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Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Ready to take 5 with some children’s illustration, photography, vintage finds, modern collages and prints with vintage charm? Or perhaps you’ve visited to save a little dough on a very special promotion from my featured Etsy seller this week? Whatever the reason I’m happy to have you here today to check out this week’s finds for Etsy Take Five Tuesdays, enjoy!


Jennifer Squires Productions is offering decor8 readers 25% off your total order by entering decor8 in the “message to the seller box” (wait to receive your revised invoice before you pay). This is a nice chance to snap up some gorgeous photos for your home! Offer valid until March 24, 2009.

Iris Schwarz of Paulette Edition is an illustrator and graphic designer working and living Zurich. I’ve been to Zurich and loved it — any artist could really thrive there between the inspirational architecture, culture and the great beauty of the surrounding mountains. I’m loving these prints from Iris which remind me of antique book illustrations — very nice work!

Tanja Lichtensteiger is a Swiss-Filipina artist living in Yorkshire, England who paints characters with a definite storybook quality, I imagine seeing them in children’s books or something. So whimsical and sweet! {her blog}

Harlow Monroe Vintage in Boulder has lots of yummy kitsch worth looking at — love all the aqua!

I love, love, love Anna Betts in Cambridge, England! She’s studying for her degree in Illustration and I can tell already that she’s on the right path. Great pouches for your pencils and even better original artwork. Fun, modern, clean… don’t miss the paper ball kit! {blog}

Want your shop to be in the spotlight? If you would like to be a featured seller simply email me (holly AT decor8blog DOT com) with your Etsy shop link and let me know the discount (must be a percentage off total order or BOGO offer to be considered) that you’d be willing to offer decor8 readers for a period of one week. I cannot run all submissions but I’ll certainly consider each of them for a future Etsy Take Five Tuesdays. Thank you!

(images linked to sources above)

Posted in uncategorized on March 17, 2009

Dreamy Packing Tape

Like we all need something else to drool over… Moving? Sending a special package? Twig & Thistle found some gorgeous packing tape — lace, faux bois, scrolling patterns, need I say more when a picture is worth a thousand words?

I’ve seen this stuff around for a few years but not quite as broad of a selection as I found on this post via Twig & Thistle because she included links to several stores that carry this cuteness. The cuteness none of us need but ohmygod it’s suddenly your latest obsession.

I’m curious… any ideas for using this tape in creative ways OUTSIDE of the intended purpose?

(image from twig & thistle)

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100 Layer Cake

I wrote about a gorgeous new wedding blog that I super heart, 100 Layer Cake, today over at Real Simple that I just had to give you a tiny dose of to whet your appetite. I’m already married so I’m certainly not looking for wedding inspiration… but I am constantly on the prowl for tasteful decorating ideas and inspiration. I’m surprised to find that 100 Laker Cake is a fun read for a married girl like me simply because they make these killer inspiration boards that can easily inspire art, a room, an outfit, or anything really. You don’t have to be a bride-to-be to read wedding blogs and although I sorta knew that already, I think this blog sold me on the idea of reading more bridal blogs going forward.

I dream in soft muted jewel tones, so this palette above really knocks my socks off.

This blog is so pretty, professional, and has a ton of promise so I can’t wait to see what they have in store for readers going forward. I also love the name, why have only two when you can have 100 layers, right? YUM. They’re only in their second month, but so far so good. Read more about 100 Layer Cake here

(images: 100 Layer Cake)

Posted in uncategorized on March 16, 2009

Jacqueline Veissid Photography

Los Angeles photographer Jacqueline Veissid wrote to me some time ago and I’ve been meaning to show her work here because it’s wayyyy to nice to keep all to myself. With each photo I imagine days spent enjoying the warmth of Spring whether it includes roller skating, hanging out with friends, or wishing my butt looked this good in jeans (high waisted ones to boot!), her photos are full of life, emotion and charm. I especially like the lens flare in this field of flowers shot. I dream to have just one photo of myself like this someday, the same pose, similar dress…

Maybe Jacqueline is the girl for me, or I can go with Boho Girl because her style is dreamy and lovely. We’ll see when and if I’m able to get out to L.A. to schedule something. I’ve always wanted nice photos of myself, you know the kind that are semi-professional but not cheesy because I’m not into big hair and heavy makeup via Glamour Shots and given that I’ve suffered each year in the hands of the Sears portrait studio as a child I think it’s time to set aside time and money to have a proper photo taken. In fact, I declare all girls have this done at least once, preferably every ten years but given that I’m in my thirties, I missed doing this in my twenties so I need to catch up. Would it not be empowering to do this when we turn 30, 40, 50 and so on to celebrate the beauty and life we’re experiencing as we mature and evolve?

Looking for more eye candy? Jacqueline maintains an inspiring blog, too.

(images: Jacqueline Veissid)

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