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Hallmark Magazine Folds

Just in: Hallmark mag folds.

Posted in uncategorized on February 25, 2009

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

It’s never a challenge for me to locate gorgeous handmade work online, it is abundant! Would you like to see what’s on the decor8 radar this week? Polaroid collage, print your own party, products that look to be straight out of Sweden, felt photography and boho jewelry are a few of my favorite things…

Megan Auman in Pennsylvania is so very talented, I mean look at her creations! They are what you’d imagine viewing at the Design House Stockholm or displayed at the ICFF. Her new home collection is all about openwork floral patterns and metal with most being made from laser-cut steel in her latest pattern, small cluster, and finished in either matte black or white powder-coat. (Powder-coat is like paint, only much more durable.) The storage basket, for my ever growing magazine pile, is my favorite of this collection — I can’t take my eyes off of it! I’d gladly own the pendant light too. Amazing! {blog} {flickr}

Lisa Teso is a creative mom who lives in Massachusetts and has a shop called Trampoline featuring her original Polaroid collages. Lisa sums up her unique work nicely, “Original collage created from too pretty to throw away Polaroid cast offs. They are studies in color, texture and nuance…peeks into everyday life.”

Kima is the founder of Kup Kup Land who is originally from Barcelona now living in Athens. Her background is in graphic design and illustration though she loves to experiment with felt and photography too. She combines her felt creations with photography and offers unique prints. Not limiting herself to only wool, she has a fondness for tiny plastic animals and pastries as well (tiny animals are a current trend in independant photography, have you noticed?).

Wiyomu Jewelry designs pretty necklances and earrings as a hobby that seems to cater to the dreamer — the bohemian girl at heart, the eclectic collector, the flea market junkie. So feminine and soft! {flickr}

Happy Papers is a good name for this shop as it’s hard not to be joyous looking at all of this red and blue! Nesting dolls, owls, sheep, so many sweet themes to choose from. This shop features only work that you can download and print, which is great for those looking to save money and have instant gratification. Party kits, stationary sets, cards, tags, a to do list, bookmarks, birthday sets and more!

Thanks for joining me this week for another Etsy Take Five Tuesdays!

(images linked to their sources above)

Posted in Etsy Faves on February 24, 2009

My Fine Garden: One Week Sale

My Fine Garden by photographer Shanon Gass has a great sale this week only on all photographs in her Paper N Stitch shop — buy one, get one (equal or lesser value) for 50% off! If these don’t say Spring… nothing does!

I try to write here as often as possible about things I have seen and touched in person and/or about ones that I already own because I’m beginning to sense that this may matter more to more to those finding a bulk of their products online. From a personal perspective I want to know that what my friends are suggesting they have experienced, touched, or maybe even owned at one time (or currently) so that I can count on their product reviews to some extent. I think this is even more important in these economic times in order to avoid purchasing things that may disappoint us. I’m not putting this out there as something other bloggers should do, of course not as I’m just one person who absolutely does not set blog standards, but I am putting it out there as something I’m personally working harder to do going forward — making decor8 even more intimate and closer to home for me so that I continue to enjoy writing here each day and to make your experience when visiting one that you can continue to trust and enjoy. Of course this may not apply to all products that I feature, particularly art and Etsy finds because it would be impossible, but I will make an effort as I write posts to mention if I myself have had personal experience with what I’m writing about so you’ll know. Sound good?

With that being said, I happen to own a few of Shanon’s prints and can truly say that each day when I see them on display in my workspace they remind me to keep it simple and to enjoy the beauty in the mundane taking note of all the little details that make life so sweet!

(images from shanon gass)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on February 24, 2009

Artist Nancy Tobin

Oh Nancy Tobin what you do to me! Nancy is a contemporary visual artist who just launched her new website displaying her gorgeous work — what a dreamy spot to land on first thing in the morning amidst vibrant, happy colors and shapes, flowers and fanciful swirls.

Nancy is another artist that I have on my list for the time if and when I open a storefront. Here’s just a glimpse of her work above, nine pieces in acrylic and painted paper collage. If your budget doesn’t allow you to own an original yet, you can always purchase a fine art print from her here on Etsy!

(images from nancy tobin)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Etsy Faves on February 24, 2009


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