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Great Display Idea From Drika.b

I talked about this lady in ‘07 but I couldn’t resist posting about her again after viewing the coolest project she’d posted on Flickr recently. Adriana Bezerra, or Drika.b as her fans know her, is a handbag designer in San Francisco by way of Brazil with the most delicious handbags with her signature jute trim. Check out the little photos of her bags that she so carefully placed on a linen board as a reminder of all the bags she’s designed since launching her collection back in late ‘06. Don’t you just love this idea? I’m swooning here…






I’m a proud owner of a Drika.b bag and whenever I wear it out I always receive a ton of flattering comments about the size and shape of it — people really seem to love (and want) it where ever I go. I almost want to keep a supply in the trunk of my car and be her east coast rep or something, it’s a riot!

Don’t you really love this display board idea though? And her perfectly neat play space? Inspiring…

(images: Adriana Bezerra)

Posted in Rooms on May 26, 2009

Happy Long Weekend!

Hello friends! Thank you so much for spending this week with me, as always I’m honored to be in your company and to share my inspirations and in return, your comments and emails inspire me. It’s a great circle we’re a part of, thank you for being so loyal, supportive and well… thanks for being my friends! On the little faux bois vase in my office I’ve tied a tag that says Thank You. I’m so cheesy! But I really mean it!

Happy Weekend!

This weekend we have a nice day off to extend our pleasure as Monday is a holiday (memorial day) so I’ll be back here blogging on Tuesday, May 26th. Until then, I wish you a lovely three days off with your friends and family and I hope that you get some nice weather in your part of the world.

See you on Tuesday, friends!

(image: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in uncategorized on May 22, 2009

Concrete And Honey

I could look through the dreamy photos of Concrete and Honey all day long, and I adore her blog and okay, I really love her cooking blog to – it’s called Urban Nectar. And when I try to choose a favorite from her myriads of exceptional photos I simply cannot. But then again, I don’t need to. Though I do keep returning to this single stack of books — it is one I’m particularly fond of because it inspires me to grab some of my own journals, create a pretty pile, and click away. I especially love her inspiration board below, don’t you? It’s not styled to absolute perfection, instead it is very fresh, organic and personal…

Concrete and Honey

Concrete and Honey

Concrete And Honey

Maybe this weekend if we get some good natural light in the house, I’ll do a little picture taking. I’m waiting for this fun camera that I ordered from Tokyo to arrive — it’s the coolest thing — I will show and tell once it gets here I promise. But yes, if the weather is good I will take some photos over the weekend. We’ve had so many moody weather days lately but then again, this is New England – cold tomorrow, 95 and sunny today. Except for yesterday, I spent the afternoon dining outdoors and then laying in the nearby park on the freshly cut green grass enjoying the sunshine and warm intoxicating breezes (I could smell the grass mixed with lilac blossoms, our state flower). Ah, summer is here a bit early this year but I’ll take it. Gladly. :)

(images: concreate and honey)

Posted in inspiration on May 22, 2009

Dujour Magazine

I really need to break down and shell out the thirty-six dollars this magazine will cost me because it’s making quite the impression on lots of my online friends these days. It’s called Dujour magazine, their roots are in America, and I’ve pointed you to it before but I’ve not included photos or anything. Just look at some of these spreads — talk about inspirational eye candy. I want the vintage issue quite badly as the theme really suits me…

Dujour Mag

Dujour Mag

Dujour Mag

Each issue is limited-edition (only 1,000 distributed worldwide) with custom wrapping and a special gift inside making the $36 investment somewhat easier to swallow. I think in America it’s harder for us to drop that kind of cash on a single magazine when we’ve been trained to pay $12 for 12 issues or at most, $4 for a copy of our favorite magazine. I’m interested to see if Dujour will be a hit here because of that or not. In Europe and beyond, it’s not so difficult to market a magazine like this as so many pay $10-12 an issue on average for high end design and fashion mags as it is. I have yet to see a copy so I can’t give a very good review, but from what I’m noticed around the web, it looks delicious and I’m intrigued. You can also buy digital copies — a full year is only $10 but a year doesn’t mean 12 issues, it’s 2 6 total (not 12) just so you know.

Have you purchased Dujour? What did you think? First impressions?

(images: first – the fabled needle, bottom two – dujour)

Posted in Books + Magazines, fashion + accessories on May 22, 2009


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