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Atlanta Bartlett & Dave Coote

May 27, 2009

I’ve been an Atlanta Bartlett fan long before I started writing decor8, in fact it was her work through the pages of her design books that inspired me early on and was one reason why I started taking art & design classes. My current favorite book is her new one, Easy Elegance, photographed by the great Polly Wreford whom I’m profiled here in the past. It’s heavenly, I absolutely suggest picking up a copy and I’ve made it easy for you to find it because it just-so-happens to be the decor8 book of the week. You will cherish this one forever, trust me.

Atlanta Bartlett & Dave Coote

Atlanta’s work as an interiors stylist absolutely clicks with me and my own personal style, when I look at the rooms and tablescapes she pulls together I always think, “Oh yes, perfect”. I frequently stalk Atlanta’s website but gave up awhile back since it wasn’t pulled together nearly as beautifully as her books and did not have much to look at — it was more of a placeholder for what would come… And now as I did another drive by of her site today, to my surprise, I found that her website was gorgeously redesigned. I am so thrilled to see it. I believe you will be to, it’s bound to make a Bartlett fan out of you if you aren’t already.

Atlanta Bartlett & Dave Coote

I noticed on her site that she’ll soon be launching an online shop called Pale & Interesting. Sounds enticing enough… It also sounds like perhaps what I should call myself right about now with my white legs and arms. :) Atlanta currently designs decorative ceramics for The Big Tomato Company and those are available here.

Atlanta Bartlett & Dave Coote

And.. if all that weren’t enough to qualify her for the title of superhero goddess, she also co-owns The Beach Studios alongside her husband, interior designer Dave Coote. Together they handpick locations and offer them as shoot spaces for film, photographic and television industries. You can view them here (prepare to drool).

Atlanta Bartlett & Dave Coote

And speaking of Dave, who I must include in this post because like the saying goes, behind every good woman is an amazing man, he just launched his gorgeous website showcasing his portfolio.

Atlanta Bartlett & Dave Coote

Dave designs rooms but something that really sets his work apart from the pack is that he also designs workshops and cabins out of reclaimed wood, made to order! Wouldn’t you love to order a craft hut or some type of outdoor/indoor atelier space?

No doubt you also have favorite stylists, decorators and designers. Who are yours? Please share them with me! :)

(images: atlanta bartlett, photography by chris everard, polly wreford and penny wincer)

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    This has such a homely feeling… so welcoming. Love it!

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