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Recycled Home {Book of the Week}

After several days of research with my head buried in books I thought today would be a great time for a book review since one in particular comes to mind that I know you’ll love. With 250 photographs and 160 pages of inspiration, Recycled Home written by Mark & Sally Bailey and photographed by Debi Treloar is honest and surprisingly fresh given that so many books have been dedicated to recycling in the past that I wasn’t sure what to expect. Mark & Sally share their unique eye for the abandoned and unloved, their passion for the simple and well made along with their love of home restoration, architecture, and stripped-back simplicity is evident page after page. This talented couple encourages us to abandon preconceived ideas about the purpose of things and to think of the home as a place to experiment with new ideas. Would you like a glimpse of what you can expect?

Recycled Home features rooms from around Europe including Mark & Sally’s restored home in England. Chapters cover storage, walls & floors, display, textiles, lighting, tones & textures and elements and then continue by breaking down sections by room from kitchens to bathrooms, bedrooms and work spaces.

This book is practical in this economy, thinking about what we own already and how we can use it differently is a fun, creative exercise but also very good for the wallet. After reading about their many finds I felt encouraged to return to my roots and spend days at junk shops and outdoor sales searching for an inexpensive treasure that simply needs a little love. I jumped in my car this past weekend and found myself in a delightful little antique store in Concord, MA this weekend digging through gorgeous Victorian wedding cards, vintage illustrations from French children’s books, and antique letter holders from England alongside of my husband who found Longfellow’s complete poems published in 1877, Poems of Goethe from 1874, translated to English by Edgar Alfred Bowring and Heinrich Heine’s complete works, 7 volumes, in German, published in 1898.

Recycled Home is $29.95 at Anthropologie and in your local book store but you can buy it on Amazon for only $19.

(images from holly becker for decor8, all links are affiliate links since I have an Amazon store.)

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Encouraging Read: Laid Off & Loving It

Laid Off & Loving It via Boston Globe.

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New: Blog of the Week

Weekly blog: Unruly Things.

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New Contributor at Cookie Magazine

I have some exciting news to share today! I’m pleased to announce that I’m now a contributor at Cookie magazine (online). I’m quite excited because I wasn’t sure what to do when Domino folded so the timing is perfect. It’s funny to think that the same girl who wrote a Cookie mag review 3 years ago is now writing for them. I’ve been a fan of their publication from the start so I’m happy to be part of their crew.

I’ll be contributing to Nesting and producing a monthly Home Tour in their Home Decorating section. I feel that now I can give in fully to my obsession with all things cute and share kid’s rooms and products on a regular basis. Yay!

I guess this means only one thing for you… If you have children and you’d love to show parts of your home at Cookie please contact me for a possible feature: holly AT To get a feel for what their home tours look like please visit this link.

(image from Bodie & Fou – Wallpaper Tick Tock, perfect for the kid’s room!)

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