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How Much For This Room?

Working from home and in need of a little office inspiration? You’ll like this week’s edition of How Much For This Room? because it’s a great example of budget friendly design in action. This is the workspace of decor8 reader Maryse who lives in Montreal, Canada. What I love the most is that this talented lady hacked some IKEA products and built her desk out of doors. I also love her creative use of wallpaper, sweet!

“As you will see, I bought a lot of my items from IKEA. It was the cheapest way to create a custom desk that answers all my needs and looks built in. I was to personalize the result by modifying things with wallpaper and spray paint.”

About Maryse: “I’m a 26-year-old French Canadian girl living in the suburb of Montreal. My boyfriend and I bought our first home (a triplex and it’s a major renovation project — I think we qualify as crazy) last year. I work from home as a project manager for a publishing house (so I need lots of space to pile manuscripts and drafts), but I wish to become a writer and publish young adult novels set in magical, dark and mysterious worlds (so I need an inspiring office, a place that connect with my imagination). I’m also an avid crafter, fortunately, I have a place in my basement to be messy which is also in need of a total makeover, and I write a blog in French about my creative pursuits.”

General expenses: 1) Ceiling and window trim paint, Cloud White, Benjamin Moore, 35$. 2) Wall paint, Sketch, Sico, $35. 3) Pendant light FADO, IKEA, $29.99. 4) Curtain fabric, Hollywood, Alexander Henry, $ 70. 5) White wood curtain rod, Club Tissus, $30. 6) Wallpaper, Ferm Living, $115. Total : $314.99

Tips for applying wall paper in the back of a bookcase: “You have to prepare the surface by sanding it and applying a wallpaper primer (even if the instruction for the glue doesn’t say so). We had not done this at first, and had to redo it all again! While the glue was wet, everything looked OK, but as it dried the wallpaper curled and totally detached from the panel. A friend is always useful to keep moral while applying wallpaper (unless I’m the only one with an incredibly bad wallpaper karma)”.

Desk area: 1) BESTA high shelf unit, IKEA, $160 for 2. 2) BESTA small shelf unit, IKEA, $60. 3) TOMBO door, IKEA, $ 135 for 3. 4) BESTA legs, IKEA, $20 for 2 pairs. 5) INREDA pull-out frame, IKEA, $80 for 2. 6) Keyboard drawer, Staples, $47. 9) Birdcage, Home Sense, $15 (I spray painted it black, as it was originally white… What I like about birdcages is the silhouette, and for this you need contrast with your walls). 7) Chain and hook for birdcage, local hardware store, $5. 8) Flower pot and artificial plants (I’m a black thumb), bought in a local shop while they were running a big sale to make place for spring stuff, $30. 9) BEKVÄM step stool, IKEA, $19.99 + $13 for paint (I should have spray painted it, I’m disappointed in the result). 10) Transparent chair mat (not very stylish, but…), Staples, $25. The task chair I already had. Total: $609.99

“I made the table myself to keep cost low, and because there were no pieces of wood long enough for my needs, otherwise I would have used a wood counter top from IKEA. I used two hollow doors to keep the table light that I cut and assembled with dowels and wood glue. I had never work with dowels, and it was a learning experience! You have to take careful measurements so that your pieces fit perfectly… The problem is that doors are not a perfect rectangle, and the sides did not match exactly in size. I sanded and planed it the best I could.. I veneered the assembled doors with an affordable maple wood veneer and contact glue (another learning experience). I then stained and varnished it.”

Here is the breakdown cost : 1) VIKA BYSKE adjustable leg, IKEA, $30. 2) Hollow doors, $35 for 2. 3) Mapple wood veneer, CEDAN (bought at my local hardware store), $55 for 2 24? by 96? sheets. 4) Stain, $15 (I mixed different colors together. The result was absolutely not what I wanted, but I like it anyway). 5) Varnish, $6. 6) Desk grommets for cables, $6 for 2, local hardware store. Everything else I already had: wood dowels from IKEA furniture we apparently didn’t assemble correctly, trims from another project, wood glue, tools, etc. If you don’t have tools, it obviously would cost much more. Total : $147.00

Storage area : 1) TROLLSTA sideboard, IKEA, $349. 2) BESTA small shelf unit, IKEA, $180 for 3. 3) TOMBO door, IKEA, $80 for 2. 4) KASSETT boxes, IKEA, $6.99 to 9.99 for 2. 5) KASSETT magazine files, IKEA, $11.97 for 3. Total: $644.94

Art cost : 1) Art above my desk by Anne-Julie Aubry, Art & Ghosts and Heisuke Kitazawa, around $35 (3 of the 5 artworks are actually promotional postal cards or art that they sent to me with another purchase). 8) Art on sideboard by Heisuke Kitazawa, $25. 9) Keep calm and carry on poster, BluLima, $12. 7) FANAHOLM frames, IKEA, $5.99 to 16.99 depending on the size, + $20 for spray paint primer and 2 bottles of black satin spray paint. I purchased mat boards at my local art supply store (from $2- 6) and a mat cutter ($100). Having them made by a professional would have cost me about the same price (around $10-30 per mat board), but I’m glad I made the investment and bought the mat cutter, since I have a whole house to decorate! I strongly recommend to buy a board mounted cutter to have professional and very straight cuts. Total : $286.96

Grand total: $2,003.88

If you are curious, you can see view BEFORE photos of her office renovation here on her blog.

If you have any questions for Maryse, please just ask below in the comments section!

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Inkspot Workshop

I stumbled upon Inkspot Workshop a few minutes ago via my Twitter page so this is definitely a fresh find (yeah I know, har har). Stacy owns a small, home-based business in Atlanta called Inkspot Workshop. This is one lady who loves paper because she does it all — designs, cuts, glues, folds, photographs and packages everything herself. Wow!

During the day, Stacy sells medical supplies but at night and on the weekends you will find her busy with her lovely paper goods or spending time with her family. I love seeing ladies out there who are able to strike a balance and mix a day job with a passion on the side, which is hard to do with a family so I applaud her for such hard work and dedication. I couldn’t believe it when I read that she has a 2-year-old son and pets, she’s definitely one organized woman. Stacy sets a good example for modern moms!

Find Inkspot Workshop here: {etsy} {blog} {twitter}

(images from inkspot workshop)

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Creativity Series: Just Do It! {10}

Thank you. You have been so gracious to give me the space to go off on a tangent each Thursday to write the 10 week series on creativity, a topic I’m so passionate about. This series really ties in nicely to the overall content and vibe on decor8, don’t you think? I’ve grown quite attached and find it hard to imagine giving it up but I did tell you this would only run for 10 weeks and today well…we’re at week 10. Now I’m wondering if this should really be the end of the road. I’ll think about it and let you know.

Are you ready for our final topic in this series? It’s a good one and I even have a very special podcast and guest sharing with us today.

Trust yourself.

Allow for some trial and error and nip negative thinking in the bud while you are capturing. Imagine that you are painting. While you are capturing, or creating, be careful to not become overly critical of your work or to allow what others may think to come into play. That’s the fastest way to shut yourself down. It’s fine to evaluate your work as you go along, but it’s best to not over-analyze while you’re in “the zone”. Trust your creativity, believe in what you are doing. Avoid allowing the opinions of others to form the one that you have of yourself. Trust your inner compass because it WILL lead you if you tap into it, listen, and obey. It also keeps you on track when others start to throw darts or challenge the authenticity of your work. Trust in your unique voice will help you to stay on track, focused and forward moving.

“When I first started working creatively, my former manager told me that there really are no new ideas in the world,” says Marisa Haedike of Creative Thursday, a successful artist living and working in Los Angeles, California. “Though I tend to agree, there is originality in this world and that originality stems from each one of us.”

Haedike continues, “We can trust that what makes something unique can be as simple as our interpretation, our expression of an idea.” She not only coaches people wanting to live more creative lives through a series of podcasts on her website, but has thousands of devoted customers who love her artwork. Through expressing herself without judgment, not allowing negative comments to penetrate, and by embracing her originality, Haedike has learned to trust her creative voice. For this reason, I’ve decided to wrap up this series with a very special podcast from Marisa herself, a gift from me to all of you for following this series. You can click below to listen, it’s just under 15 minutes so enjoy!

Now it’s your turn to comment on trust. You may also comment on the future of this series with any tips you may have. I’m interested in hearing how trust in yourself is helping you during these economic times and how it helps you to deal with other fears outside of money.

(image from creative thursday)

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Spoons by Amy Karol

This print is so cute for the kitchen! It’s by Amy Karol in Portland, OR (also known as Angry Chicken) and is available in blue, lavender and beige for $18.

Amy is a blogger, crafter and the author of Bend The Rules Sewing, a book that I own and love.

Step inside of Amy’s world: Etsy | Flickr | Amazon | Blog | Website

(image by amy karol)

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