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Tips For Decorating A Large Room

I was so flattered with Erin Doland who runs the fabulous organization blog Unclutterer, asked me if I’d give one of her readers, Eleanor, some advice for her new space. Erin was looking for some tips that would help her reader decorate a large space, making it warm and cozy, without cluttering it up. Here’s the space…

Reader question...

Hi Eleanor! While your “problem” of having too much space isn’t the most common, it’s definitely one I’ve addressed a few times with clients who went from homes with smaller rooms to spacious open concept lofts where the lines between spaces became blurred. Once settled in, they felt overwhelmed by having to “fill” all the extra space they’d once dreamed of and, like you, compared their living quarters to an empty warehouse. You are not alone in this Eleanor, between my advice and the comments that Erin’s lovely readers will no doubt offer, I’m confident you’ll soon be on your way to a cozy space in no time!

So… where to begin? THAT is the question of the day! Since you do not live in a loft with soaring ceilings and an open floor plan, I think your space issues are a lot easier to solve because you have a predefined living room space — a gorgeous one with outstanding details (vs. 4 plain walls). You have a fireplace, built in bookcase, and the most gorgeous hardwood floors. What a gem. I am not sure if these photos are current, if not have you added furniture yet? The moment you bring in a sofa or sectional, a pair of chairs, coffee table, floor rug, window treatments, etc. you will see that space shrink immediately, so never fear — your dream home isn’t that far from reality. Here are some tips for transforming your living room into space that you’ll enjoy living in!

View the tips I gave and read the rest of this post by clicking here.

(image from unclutterer)

Posted in Decorating Tips on April 10, 2009

How Much For This Room?

Today in Home Much For This Room? we’re heading up to Fayetteville, New York to hang out with Tara Hogan of INK + WIT to see her brand new kitchen and the adjacent dining area. Tara is a successful freelance graphic designer who has impeccable taste and her well edited, beautiful space really highlights this fact. Tara also authors a new blog where she muses about her inspirations and where she keeps her loyal customers updated as to what she’s doing currently at INK + WIT. Tara and her husband just moved into their home a little over two years ago, it’s 102-years-old and has some great features, including a wood burning stove in their dining area that has been there for around 70 years! Let’s take a look around…

Tara Hogan's Home

About this space Tara says, “We have been fixing this place up non stop. There was awful laminate in the kitchen and no style. The walls in the kitchen are still not done, hence a yellow glow you see which still needs new white paint but I feel the images show off the good additions we have made so far like the quartz countertop, fridge and restoration of things like molding, lights, and white paint.”

Tara Hogan's Home

Kitchen renovation breakdown: 1. Countertop: LG Via Tera, quartz, color: Geneva, from LOWES, $60 sq ft. 2. Stools: Giulietta Counter Stool, DWR, $155 each. 3. Mixer: KitchenAid, Artisan Stand Mixer, red, Williams Sonoma, $300. 4. Fridge: GE Stainless Steel, Best Buy, $1,215. 5. Ceramic wall tiles: Counterparts 3″ x 6″ Bright White Flat Ceramic Tile, LOWES, $0.22 cents per tile.

Kitchen Reno Total: $4,130.00

Tara Hogan's Home

Tara Hogan's Home

Tara Hogan's Home

julias print

Tara Hogan's Home

Tara Hogan's Home

Tara Hogan's Home

Dining room breakdown: dining area: 1. Pendant light: George Nelson saucer bubble lamp, HIVE, $269. 2. Table: EDEFORS Dining table, IKEA, $439. 3. Chairs: unknown and free from my aunt.
4. Large serving dish: HULTET, IKEA, $7. 5. White ceramic bowl: TJMaxx, $5. 6. Poster: the Shins In Manchester, silkscreened, 18×24 (frame with mat : commercial art supply, $35), The Poster Caberet, designer: The Small Stakes. 7. Poster: Flock, Wayne Pate, Good Shape Design, $35. 8. Planters: BLADET, IKEA, small – $5, large – $8.

9. Vase: FÄRM, IKEA, $2. 10. Print: Camilla Engman, $40 (set of 5 misc prints). 11. Largest planter, MYNTA, IKEA, $29. 12. Framed print: Julia Rothman, $35. 13. White filing cabinet: HELMER, IKEA, $40. 14. White bin: KNODD, IKEA, $15.

Dining Room Total: $965.00

Thank you so much for sharing your newly renovated kitchen and dining room space today, Tara! Beautiful work. If you would like to see more of Tara’s home and learn about her work and inspirations, you can read this chat that I had with her last August. Enjoy!

(images: tara hogan)

Posted in Home Tours on April 10, 2009

Spring Cleaning & Secrets of Simplicity

I’m reading the final chapter this week of Secrets of Simplicity by expert organization queen and author Mary Carlomagno and as soon as I’m finished I’m going to start reorganizing my house and I plan to sell a bunch of things over on eBay — I have wayyyy to much stuff and really need to downsize and clear the clutter. I feel bad that I will be getting rid of so many things but I’ve learned from Secrets of Simplicity that my need to hold on to certain things is crazy, especially when I yearn to live in a clutter-free environment. Of course, I can’t live without cherished items around, but I can live without the piles of magazines, the collection of lamps and chairs and ceramics and art that I’ve collected that honestly, I really have to personal attachment to any longer.


{book from amazon, office products via knock knock}

Of course, I’m not getting rid of everything I own, but I’ve decided to clear out my storage room located in the attic of my home and sell everything on eBay, through a series of tag sales, and on Craigslist. What I cannot sell I will donate to charity just as I did last Spring (this is an annual cleansing activity for me, though this year is the biggest one ever!). It’s my May must-do project and Secrets of Simplicity is helping me to get there emotionally and spiritually so that I can take this healing journey of saying goodbye to all of this stuff. Though it is beautiful, too much of anything is never good. I know the feeling of joy that will sweep over me as I say goodbye to the final box carried out of my front door will be worth it all. Yippie-kay-yay! Two spaces in my home that I can’t wait to purge — my walk-in closet, my office/craft room and my bookcase.

I found this cool site today called Knock Knock while reading Victoria’s blog and I love all of the office products here. I will be needing lots of file folders and other miscellaneous storage for organizing, so I’m definitely bookmarking this site. I’m going to order the Personal Library Kit because I loan out books so often that this would help me to keep track of them. Plus, in this economy, I think good friends should be encouraging one another book to borrow things from one another now and then. Especially novels. I am so tired of buying them and then what? I will never pick up the same book and read it twice. I’d much rather loan it out or swap it with another novel from a girlfriend.

What about you? Have you read Secrets of Simplicity? Are you doing any Spring cleaning at the moment? How are you handling it emotionally? What are you currently trying to take control of in your home – clutter, a reno, DIY project, cleaning?

Posted in small business, stationery on April 09, 2009

Jennifer Mercede {Artist}

While reading Kelly Rae’s blog this morning I came across an artist I’d not heard of until now, Jennifer Mercede who lives and works in Portland Oregon. Kelly pointed to this video where you can watch Jennifer work on a wall mural (love seeing the process of things, don’t you?). Jennifer’s work is so colorful and jumps from the canvas wrapping you in a warm energetic hug. Happy art!



Jennifer Mercede

Jennifer Mercede

Find Jennifer here: Flickr & Etsy.

(images: jennifer mercede)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Etsy Faves on April 09, 2009


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