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Shana Rae Photography

Whether you are an aspiring photographer or an old pro you will no doubt find inspiration and ideas from the lovely Shana Rae. Her nature photos are my favorites, the incredible softness, color and light take the viewer into her dreamy, pastel world and so whenever she uploads a new photo to Flickr I’m always sitting in front of my computer drooling over her latest creation. Here’s but a few of my personal favorites…

Shana Rae

Shana Rae

In some of her photos she introduces textures, she uses Photoshop CS4, and I really like how soft and barely-there they are so as to remain as natural as possible. You can keep up with Shana Rae’s work on Flickr, at her gorgeous blog, or if you’d like to own some of it visit her shop at Red Bubble.

(images: shana rae photography)

Posted in inspiration on May 21, 2009

Katey-Jean Harvey

English artist Katey-Jean Harvey makes me happy today. That’s really all there is to it. Her work is beautiful, I’m smitten by her attention to detail and her color palette… simply put: Katey rocks. I just want you to know that so you’ll perhaps go check her out for yourself to form your own opinion. :) Here’s her portfolio, see what you think.

Katey Harvey

“My work is often narrative based, creating a world where my grumpy girls in cute dresses can sulk about boys and hang out with skeletons and sausage dogs. I am very fond of thin paint brushes, grey paper and sneaking cats into all of my pictures.”

Psst: Katey is on Flickr too and she authors a blog.

(image: katie-jean harvey)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on May 21, 2009

I Heart Yael Frankel

Do you follow the work of Yael Frankel known to her fans as simply Yael Fran? I showed you her work nearly three years ago so for those new to decor8 you may have missed that post (ha ha) so here’s a reminder to visit Yael and see her current body of inspirational work all based on her unique characters.


You can find Yael here: Flickr :: Etsy :: Blog :: Blurb.

(images: yael frankel)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Etsy Faves on May 21, 2009

A Creative Mint

I can’t wait to show you these lovely photos from fellow blogger, A Creative Mint or as I know her, Leslie in Los Angeles who has a degree in interior design and architecture. I’ve been wanting to tell you about this blog for weeks as I met Leslie online in April when she enrolled in my BYW class only to realize that Leslie and I had been fellow students in a previous life in Susannah Conway’s Unravelling course. Small world! This is a photo is one that she took for Unravelling that I recall really liking…

A Creative Mint

Leslie is talented in so many ways and I love how she is developing her brand new blog, it’s one I’ve bookmarked for regular visits because her photography is feminine and beautiful and of course I can’t get enough of seeing what other people are influenced by – at the moment she is into cherry blossom pink as you can see below. She pulled together some photos of things that inspire her presently along the pink theme and I really like her eye for detail and how nicely she described and linked everything in this post. These photos were also inspired by her recent trip to Vancouver Island where she grew up.A Creative Mint

A Creative Mint

I marked these as a favorite in Flickr the moment she uploaded them there — so beautiful! You can add her as a Flickr contact if you’d like, here is her photostream and of course make sure you check out her blog too.

Leslie honey, you’re the best!

(images: leslie, the creative mint)

Posted in Bloggers on May 21, 2009


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