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A Creative Mint

I can’t wait to show you these lovely photos from fellow blogger, A Creative Mint or as I know her, Leslie in Los Angeles who has a degree in interior design and architecture. I’ve been wanting to tell you about this blog for weeks as I met Leslie online in April when she enrolled in my BYW class only to realize that Leslie and I had been fellow students in a previous life in Susannah Conway’s Unravelling course. Small world! This is a photo is one that she took for Unravelling that I recall really liking…

A Creative Mint

Leslie is talented in so many ways and I love how she is developing her brand new blog, it’s one I’ve bookmarked for regular visits because her photography is feminine and beautiful and of course I can’t get enough of seeing what other people are influenced by – at the moment she is into cherry blossom pink as you can see below. She pulled together some photos of things that inspire her presently along the pink theme and I really like her eye for detail and how nicely she described and linked everything in this post. These photos were also inspired by her recent trip to Vancouver Island where she grew up.A Creative Mint

A Creative Mint

I marked these as a favorite in Flickr the moment she uploaded them there — so beautiful! You can add her as a Flickr contact if you’d like, here is her photostream and of course make sure you check out her blog too.

Leslie honey, you’re the best!

(images: leslie, the creative mint)

Posted in blogs, inspiration on May 21, 2009

Domestic Construction Lighting

I talked about Domestic Construction nearly a year ago here but upon spotting their recent photos of these ‘tea’ lights on the Inspiracion Pura blog yesterday I couldn’t resist from sharing again in case you missed them first time around…

Domestic Construction

Domestic Construction

I love these playful lights and imagine a cluster over a dining room table or a single light suspended over a desk in a work room. I’d love to walk into a bakery and find these as well, can you imagine a cupcake shop with these pendants over the display cases?

(images: domestic candy)

Posted in lighting on May 21, 2009

Jurianne Matter – Paper Artist

I was reading Bloesem this morning as I enjoyed my tea and learned about Dutch paper artist Jurianne Matter who is married with two kids and lives in the Netherlands. I love the idea of using these little paper boats (Jurianne calls them “wish boats”) to keep candies – what a sweet idea for a kid’s party for decorating the table.

Jurianne Matter

Jurianne Matter

Jurianne Matter

Jurianne Matter

I adore the paper lanterns too and remember making these in school art class as a kid only Jurianne’s are much nicer than my impatient 8-year-old version that I made from construction paper and crayons. :)

If you live in America, you can purchase these lanterns and boats at Linda Ferrol Studio online. If in Germany, the lanterns are being sold online at La Mesa. You can find her lanterns, angels and boats in the UK at Not On The High Street.

(images jurianne matter)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on May 20, 2009

Thanks Chronicle Books!

I hope I don’t come across as bragging here but I’m quite excited that Chronicle Books quotes me from a recent review I wrote about the book, “Secrets of Simplicity” over at Real Simple and I’m flattered by it. Here’s the ad, you may have seen it floating around…

Chronicle Ad  - My quote!

In addition to this ad, I forgot to tell everyone last year that I’m also quoted on the back of Amy Butler’s latest book, “Little Stitches For Little Ones” released last July ‘08. Here are my words as they appear on the back jacket of the book: “Sewing is suddenly fresh and exciting again thanks to Amy’s easy-to-follow instructions and her gorgeous vintage modern fabrics in some of the most inspiring colorways ever.” – Holly Becker, decor8 (it has my old blog address but oh well, I changed domains since then.

Quoted on book jacket

Point is, I was so thrilled when Amy wrote to me asking for my thoughts about her book — it’s pretty wild to pick up a book at Barnes & Noble and see your own name on the back. It’s also encouraging to know that people trust my opinion, this means so much to me above all other things — I’m trustworthy. How nice. I like that because above all other things, it’s what I look for when I pick my own friends or when I scour the web for product reviews. I want to know that my source can be trusted.

My friend Shanon Gass commented today on a Flickr photo showing the Chronicle ad above, “YAY! That’s so exciting. I love that your voice represents trustworthiness and that writers/blog writers that work so hard, like you do, are having their opinions respected. Congrats!” – I agree, well said not just on my behalf but for all those bloggers out there.

(images: top: chronicle books, lower: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in press on May 20, 2009


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