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Inspired by House Beautiful

Is it okay with you that, aside from today’s upcoming creativity post, we escape a little and simply look at beautiful rooms together? I really need to tap into some beautiful interiors today for inspiration. Let’s first look at some rooms as featured in House Beautiful, a magazine I’ve decided to subscribe to in an attempt to replace Domino. I’m going to play a little game. With each photo below I’m going to call out what I personally like the most in the photo. If anything strikes you, please feel free to join in on the fun.

Everything. I just love it all. This is my dream bedroom for sure. Love the gold picture frame. Fabulous.

Art wall, darling side table, blue walls…

Silk curtains and bedding. Lush, embroidered details. Random stack of blue books.

Chandelier, white table, foo dogs, purple, white pedestal table, fab geometric chair covers.

White chairs, striped rug, wallpaper on the ceiling – fun!

Soaking tub, gorgeous blue walls, amazing turquoise glassware.

Lavender and blue, combination of textures, very Paris in New York.

Mirror above writing desk, lots of yellow and blue, window seating.

Energetic color with lots of white.

Velvet bench, lovely headboard, drapes with a border, lovely peonies.

Wall color, blue lamp, pink bedspread.

Yellow side table and ornate white side table. I want the white one.

Chandelier in a bathroom, massive soaking tub, heart-shaped chair, funky avocado bedroom.

(images from house beautiful)

Posted in inspiration on March 12, 2009

Design Mole Blog

British interiors writer Ellie Tennant who is a contributor at Ideal Home magazine in London left a comment on decor8 earlier and so I clicked on her link and discovered Design Mole, a design blog she authors where I found a slew of really interesting posts focused mostly on design and decorating in England. I love blogs like this because it helps a new writer to really stand out in the enormous sea of decorating blogs when they focus on what’s going on locally within their home country. I personally love that and hope to see more and more blogs like this pop up. That’s why I’m so fascinated by the many Australian and Swedish bloggers because they tend to focus on local design so I’m always being exposed to new things and learning about stuff I just can’t find everyday in shops or magazines here in America. I’m hoping to see more blogs rise from hidden corners of the globe talking about what’s happening in their own backyard. Lovely design blog, Ellie!

Ellie spotlights Sanderson’s 1950s-style Dandelion Clocks fabric priced at £29 per metre as seen on these armchairs in LivingEtc magazine. Fab!

She also talks about her love of the adorable British shop called Acorn & Will. Now I’m loving them in a big way as well.

Through Ellie I also learned about Berry Red and their delicious ceramics along with all of the other goodness on their sweet little country website.

And finally, she highlighted some of her favorite new products from Not on the High Streetblock letters, vintage plates by designer Lou Rota available for purchase here and some recycled hand painted signs by Norfolk Boy.

(image sources linked above)

Posted in Bloggers on March 11, 2009

Book Review: From My Mother’s Kitchen

I love doing book reviews and since I started in ‘06 it seems you enjoy reading them so for this year I plan to keep ‘em going and hopefully schedule reviews on a more regular basis (weekly). In fact, I already have two slated for next week so stay tuned! I find that books matter more and more as some of our favorite magazines fold, I’m referring to my bookshelf more than ever for inspiration, advice and ideas. I can’t imagine a world without beautiful books, I love to pick them up, crack them open for the first time, breath in all that yummy paper scent, and cozy up under a blanket to take in all of the words and images. In my wee attempt to save books and promote reading and the purchasing of them, I want to continue to point you to some of my favorite titles.

Today I’m giving you a glimpse inside the pages of a brand new cookbook (published a few weeks ago) that I recently fell head over heels for called From My Mother’s Kitchen. It’s a collection of comfort food written by London-based freelance food writer Jenny Linford who founded the well known Gastro Soho Tours (something I want to sign up for in the future), and published by Ryland Peters and Small. I love the recipes because their uncomplicated, wholesome, and very delicious which is the whole reason for buying a cookbook in the first place right, to prepare delicious meals. I also found the ingrediants pretty basic – eggs, olive oil, herbs, cheese, veggies… stuff you already own so you don’t have to run out to buy some exotic ingrediants especially for a recipe that you most likely will never use again. These days, I’m all about affordable, local and healthy foods.

You can purchase the book from my Amazon shop for $18 if you’re interested or find it elsewhere too, search online for ISBN:978-1845978181

(photographs: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in Books + Magazines, Rooms on March 11, 2009

Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Oh lord. Too tempting. Do you dream of having a kitchen shelf showcasing an assortment of handmade ceramic dishes and bowls? My shelf back in my German kitchen has some lovely things (see below) but I think it could also use Pigeon Toe Ceramics based in Portland, Oregon.

In fact, I think every kitchen could use at least a few things from Pigeon Toe, don’t you? I love their dents and organic shapes and imagine serving dinner using some of their bowls or sipping my favorite tea from a dented mug. Although it’s hard right now to buy a lot of stuff (at least for me), I definitely try to put some money aside from time to time for special treats so Pigeon Toe is definitely going on my wish list for future purchases, especially their darling footed bowl!

(images from pigeon toe)

Posted in Handmade, Objects on March 11, 2009


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