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Wingbug Wallpaper (Sweden)

I wrote all about Wingbug Wallpaper this morning over at Real Simple and I’ve included the price per roll so please check out that post for the details… but I have to give you a glimpse of how pretty these are.

Wingbud Wallpaper

Wingbud Wallpaper

Wingbud Wallpaper

Wow, right?! My favorite pattern is the Polypodium, in any color really, but the grayish/linen is my favorite I think. I want so badly to buy a few rolls and use it in either my kitchen or office when I move. It’s so clean and modern, understated, yet the pattern is “there” you know so it gives the wall a little interest. I can’t stop thinking about this wallpaper and how much I love it!

(images: wingbud wallpaper)

Posted in Rooms on June 17, 2009

The Scoop

No, you’re not crazy. I missed a full day of posting here on decor8 including the take five series because my server thought my IP address was spamming it! I couldn’t “see” my own blog for the past 24 hours so I just assumed the blog was down — I certainly could not log into it either or even find the login page. Scary! My ISP is working to fix everything but I can finally see decor8 and log in so regular posting will resume. I apologize for this, it’s nothing common for me to deal with tech issues on this level so I was a bit confused as to what was happening. I kept opening emergency tickets all day with my ISP, I think I drove the poor man crazy. Seems it was some firewall issue. But, technical blah blah (yawn) aside, I’m back in action! :) I had to let you know what was going on though in case you noticed my absence yesterday. I wasn’t slackalackin’ or laying on the beach, I promise…

Lovely new photos from Ez

So what DID I do yesterday? I spent the entire day cleaning out my car and vacumming it then hanging out in the VW showroom working out a deal to sell my gorgeous car (insert tears here, I’m so attached to it), and finally hours and hours of sorting and packing since the relocation company will be here in July to move our things. I had a tag sale this past Saturday and sold a good bunch of things, now to list the rest on Craigslist and to get our house rented… It’s all quite a lot of work to move now isn’t it?!

(image: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in uncategorized on June 17, 2009

Home Office Organizing Tips

I really enjoy the online galleries over at Real Simple, especially 21 Ideas for Organizing Your Home Office because each slide gives a helpful tip on creating a nook that not only can help you balance your checkbook but also to do other things like craft or serve as an entry table for the hallway. Spaces that can perform double duty are especially helpful for families living in small spaces or for roommates sharing an apartment. Here are four of my favorite nooks, for each one I’ve included a terrific RS organizing tip along with a tip (or two) of my own.

Real Simple Organizing Tips

A. RS says, “Stow work materials in a basket below a hallway console to transform it into a desk when needed.” Holly’s tip: Keeping chairs nearby allows for you to do a quick consult in case it’s the only space in the house that you have to meet with clients. Since desktop space is limited, you may want to opt for a wall mount light fixture and above the desk, a large mirror with the lights on each side. A mirror in the entryway is not only a great place to touch up your lipstick, but a good trick for increasing the size of the space.

B. RS says, “But a desk chair doesn’t necessarily have to look as if it means business.” Holly’s tip: Add 3 white shelves directly above this desk for a collection of pottery, some books, and a few storage containers to maximize the space. Or add a large art print centered above the desk. Add a little fun by using some gift wrap to line the desk drawers or paint them in a color that coordinates with the space. If you don’t want the standard hardware on your desk, hit Anthropologie or an antiques dealer and find something that will allow you to customize this generic desk a little more to your taste.

C. RS says, “Reclaim an unused corner by tucking in a simple desk-and-cabinet setup.” Holly’s tip: Add a built in bookcase and cabinet directly above the desk to coordinate with the cabinetry in the rest of the kitchen to take this look a step further. That way, you can free up the space under the desk for more leg room and also to make the area appear less cramped and for files and storage to be kept out of view behind cabinet doors.

D. RS says, “Make supplies easy to grab with a pegboard that displays high-use items front and center.” Holly’s tip: Add a little pattern to this space with a pretty chair cushion, a coordinating desktop screensaver (like this one) and a bouquet of fresh flowers, ideally a tiny arrangement to the left of the pencil cup or find a pencil holder and insert a small juice glass with water and secure it to the peg board for a little burst of nature.

Any tips you have based on the above photos? Play along with me! :)

(images: real simple)

Posted in Rooms on June 17, 2009

Slim Shelving

Love this. Marianne van Ooij wrote to me today to tell me about a product that she introduced this past May at the ICFF in New York called Slim Shelving. She’s a Dutch designer living in Brooklyn who studied design at the Royal Academy of Art in the Netherlands and at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. She wanted to develop a shelving system that allowed her to keep her favorite books in sight without taking up a lot of space so this wall system made of clear acrylic was the ultimate solution and is somewhat affordable ranging from $175-239 depending on the size that you select.

Slim Shelving

I love this idea and would like to own this — it’s really clever. I have so many pretty books and plan to look into how to order one of these for my office. Great idea, Marianne!

(images: slim shelving)

Posted in Rooms on June 15, 2009


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