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Prize Ribbons – Your Ideas

Remember my little horse show ribbon post last Friday? Seems some of you have already been up to some pretty creative ways to show off those show ribbons! Here are some images that readers sent in — thank you so much! I love that about you guys, you are all so interactive that I never feel alone as I’m writing here each and every day. I really appreciate all that you share with me.

Francine Zaslow Photography

Francine Zaslow Photography

Ribbons on display via This Is Glamorous from Francine Zaslow Photography. I giggled a little when I saw the over-the-bed display. Perhaps this is good for those who have a real stallion in bed? he he. Sorry, that was a little fresh for a design blog now wasn’t it? Sorry!



How about these from Katie Runnels? She uses prize ribbons in art and as brooches. Thank you for sending me these links Katie!

Hayley Carmo

And check this out… artist Hayley Carmo sent me this image above of her work — this is an image of horse ribbons that she installed at the Urban Outfitters headquarters in Philadelphia. Isn’t this inspiring stuff? Love it!

(images linked above to sources)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on May 04, 2009

shopSCAD: New Website & Goods

I heard from Jessica at shopSCAD last week and I’m finally getting around to posting this as I’ve fallen a bit behind from my accident. I have so much to catch up on so I’ll be posting as much as I can this week! :) You may have read about this already elsewhere so my apologies if this is a repeat episode for you but I really like what shopSCAD has done to redesign their online store and thought you may too.

scad shop

Lots of pretty things for Spring! I especially like their new Re-Gift collapsible fabric bags to use for gift giving or as a tote. Each one is made of durable natural cotton and features a reinforced bottom and available in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes. The patterns were designed by the SCAD professor of fashion, Ben Morris. And talk about affordable, they’re only $5 each!

(images: shopscad)

Posted in design on May 04, 2009

Happy Weekend (& a magical book)

It’s time to say goodbye for the weekend but I’d like to share with you a glimpse into what mine will look like… It involves lots of reading and movies as I need to still recover. Oh poor me, right? I think this weekend I’ll indulge in Marie Antoinette and some James Bond and a few Turner Classic movies. Other than my badly damage ankle, the rest of me is not too pleased having to stay indoors for the past week but oh well… I must, “cherish the down time” friends say. Okay, if I must. Here is another way I plan to spend my down time, with a magical new book that just arrived on my doorstep filled with gorgeous images of Paris.

Paris Made By Hand

Paris Made By Hand

Paris Made By Hand

Paris Made By Hand

Paris Made By Hand is authored by the lovely Pia Jane Bijerk, a stylist and writer from the Netherlands by way of Paris and ultimately, Australia where she was raised. I have been dying to get my hands on a copy of this precious book so I ordered it in advance and here it is, waiting for me to turn each and every dreamy page. Soon I will be relaxing with my special little book to read all of Pia’s lovely writing and to view her 50 must-see shops where stylists and decorators find their goodies in Paris, the subject of this book. Sounds dreamy, oui?

I met Pia last year and thought she was so very nice in person, much like you’d expect her to be from her blog personality, and so I feel really good about recommending this book to you even before reading it. I know it will be special, very very VERY special. So please, support Pia and her new book.

It should come with a warning though: it will give you major Paris fever!

Congrats, Pia!

(images: holly becker)

Posted in Books + Magazines on May 01, 2009

LivingEtc Forums For Inspiration & Ideas

I find the LivingEtc forums quite a nice spot lately for drawing inspiration because many “real” home owners and apartment dwellers gather there to share spaces and ask for help.





I found this London loft particularly inspiring as it’s eclectic and definitely not confined to strict rules or some copycat design out of a book. It’s pure style, real, quirky, and a creative use of color and space. Don’t you love the blue tea kettle on the counter? It’s one of those electric ones, I think. I have to look into that… I want one!

And notice the Keep Calm and Carry On poster. Ha ha! I think I need to just frame mine already and stop resisting the trend. Having one is pretty much telling the world that you read design blogs, don’t you think? I mean, you know that if someone has a Keep Calm and Carry On poster that they must have read about them on the myriads of blogs out there. It’s pretty cute to be honest, I was having a love/hate with them for awhile but now I’m starting to see how they’re defining this whole freedom movement when it comes to design from indie crafts to small design firms to blogs and beyond. When I look back on this period I’ll forever remember the KC&CO poster! (If you don’t own one here’s your chance.) That’s got to say something.

Oh and notice the view out of the window beyond the tulip table. How charming is that? So very London.

(images: livingetc)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on May 01, 2009


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