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Giveaway From Print Pattern Paper

Giveaway time! I love hosting giveaways, especially during a recession because the thought of winning something is fun and can really brighten up the day! It’s also better sometimes to win things when you are on a tight budget vs. winning when you’re not. You have more appreciation, at least that is how it is for me. Print Pattern Paper is sponsoring this generous contest and will award TWO decor8 readers with a $75 gift certificate (per winner) to use towards anything in her beautiful online shop.

Print Pattern Paper carries market totes, table linens, pillows, art prints, cards, aprons, hand wrapped wall canvas art, organic cotton lunch bags and more. Designer Rebecca Peragine is so talented, she not only designs everything you see but makes it by hand and uses organic and environmentally friendly products whenever possible.

To enter, please leave ONE comment below answering the following question: You have an entire day off completely for yourself. The weather is absolutely perfect. With less than $20 in your pocket how do you spend the day? What feelings do these activities give you? What simple pleasures will you enjoy?

One entry per household. One comment per person. Previous contest winners on decor8 who have won something within the past year are not eligible. Must enter before midnight EST on Monday, March 9th to qualify.

(images from print pattern paper)

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Organizing: Sending Cards

Today over at Real Simple I wrote on a topic that many of you may like as it reveals some tips for getting organized when it comes to sending cards on a regular basis. I reveal a no-fail system that I use and I highlight some products that have helped along the way.

Here’s a link to the article. I hope that you enjoy it! If you have any tips to add, please feel free to share with the Real Simple audience!

(images from the container store)

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Rubens Lp Artwork

Exhibitions of Dali, Picasso Miró and the Brazilian artist Aldemir Martins made a strong impression on this Brazilian-born graphic artist Rubens Lp. This 28-year-old also recalls hours spent with his father drawing his comic book heroes like Wolverine, Superman, Batman and X-Men.

Creating artwork for Rubens Lp is about, “Inspiring people, and true art has a unique kind of beauty. It’s never about the money, but it’s always about being true to yourself… I don’t draw with my mind; I draw with the soul. And everything inspires my soul. Everything.”

His impressive list of clients includes MTV, Absolut Vodka, Sony Ericsson, Coca-Cola, and many more. I’m not sure if he sells prints of his work online, his email to me was not clear (he actually sent me an email that said, “Hi dudes” which made me laugh but also question how he got so many impressive clients! LOL!) but you can always contact him via his site for more information.

(images from Rubens LP)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Rooms on March 03, 2009

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

It’s time for Etsy Take Five Tuesdays with lots of pretty things to look at this week and a bonus: two of these lovely shops have very special deals so make sure to read through the descriptions below. I’d like to start featuring at least one discount in this column per week but I’m not sure if I can or not so I’ll need your help. If you have an Etsy shop and would like to be part of this column and offer a special discount to decor8 readers please email me and we’ll talk, but please do not submit items that you think would not fit on decor8 (item type, style, etc.) because I really dislike having to turn away submissions. But if you think your products work well on decor8 please contact me because I’d love it!

I think adding a little discount each week will not only help sales for small businesses featured here but is great for the — what’s that new word for a former fashionista/designista on a new quest for fine items at an affordable cost? Oh yes, the Recessionista! LOL.

This week I have a surprise for you who are Take Five Tuesday fans. Adriana agreed to offer decor8 readers a 20% discount on everything in her etsy shop, InvitaPaper. To qualify for this discount, please order between now and Saturday, March 7th and add in the notes section that you would like the “decor8 special offer” and wait for a revised invoice from Adriana.

I wrote about Bold & Noble recently (here) not realizing that they had an etsy shop with lots more prints available that I think fit a home office, craft room or kid’s space just perfectly.

Ever have days when you just want to wear a bag over your head? Kate Pugsley can relate. She’s a clever Chicago artist with some neat prints on etsy that you really should check out. {website}

Paola Zakimi designs Holli art and dolls that are so sweet, I love her little girls and their melancholy expressions. I want to do something that makes them smile again. They seem so sensitive and in need of a big hug. Paola is running a special promotion, buy two prints and receive free shipping. {flickr}

Welcome to the dreamy world of Irena Sophia (beautiful name) and her art studio with both original paintings and prints. Some of her originals, yes originals, are only $20! Irena is my latest obsession, I love her drawings of these sweet girls, so up my alley! You too? {blog}

(images linked to their source above)

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