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Lovely Linen & Kawaii Paper Products

I’m a lover of solid and patterned linen, natural or in color… In fact I’ve been a fan since I was a little girl. I think it has to do with the linen aprons my mom had and the sheets on my grandmother’s bed when I spent summer nights at her farmhouse in southern Rhode Island. There’s just something about it, the weight, feel, texture — it really looks relaxed and cozy. My linen drapes make me happy each morning as I pull them back to reveal the sun. The feeling of linen in my hands, slightly cool to the touch, is one very lovely, yet simple pleasure.

Gift Box 4 You

While searching for some natural linen yesterday I found this fabric shop on Etsy called Gift Box 4 You that sells linen in all colors and thought you may like to see it. The seller lives in Korea and also carries initials and crochet bears for sewing to things like shirts and pillows. I think these treasures are all very simple yet endearing. I’d love to add these pretty letters to a guest towel or even as art. So many options! I also love the hanger shown below, right. It appears to be wrapped in fabric. I have been thinking about hangers a lot lately, I once had stuffed fabric hangers for all of my girly dresses growing up and I miss them. I’ve been thinking of making a few for my “special” clothing, I think it would be a nice decorative touch to my closet.

Gift Box 4 You

Gift Box 4 You

Nothing Elegant

I noticed that the seller has another shop too and it’s called Nothing Elegant — her second shop is jam-packed with paper products that are mostly in that darling kawaii style that get lots of us all goosebumpy over. I particularly like the cotton tapes, rubber stamps and the vintage repro spool and string set which I could put to good use in my office. See it? Isn’t it great?

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Posted in Arts + Crafts, Objects on May 12, 2009

Organizing With Pretty Labels

Mer Mag consistently shares the best little things on her blog… just look at these charming labels that she created for organizing things around the house. How cute is this?

Mer Mag = Free Labels!

Mer Mag Label Freebie

You can view more and download a free PDF file to get yours and start labeling too. Fun! Don’t you just want to drop everything and organize your office right this second?!

(images from mer mag)

Posted in Rooms on May 11, 2009

Nicoletter Paper Goods {+ a pretty apartment!}

I was talking to Nicola (Nico) recently from Nicoletter, a German graphic designer who has a shop on Etsy, DaWanda and who you can find blogging here (bilingual for both German and English speaking readers) and thought I’d share a glimpse of her apartment and products.

Nicoletter Home in Germany

Nicoletter Home in Germany

Nicoletter Home in Germany

Items from the Nicoletter shop.

Nicoletter Home in Germany

Pretty things from a recent trip to Denmark.

Nicoletter Home in Germany

Nicoletter Home in Germany

Nicoletter Home in Germany

Nicoletter Home in Germany

Nicoletter Home in Germany

Nicoletter Home in Germany

Nicoletter Home in Germany

Nicoletter Home in Germany

Nico lives in the Frankfurt Rhine Main region in Germany, which is a lovely scenic part of the country that attracts many tourists. Her apartment is fresh and lovely, I especially like her attention to details and how she is able to make her place feel cozy without being cluttered. Her styling is also gorgeous, she really knows how to pull together a tabletop display! I love peeking in on all of the little nooks, don’t you?

Bonus! If you love retro items for the home, Nico has a German eBay shop that is amazing (she only ships within Germany though). I’m running over to check it out right now. It’s called Bazaarella and the ceramics, like this vintage floral container, are darling!

(images: nicoletter)

Posted in Home Tours on May 11, 2009

Monday, Monday…

Good morning and happy Monday to you. How are things? Did you have a nice weekend? What did you do? I did a lot of running around — now that I’m walking again I’m making up for two weeks of errands that piled up and social activities that I’ve been dying to participate in. I also got to spend some time chillin’ in my backyard by the pond, I spotted the resident muskrat building his den and a baby bunny in the rhubarb patch. I stayed offline for most of the weekend, I’ve been religiously making a habit of unplugging from Saturday morning until Sunday night and I can’t tell you what a difference it makes — I get so much accomplished and feel completely refreshed and ready to go back online full speed by Monday morning. It’s great. I highly recommend it.

little pretty things

In addition to all the mundane weekend errands and such, I also had a pretty major undertaking to work on but I cannot tell you yet because I have big news to share later this month. I can’t tell now as I need to get a few things taken care of first but when it’s time to share, trust me, I will! I’ve been dying to tell you the news for a few weeks as it’s all quite life changing for me. My schedule is nuts as a result, but I can handle it since it is a change that I want to occur in my life — I’ve been imagining and hoping for this to happen for many years now.

So tell me, what’s going on lately in your world? Any summer plans? Vacations? I love this time of year because I start to lay out my summer calendar and it most definitely includes a few mini breaks out of state. I’m dying to go to New York City again soon — it’s been too long and I’m needing a dose of ABC Carpet & Home and a little Purl SoHo right about now, and of yes, some Chinatown as I’m dying to pick up some things for my home. This summer, which the weather gave us a sampling of this past weekend, I’m determined to not let a single day of sunshine slip away unnoticed. :)

By the way, are you liking the new font here? It looks pretty spiffy I think. Now I need to update my blog header and the decor8 logo so that it all coordinates a bit better. I’m going for simple and clean for this year’s template change. I’m also planning to remove a few features and add in some more that may be of interest to you. Oh, and have you noticed that I’ve updated my wists?

(image: holly becker)

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