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Noa Noa {Summer}

Ah Noa Noa, you’ve done it again! I am in BIG crazy love with their dazzling Summer collection. Yes sir, this is the stuff dreams are made of… Danish fashion label Noa Noa tends to blow me away each season but I’ve never connected quite so thoroughly to a complete collection until today – these colors and styles are gorgeous!

Noa Noa

Bohemian, laid back, sun-kissed, girly without going over the top… and though I have no courage to wear “genie” pants (or maybe we shall call them MC Hammer pants?), I would most certainly wear them lounging around the house on a breezy summer’s day or even while entertaining a small group of close friends in the backyard.

Noa Noa

I want to see these outfits as rooms! Can you imagine turning these colors and patterns into a living room or bedroom? That skirt as a curtain, a blouse pattern as a pillow… Ah. I’m completely in love with these sun-washed hues in lilac, blue and green. Oye!

(images from noa noa)

Posted in uncategorized on April 20, 2009

Brunkullan {Teas & More}

I don’t believe I’ve ever laid eyes on a white teapot like this — I only recall seeing these in black or dark brown up until today… I love it! This gorgeous kettle, casted in white porcelain with a black handle is called the Tea Pot Anneli and is from Brunkullan, a small online tea shop in Sweden (the Jens is another favorite of mine). Brunkullen has some great blends of teas in addition to simple, practical wares created for taking a proper tea time… The best part aside from being beautifully made is that all of these items are surprisingly affordable!


Shown above: Tea Pot Anneli, the Östersund heart mug in stoneware clay designed by ceramist Josephine Sundnäs, A set of 6 colorful Moroccan tea glasses called Yvette and a set of 5 Japanese ceramic tea mugs called Larse.

They ship to Sweden and Europe but also mention on their Buying Conditions page something about shipping outside Europe so I imagine you can simply email them to inquire about international shipping too.

Such a nice reminder to take a few moments to enjoy simple pleasures, don’t you think? (images from brunkullan)

Posted in Handmade, Rooms on April 20, 2009

Lockette Paper & Fabric

Happy Monday everyone! This post is partly about Lockette and also a little about my weekend along with some great news about a press mention that I’m really excited about… First, these darling handmade cards by Priscilla Locke of the Lockette {Paper & Fabric} shop on Etsy are a nice way to kick things off today. Priscilla (don’t you love her name by the way, so old-fashioned and darling), recently opened her shop where she makes all things by hand using fabric and paper, “I hand cut all the pieces and fuse them to card stock. This tactile element gives my stationery a unique look and feel, and the combination of fabric + paper is a modern twist on the traditional paper products out there right now. The fabrics I use range from bold, graphic prints and colors to subtle patterns and simple silhouettes.”


Okay, now for the more personal from me-to-you bit. :) I hope you are rested and inspired from whatever it is that you did over the weekend. We had beautiful weather on Sunday so we went to a big flea market and to lots of antiques stores (New Hampshire has some great ones) — what a great way to spend a lazy Sunday! The flea market was the first for me of the year and it got me pretty excited about Brimfield (May 12-17) next month and all the fleas I plan to attend abroad this year before the cold weather sets in again. Flea markets are great! I didn’t find much yesterday but simply roaming around was inspiring enough, plus I secured an entire brown bag full of vintage wooden spools for only a $1 so I will soon embark on a crafty project to put those to good use.

Along with all the fun browsing I did, we went on a nice nature walk and I spent time cleaning my home, I used a ton of ec0 cleaning supplies which made me feel great about the chore and an added bonus — they worked better than the chemical-loaded stuff I normally use AND they smelled great. I raided the cleaning supply aisle at Lowe’s recently and found a ton of products I’d not seen before, in addition to the full line of Method products (they’ve added some great new things by the way)… so if you have a Lowe’s nearby I suggest checking them out for ec0-cleaning supplies. I couldn’t get over the variety! I also spent nearly two full days offline, which felt great and I honestly recommend it from time to time. It really helps to unplug now and then. But then, right when I was feeling so proud for staying away from the computer, I decided to send a quick email and….

I discovered that decor8 was in the London Financial Times (both print and online in the House & Home Edition) yesterday in an article called A Blog’s Life which quickly reminded me that though unplugging is good, I still really love and value the web and feel so grateful that I’m part of the blogosphere and this wonderful online network of bloggers. This was a really nice way to finish the weekend! The article is here if you’d like to read it. The FT editor, Caroline Taylor, approached me months ago for an interview but like the many interviews I’ve given I only half expected it to ever show up in print — lots of articles get cut. Just when I was beginning to lose hope – viola! there is was! The article spotlights several other blogs in addition to mine so it was nice to be in such great company alongside Susan Serra, Danielle DeLange and of course Patchwork Harmony (this blogger is the same lady who wrote the article – small world!). So inspiring and encouraging to see blogs and their popularity be a subject of interest enough to the FT to run a story on it. What a testimony to all bloggers that we’re making progress in reaching many to share our passions.

(image from lockette)

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Interiors By Francesca

The lovely designer Frances Herrera Viola who runs the New York-based design firm Interiors by Francesca, sent in a few before and afters of her space and I thought it was so nicely done that you may find it inspirational. Francesca offers decorating services to those living in New York City and Long Island, in case you are local and have an interest in hiring out for design help whether that be a one day project, home staging, or a complete redesign of your space she just may be the lady for you to call! The first few photos below are of her recently designed bedroom (before & after) and the others are glimpses of her living space.

Interiors by Francesca

Seeing a makeover like this is helpful for those not living in magazine-like homes (most of us!) or around fancy architectural details — in other words people who basically have four blank walls and a floor — normal ceiling height, average windows, mediocre views, and annoying things to deal with like built-in air conditioners. A space like Francesca’s is a terrific example of how you can cozy up an “average” home using furniture, drapes, and throw rugs because not everyone has soaring ceilings, perfect floors, ocean views, and gorgeous fireplaces to fall back on! In fact, it’s much more of a challenge to design a home like this in my opinion. If you have a gorgeous flat overlooking the beach with massive windows, a massive fireplace and ceilings that go on forever well I see this as not much of a design challenge. You can put a sofa and a few chairs in a room like that and editors would be begging you to photograph your space for their magazine. It’s not so easy when you don’t occupy what I call, a home with supermodel good looks. This space is the perfect example of that — even a somewhat boxy room can have style – this ‘before’ bedroom photo below looks like a lot of plain Jane rental properties I’ve toured in my life. Plain Jane was transformed into Chic Chantal. It helps to see spaces like this to be able to train your eye to look for the potential.

Interiors by Francesca

Interiors by Francesca

Interiors by Francesca

Interiors by Francesca

Interiors by Francesca

Interiors by Francesca

I really admire the editing in this space, Francesca clearly knows when to quit. Though I must confess that if I lived here, I’d have a lot more color and art work, that’s for sure! Of course though, my personal taste is not the point — it’s more about foundation pieces. I could really build on a foundation like this. I love the trimmed drapes in the bedroom, and appreciate how the built-in a/c unit was replaced with a newer model in white — way better on the eyes! The pendant over the dining room table looks very chic, and the round table allows for good movement in a small space and enables flexibility with seating, you can add more chairs if needed for a larger gathering. Really nice work, Francesca!

(images francesca herrera viola)

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