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Dujour Magazine

I really need to break down and shell out the thirty-six dollars this magazine will cost me because it’s making quite the impression on lots of my online friends these days. It’s called Dujour magazine, their roots are in America, and I’ve pointed you to it before but I’ve not included photos or anything. Just look at some of these spreads — talk about inspirational eye candy. I want the vintage issue quite badly as the theme really suits me…

Dujour Mag

Dujour Mag

Dujour Mag

Each issue is limited-edition (only 1,000 distributed worldwide) with custom wrapping and a special gift inside making the $36 investment somewhat easier to swallow. I think in America it’s harder for us to drop that kind of cash on a single magazine when we’ve been trained to pay $12 for 12 issues or at most, $4 for a copy of our favorite magazine. I’m interested to see if Dujour will be a hit here because of that or not. In Europe and beyond, it’s not so difficult to market a magazine like this as so many pay $10-12 an issue on average for high end design and fashion mags as it is. I have yet to see a copy so I can’t give a very good review, but from what I’m noticed around the web, it looks delicious and I’m intrigued. You can also buy digital copies — a full year is only $10 but a year doesn’t mean 12 issues, it’s 2 6 total (not 12) just so you know.

Have you purchased Dujour? What did you think? First impressions?

(images: first – the fabled needle, bottom two – dujour)

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With A Twist

Crafter and blogger Tara Anderson has a sweet little Etsy store called With A Twist where she sells all sorts of delights for creative types who enjoy making things, including vintage paper kits (love!).

Tara Anderson

Tara Anderson

I peeked in on her Flickr photostream this week to see what she’s been up to and noticed a few scrapbook pages that she pulled together that looked more like something you’d frame and put on the wall – I did a double take and thought you’d like to see them. Lovely! One can truly find inspiration from so many things, especially when you peek outside of your own circle to see what others are doing in their world… It’s only to our own benefit that we keep an open mind and remain curious, don’t you think?

(images: tara anderson)

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I’ve been around the web this week and collected the breadcrumbs I’ve left below in case you see anything that catches your fancy…

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(image: wayne pate)

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Oh Susannah!

A big hearty thanks to Susannah Conway from Ink on my Fingers, an English photographer and writer who interviewed me today on her beautiful blog.

Thank you Susannah!

It was fun to really open up like this in an interview, I definitely am learning to drop my guard and feel more at ease when approached with questions. Or perhaps it’s that Susannah just knows how to ask the right questions. In any sense, I talk about my recent class and experience as a teacher, childhood hobbies, favorite books and I list four people that I’d love to see mildly intoxicated… Ha! I hope that you enjoy it. :)

Thank you Susannah!

(image: susannah conway)

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