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Posted in uncategorized on July 17, 2009

Glass Table Lamp Round Up

Are glass table lamps all the rage or what? I’m not talking about stained glass, more like clear or brightly hued solids… I’m seeing them everywhere lately, from boutiques to stores like TJMaxx and IKEA. I like how light and airy they appear, don’t you? I had a pair of clear glass lamps on my bedside tables a few years ago and gave them both to my mother – she loves them – and the best thing about clear glass is that they match any decor or color scheme, something she loves since she’s always changing her bedding! I also like clear glass because it’s colorless so you can move it to any room and it will work. Of course, not all glass table lamps are created equal, some come in colors too. Here’s a round up of nearly 20 glass table lamps in all shapes, sizes, colors and prices so in case you’re on the hunt for one you may not need to look any further!

Glass Table Lamps

a. Sophia from Zia Priven Design (price not known), b. Jewel Heist lamp $98 and c. Maria Berntsen’s hand blown glass table lamp $420.

Glass Table Lamps

d. Aqua Glass lamp $45, e. Zak table lamp $199, f. Simon Pearce Hartland lamp $495, g. Trumpette lamp $895, h. Glass Candlestick lamp $99, i. Briana glass table lamp $139, j. Gourd table lamp $179 and k. Bacchus table lamp $169-199.

Glass Table Lamps

l. Japanese float table lamp $200-249, m. Olinda table lamp $299 and n. phantom table lamp $99.

Glass Table Lamps

o. Jonsbo Egby lamp $20 available in green, pink or clear and p. Ljusas Uvas in black or red $40.

(images linked to sources above)

Posted in round-ups, uncategorized on July 17, 2009

Illustrator Andrew Pavitt

I love the loose, bold graphic style of Andrew Pavitt in the UK, his work reminds me of mid century Swedish graphic design… I was so pleased when blogger/stylist Marie Nichols highlighted his work recently, I’d forgotten about him and was happy for the reminder. You can really tell he has been influenced by Maija Isola and Lucienne Day… Aren’t these fun? I also really like how he simplifies his shapes and uses a very bold color palette.

Illustrator Andrew Pavitt

If you like his illustrations you can always pick up a few of his greeting cards at One Brown Cow and frame them…

(images: andrew pavitt)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on July 16, 2009

Musical Thursday

This week for Musical Thursday I have a few bands that have been playing like crazy lately here at decor8 central (my desk surrounded by boxes in the middle of what was once my living room, oh the joys of moving!). I’ve been listening to…

Musical Thursday

German band Nylon — very jazzy, like Norah Jones-ish maybe? You can listen to them here and then tell me how you’d describe their whole vibe. All I know is that I adore them ever since picking up their CD last August in Berlin. Lead singer Lisa Bassenge does no wrong in my book. It’s very cozy Sunday afternoon music — I have the CD “10 Lieder über Liebe” and highly suggest it.

Another CD I’m loving is Above and Beyonce, the remixes are incredible — especially for working out! If Sweet Dreams (Harlan Pepper & AG III Remix) doesn’t get you moving then you are a lost cause. ;) This CD also has a collection of music videos on it too. An unexpected surprise for me was when I came across the new Al B. Sure CD. Yup. If you are over thirty I’m willing to bet you roller skated to his music just like I did in the late 80s/early 90s. His new CD is soulful, smooth, and quite good actually.

And of course, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand – I love the energy and catchy beats. Great for when you have deadlines to meet – turn it up and rock it out and Day & Age from The Killers. Are we human? Or are we dancer?

What’s on your playlist?

(images from amazon)

Posted in uncategorized on July 16, 2009


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