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Small Space With Big Attitude

It’s not always that inspiring to come across a space that is 3,000 square foot perched atop a mountain overlooking the Pacific is it? I mean, it’s lovely but not at all practical and if you don’t have the bank account for it, you may even find yourself depressed looking at such amazing abodes. That’s why I must share this gorgeous little city apartment in Sweden that was recently for sale and featured on the Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör website. They are part retail shop/cafe and part realtor located in Göteborg, Sweden.


This particular flat is around 446 square feet and 1.5 rooms plus a bathroom and kitchen — as you can see from the floor plan below, there’s not much too it! And when it comes to features, well it’s in a building dated from 1935 so you don’t have ornate crown moldings, transom windows or original flooring, tile work, or soaring ceilings. But this apartment is designed so beautifully that you don’t even notice what it is lacking — it’s so gorgeous that I can’t stop looking at these photos! I’m so grateful that Freshome wrote about it recently or else I would have missed this completely. I spy lots of IKEA pieces, don’t you? So it appears to be a budget design, too!










You don’t need a large space to have a beautiful one, this point is pretty clear here!

Warning: If you want to drool like a baby while getting your daily fix for inspiration, view all of the Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör properties here. I’m telling you, this agent has some gorgeous places for sale/recently sold — don’t say I didn’t warn you!

(images: Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör)

Posted in Inspiration on July 13, 2009

A Cozy Nook

Do you read Apartment Therapy and follow their home tours? I saved this image today because I love it so… it’s from the AT Chicago site, Melissa & Henry’s Small Live/Work Home Tour, and I wanted to highlight it because it’s a funky space with lots of personality. I especially love this cozy nook…

AT Home Tour

This space belongs to Melissa Agostino and Henry Tyminski of Sali Tabacchi in Toronto. This makes me want that little vintage botanical chart on the wall now… I love the pink tones combined with the wood, don’t you? And all the books and that pretty Fire Blanket box, which looks vintage, is nice too.

Do you have a cozy nook like this in your home where you have books, a place to read them, etc.? I think we all need our little corners, don’t you?

(image: Melissa Agostino and Henry Tyminski of Sali Tabacchi)

Posted in Inspiration on July 13, 2009

Dream Chair

I don’t know about you, but I could fill my home with chairs because to me, they’re like my shoe collection — I can never get enough. This is one lovely chair that I spotted today over at Cookie magazine online and all I could think when I laid eyes on it was: SIGN ME UP. I want one though I have no clue where I’d put it or even why I want it so badly… But then again, cravings are usually like that aren’t they?

Via Cookie Magazine

Does anyone know where this chair is from – who makes it? I found one here but it seems to be something you have to buy in bulk…

(image: cookie mag, link to article here)

Posted in Objects on July 13, 2009

At Home Design Parties: Furbish Design

I’ve blogged about this idea before but had no idea someone started doing this — love it! A home decorating workshop! No, not some cheesy kind where everyone sits around in a circle admiring gadgets that they’ll most likely purchase and never use (electric apple peeler anyone?) but a hip kind where a blogger/decorator invites you into her home to dish about decorating and helps you to tap into your aesthetic.

Furbish Design

The blogger is Jamie Meares of the I Suwannee blog and owner of Furbish Design in Raleigh, North Carolina. She designed the room shown above for under $500 so you can learn about decorating on a budget from this creative blogger for only $40 (what a deal!). Her most recent class was last week but I’m sure she’ll host more so email her if you are in N.C. and interested in taking part. I read about this class today over at Mint and had to post it  — lovely idea!

I’m considering doing another one later this year (a blogger meet and greet) so I’ll keep you posted on the details as soon as I know more. But my event won’t be at home, I’m thinking of a something in a central location in a popular European city — a store or function hall similar to the Amsterdam and Berlin decor8 events I helped organize last Autumn. We’ll see…

What do you think of  blogger sponsored events? Are you a blogger, and if so, would you do something like this for a fee? Would you like to teach about styling/decorating/photography in your local community? Are you currently teaching and care to tell me about it (link and comment below please!).

(images: jamie meares)

Posted in Events + Markets on July 13, 2009


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