designer Series

Pingg is an online invitation and event planning company who just added some new independent illustrators, painters and photographers to their unique Designer Series. The Designer Series is a unique curated gallery featuring the original artwork of Ben Watts, Jessica Gonacha, Ashley Mills, Stephanie DosReis, Lenny Williams, Dave Anderson, Larry Vogel, Dallas Shaw, Leigh, Carlyle Chaudruc and Jennifer Daniels. So stylish!

I admire Stephanie DosReis as a person but also her work, and of course Ashley, Dallas, Leigh (who also has an etsy shop), Jessica, and Lenny too.

For those of you not familiar with Ashely Mills, she has an etsy shop called Pure Innovation. Above is a peek at what you can find over there.

Show of hands please… do you use online invitations or e-cards? I don’t but after seeing these I will consider it!

(images from pingg)

Posted in events on February 04, 2009

NEW: House Industries Alexander Girard Collection

NEW: Alexander Girard Collection

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