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Stylist Jeanne Botes

Jeanne Botes is a freelance interiors stylist for magazines though, surprisingly, she once worked in the film industry where she was involved in set design for international and local commercials in South Africa where she lives! What a fascinating background.

Stylist Jeanne Botes

In addition to commercials, Jeanne has experience working in the interior design profession and has even had her hands in teaching (high school level) from everything from painting to sculpture, art history and graphic design. These experiences have no doubt influenced her styling work, her eye is definitely well-trained and she’s a master at editing in my opinion. She knows how much is exactly enough.

Stylist Jeanne Botes

Stylist Jeanne Botes

Stylist Jeanne Botes

Stylist Jeanne Botes

After studying each of these images I have made one decision. I must have a shelf in my bathroom someday simply for displaying beautiful soaps and girly things vs. the current towels and bleached coral that I currently have. I will keep looking at the top photo over and over again — the product packaging on each of these things delights me to no end.

Jeanne is represented by Bird on a Wire in Cape Town, South Africa.

(images from bird on a wire)

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