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How Much For This Room?

This week’s How Much For This Room? takes us to a fab kitchen in San Francisco! This modern, graphic kitchen belongs to Christiana Coop who co-owns Hygge & West and ferm LIVING shop along with her business partner and best friend, Aimee Lagos. “We’re both recovering ex-lawyers and are extremely happy to be collaborating together on work we feel passionate about,” says Christiana.

Christiana has other business plans in the works as well, she’s soon to launch a new website with her interior design consulting partner, Rachel Eden for their interior design services in San Francisco. They have been working together for the past year on various interior design projects and their approach is low key and budget-friendly and to reflect their clients’ unique personality in their living spaces. So! Now that you know a little bit about this talented lady, how about we check out her kitchen and see how much money she had to spend to make it this nice!

Here’s the breakdown (does not include the appliances, flooring or cabinetry as this is a rental property):

1) 2 rolls of Amaze wallpaper in black/gray from Hygge & West $250 2) 1 Gallon paint, Balboa Mist, Benjamin Moore $65 3) Gehry Face Off Table $2,789 (for the record, the table belongs to her landlord but we’ll still include it into the total) 4) 2 vintage, refinished Bertoia chairs from Eden & Eden $500 5) Spazzio yellow fruit bowl Hygge & West $125 6) Candle $35 7) Small plant pot $20 8) IKEA Lack shelves $129 9) 2 ceramic guinea hens from Area $235 10) Cake stand and 3 pitchers by Linda Bloomfield Hygge & West $165 11) Butterfly plate, bowl and cups by Ivana Helsinki Hygge & West $250 12) Mister Rob tile $36 13) Nambe glass pitcher, ice bucket and wine holder from yearly warehouse sales in Santa Fe $180 14) 212 New York Skyline platter, dish and cereal bowls from Fishs Eddy $83 15) Sunburst clock $385 16) Chilewich rug $185 17) Cigar table lamp $362 18) Tea towels by Mateo Illasco $38 19) Turquoise vintage bird from estate sale $4 20) Gold plate set by Casey O’Connell Hygge & West $95 21) Kahler’s Storia tea set Hygge & West $500 22) Acrylic tray from CB2 $35 23) Rectangular plant pot from Area $30 24) 4 succulent plants $24 25) Vintage Stelton ash tray $50 26) Black record frame from CB2 $15 27) Vintage beverage cart from Eden & Eden $550 28) Vintage ice bucket $30 29) Pillar umbrella stand originally designed for Kanye West $300 30) 4 turquoise wine goblets: $128

TOTAL: $7,593 USD.

$ Saver Tip: If you want to duplicate this room for less you could go for a knock off table and replace the Gehry with a DOCKSTA from IKEA ($149) which would bring down the total to $4,903 USD.

Christiana will be back in April with her newly designed bedroom (so stay tuned) that she’s in the process of revamping and it will feature vintage wall lamps, pretty wallpaper (of course!) and a big tree – quite a fun space!

Would you like to show off a room in your home and give us a breakdown showing what you used and the total cost? If so, please email me one photo of your space and we’ll talk! :) holly AT

(images from christiana coop)

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A Little Something…

Just seeing this lovely photo puts my mind at ease. Spring will be here soon, time for cute handbags and peep toe heels. Lots of outdoor time, colorful flowers, the smell of freshly cut grass. I think every year I want Spring so badly because I was born on the first day of Spring and find it such a beautiful season and a fresh new starting point for many things from our wardrobe to the natural world around us. If Winter means self reflection, going inward, and preparation Spring means it’s show and tell time! It’s a season of hope and beauty.

I love these scarf scene totes at Anthropologie and bonus, they’re not quite as expensive as most of their handbags so $78 is something I can see myself buying without feeling to much pain afterwards. I’m asking myself more and more though, do I want it or do I need it? I’m trying to think more before I shop, I was thoughtful before the recession but now I weigh and measure a lot more. I am making better choices as a result. But it’s not just about consumers being smarter, it’s also about retailers thinking about their approach and perhaps giving us some incentives.

I hope that stores like Anthropologie will do something to show their customers that they truly care about us and our contributions to making them who they are today by offering a few more affordable goods or better yet, customer appreciation coupons or select discount coupons for email list subscribers. I appreciate their sale sections in their stores and online, but I’d like to have choices for items I actually like and want, not items that either did not sell, unpopular sizes, or were returned, damaged, etc. In the end I want to see some of my favorite stores reach back and show us they care, I think it would make me a lot more loyal to a larger retailer if I genuinely felt that way.

(image from anthropologie)

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Creativity Series: Just Do It! {8}

Today for the Creativity Series I’m keeping it short and sweet — the goal this week is to DO SOMETHING. Ready?

Buy out time for creative pursuits. Leaving creativity to chance is equivalent to leaving exercise to chance. It won’t happen unless you take charge. Analyze your weekly tasks and decide what can be exchanged in order for you to schedule a regular creative pursuit. This can be an outing such as a gallery visit or something as simple as a visit to the local book shop, or you can use the time to be more hands-on whether it’s through photography, composing music, or scrapbooking. When I’m in need of inspiration I usually open up my journals and start cutting and pasting (example above).

Key is at first: Keep It Simple and as you start seeing the benefits, you can expand from there. In looking over these 500+ comments where decor8 readers outlined what they would do if they had a day off and $20 to spend, I noticed a theme: They’d get outside, exercise, and do something creative. Maybe you can spend time today looking over some of their comments for ideas as to how you can carve out an hour, an afternoon, an entire day for YOU. Easier said than done, but if you leave something that impacts your life in a positive way (and those around you) on the back burner and just keep plugging away at work, work, work you may find yourself at the doors of burnout and absolute loss of ideas and inspiration. Be an example to your family, friends, and those in your field: You have your act together, you are at the steering wheel, you buy out time for yourself which makes your body of work stronger and more interesting.

For encouragement, I’d like to leave you with a creative exercise this week. Write done at least ONE thing that you plan to do this weekend that will put you back in touch with your creative side. It can be anything. Then I’d like to ask that you return here to this post on Monday and report in whether or not you actually did it, how it felt, and how you feel after the activity. I’ll do the same. If you can photograph what you did or saw during that creative time, please link to the photo in Monday’s comment. Sound good?

(photo by holly becker for decor8)

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Christopher David Ryan: $5 Book Sale

Looking for a unique little something but on a budget? Christopher David Ryan is doing a pre-Spring cleaning and has marked down three of his illustrated books to only $5 on his website called My Little Underground. He only has a few left in stock, so if you’re a CDR fan, better scoop one up!

I love the illustrations in Her, I bet children would also love this one. I just ordered it because I can frame some of these illustrations for my kitchen, especially the apple.

(images from christopher david ryan)

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