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April 2009


How Much For This Room?

April 3, 2009

I have a special treat for you today! Not one, but TWO homeowners from two different parts of the world are here to share their rooms with us in How Much For This Room? — yay! Our first inspirational space is from one of my favorite Etsy sellers, Bernadette Sipkes from Sugarloop who lives in Auckland, New Zealand. In case you’ve not heard of her work, here’s a glimpse of what you can expect in her etsy shop.

Bernadette is here today to share both her balcony followed by the adjacent dining room area and it’s gorgeous, bring and so inviting! Now I want a balcony overlooking rooftops and palm trees…

Balcony — Furniture:White outdoor plastic chairs from Living Edge Interiors, $90 for two. Offi Tiki Stool in white (used as a table) from Home Republic (now Naked Decor), $49. Flokati rug (it was bought brand new nearly a decade ago so I cannot remember the store!) but I do remember the price $34, Various pots & plants from King’s Plant Barn, $35. Bed table in white from Rhubarb, $12. Curtain made by me using yellow Jute fabric from Spotlight, $6 for 2.8 metres (and sprayed with Scotchgard to make it waterproof). It is hung in place using spring tension shower curtain rod in white from Mitre, $15. Soft Furnishings: Hand-printed cushion cover Mari print in Mustard by Kalla (etsy), $35 (including shipping). Yellow floral motif blockprinted (by me) on plain cushion cover from Spotlight, $5. Striped pillows from Rhubarb, $10 for a set of four. Multi Bean Bag from Kidscapes, $42. Retro-inspired cushion from Nest, $7.Plain woven cushion from BoConcept, $15. Lighting: Candela rechargeable glow lights by OXO was earned for free from Fly Buys (but retails for $69), Solar light rope from Ezibuy, $17.


Dining Room – Furniture: Eames wire chairs – from Cite, $800. Occa dining table from BoConcept, $400. Buffet Cabinet from Corniche Interiors, $685. Wooden step stool from IKEA, $13. Stokke Tripp Trapp from TradeMe, $85. On the Walls: Josh “Shag” Agle limited edition art print from Outre Gallery, $150. Artwork by Amy Ruppel, $100. Bird Limited Edition print by Yumi Yumi (etsy), $20. On Dining Table: Olive Oil and Vinegar bottles from Rhubarb, $8 for both. Tea light candle holder from IKEA, $1. Vase and flower arrangement from Freedom, $20. Ramekin bowls by Martin Boyd from eBay, $13 for 5 coasters. Crocheted table runner by Trade Aid New Zealand, and the napkins were wedding gifts. On Buffet Cabinet: Wooden Bowl, water pitcher and crystal bowl were wedding gifts. Large pasta bowl in white from Victoria’s Basement, $8. Wooden Tray from Nest, $10. Phone by Uniden, $45. Ipod and speaker by Apple, $350.

TOTAL DINING – $2,708.00 USD

Isn’t this such a fresh and inviting space?

Stay tuned for a gorgeous bathroom in New York in today’s second gorgeous space featured in How Much For This Room

(images: bernadette sipkes, sugarloop)


Vintage Modern Apartment in Germany

April 2, 2009

You’re going to love this apartment… I’m thrilled that I can show it to you today because I didn’t expect my interview with this apartment dweller to run so soon. My editor over at Cookie magazine just informed me that the tour I pulled together for their site is live. Yay! I’m very excited about this because it’s a city abode in Hannover where I happen to also live part-time when I’m not in New Hampshire and I really want the city to get a little press lovin’ since you don’t hear about Hannover that often. Soooo many great artists and designers live in some pretty swank apartments there like this one below!

Note: only one of the photos shown here (first one below) is on the Cookie site, the rest are extras Kerstin sent over for me to run here on decor8… that way what you see over there is not what you’re viewing here — so double your pleasure!

The tour I’m taking you on over at Cookie is one I’m proud of because it was quite a challenge to pull together because Kerstin, who lives in this gorgeous space, does not speak fluent English and I’m not yet fluent in German so we needed a translator. Fortunately for us, we both share the same friend (Anne Wendlendt/Enna) and she worked with both Kerstin Reilemann/Domestic Candy and I to make the interview happen so thanks Anne for that.

Great living room space, huh? She found this vintage wooden elephant who nearly became firewood! Yes, really. I’m glad she rescued him for her little son.

Her small balcony, I love the old building she lives in — such pretty windows and brick.

Large hallway/entry with original hardwood floors.

Another view of the hallway which appears to be an “L” shape.

Sunny, cozy kitchen.

More kitchen views.

Master bedroom. Love this color combo!

Some bedroom artwork.

Emil, who is 2-years-old and in my eyes, a very lucky boy because his mommy put so much love and care into his room.

He even has his own store thanks to his creative parents, his store comes complete with wooden fruits and veggies which are quite popular in German toy stores which tend to have more wood products available vs. plastic.

I really enjoyed learning more about Kerstin, her small family of three, and her inspirations as a designer. I’ve already arranged with Anne to meet Kerstin this year so I’m very excited to soon know the lady behind this home. To read my interview with her and to view even more photos of her home, please click here.

Thanks Anne and Kerstin!

(images from kerstin reilemann)


Inspired By: Notebook Magazine

April 2, 2009

I just spent a good part of my morning finishing up ‘08 taxes while listening to the new Depeche Mode CD for the second time (trying to decide if I like it or not) while simultaneously browsing the galleries over at Notebook magazine. I must say the whole mind numbing exercise of adding numbers together was a lot less stressful listening to music so loudly that, yes Mom, will one day make me deaf. Now I’m running to visit our accountant but before I head out, I simply must share some gorgeous eye candy from Notebook mag, another hot little Australian publication that I recently discovered. Those Aussies! I’ve decided that in addition to Marrakesh, Tokyo and Istanbul, I must add Australia to my list of destinations because I simply cannot take looking at another publication out of that country – I need to see if their world is how I imagine it through the pages of magazines published there. If so, I will certainly never want to come home.

Notebook appears to be a good mix of fashion and interiors, it reminds me ever-so-slightly of the former Blueprint mag we had here in the states. I like the many styles of decor that they highlight, from rustic modern to midwest modern, 1940’s fashion, European country, modern country, eclectic and beyond. Here’s a little visual taste to whet your appetite. All I can say is this woman, from her eye makeup to her flawless skin and gorgeously ruffled dress (and of course the vintage car) had me at hello. Oh, and how lovely is that hallway below with that pale green door and wood pendant?

If you’d like to view more, click here to visit their many inspirational galleries where you can find photos grouped by topic. Enjoy!

(images: notebook magazine)


Craft Tutorial: Photo Lanterns

April 1, 2009

Ready for a fun project? This is one of those craft tutorials that you can imagine doing because it’s fun and festive but also practical and timely with warmer days here. The uber creative Livy Kanaley from a new favorite blog of mine, A Field Journal, is visiting us to share a craft tutorial — how to make a festive photo lantern with battery operated tea lights. I love sharing random projects like this from time to time on decor8 especially with so many looking for projects that are affordable and not overly time consuming. This project is creative, easy, and something you can actually use. Imagine these lanterns on your patio or even at a wedding… lovely!

Craft Tutorial: Photo LanternsCraft Tutorial: Photo Lanterns

Ready to learn how to make these? Livy, the stage is yours!

“These lanterns are adaptable to any occasion and perfect for the warm weather that’s just around the corner. The photos you select can be anything – old family snapshots would be of interest at a reunion for example, or you could play it simple and just use text – a favorite quote, a significant date, or a festive message.” -Livy


  • Store bought lanterns (glass votives are an alternative)
  • Spray adhesive (suitable for paper and glass)
  • Vellum
  • Digital images
  • Printer
  • Battery operated tea lights
  • Scissors/Paper cutter

Craft Tutorial: Photo Lanterns Instructions:

  1. Step #1: Carefully remove glass from store bought lanterns. (You may want to wear gloves.) Alternatively, cylindrical glass votives could be used, just be sure that whatever vessel you select has straight sides so the vellum will adhere smoothly.
  2. Step #2: Measure the surface to be covered, and print appropriately sized images on 8.5 x 11 sheets of vellum.
  3. Step #3: Using scissors or a paper cutter, cut out each image. Coat glass with spray adhesive and immediately apply vellum. Let dry.
  4. Step #4: Replace glass in lanterns, add a battery operated tea light and enjoy!

Craft Tutorial: Photo Lanterns

I hope that you enjoy creating your very own Springtime lanterns… I definitely want to try this project myself! If you end up making your own and have photos to share, please send me ONE photo so I can check it out — maybe I’ll feature it on decor8. :) I love a little show ‘n tell time!

Important safety note: Remember everyone – use only BATTERY OPERATED TEA LIGHTS. I don’t want anyone to burn down their yard or home.

(images from Olivia Kanaley)

Home Tours

An Impressive Treehouse

April 1, 2009

Would you like to see some lovely photos from a friend who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area? Her name is Anh-Minh Le and she found me through decor8 back in ‘06 — she commented a few times and then we started to exchange emails and before we knew it, we became e-friends. The always supportive, genuine, and very talented Anh-Minh is an office manager by day and a freelance writer by night with hopes of someday becoming a full-time writer. After looking at her home, lets home she decides to write about art and design because she certainly has an eye for beauty!

An Impressive Treehouse

An Impressive Treehouse

Gorgeous view from the dining area.

Anh-Minh compares her home to a “giant treehouse” since it overlooks many beautiful redwoods as you can see in the above photo. Her and her husband, Jon, have lived in their home for eight months and she cannot imagine living anywhere else though she confesses that a year ago, “I would have jumped at the chance to live in London or Tokyo”. Since I know Anh-Minh is one stylish lady who has traveled the globe, I felt confident when I asked her if she’d like to share corners of her home on decor8 because I knew she’d have a gorgeous space and from what you can see here, I’m glad I asked! Today I thought it would be fun to ask her to complete the following statements so you can learn more about the lady behind the abode. My thoughts are boldface and hers are italicized so you won’t get confused…

An Impressive Treehouse

Entry — I love this bench and the painting, don’t you?

An Impressive Treehouse

Entry- Another part of the entryway.

An Impressive Treehouse

Living Room

In my house I love to… take naps in the sun-drenched living room, watch movies on the super-sized projector screen, sit and enjoy coffee with friends at the kitchen table, and contemplate new decorating projects on the weekends and during my free time. This summer – our first in this house – I’m also looking forward to spending many hours hanging out on the deck.

My real passion is… traveling. We have souvenirs scattered throughout the house; like the embroidered textile draped on the back of our sofa (from Mexico).

My favorite objects in my home… most definitely the chaise lounge in our living room, the painting in our entryway and the Jill Bliss mural in the craft room (does that count as an object, even if it takes up an entire wall?).


An Impressive Treehouse

Home Office

An Impressive Treehouse

Guest Bedroom

An Impressive Treehouse

Master Bedroom

An Impressive Treehouse

Laundry Area

An Impressive Treehouse

Craft Room complete with a mural by Jill Bliss!

An Impressive Treehouse


My favorite place to hang out in my home is… the living room.

This house is different from other places I’ve lived because… of the setting. All nature, all the time.

My decorating philosophy is… make it personal. I love looking around the house and seeing things that have some significance to me – that remind me of a special time, person or place.

I stay organized by… keeping my label maker close at hand.

If you visit my house, my only rules are… relax, have a good time, and come back real soon.

I plan to live in this house… forever.

Thank you for visiting us today on decor8, Anh-Minh — your home is filled with pattern and life and I’m so happy that you stopped by to share it with all of us here. xo

(images from anh-minh le)

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