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Skarp Agent + Stellan Herner

Skarp Agent was founded in 1999 by Johanna Strinnvik and Andrea Hasselrot and is currently one of the best agents in Sweden working exclusively with top tier photographers who cover fashion, beauty and lifestyle, still life, portraiture, food and interiors. One of these photographers is Stellan Herner and since I’m enjoying Herner’s work today I thought I should share the love with you while I’m at it. :)

Skarp Agent + Stellan Herner

Skarp Agent + Stellan Herner

Skarp Agent + Stellan Herner

Isn’t the interior of this London-based travel agency the best? I can imagine the owner of some eclectic shop turning to her assistant the day that ostrich sold saying, “Gosh Marge, did you ever think we’d sell that thing?” — What a creative interior designer behind this project, huh!? Love it. And I love the photography of Stellan Herner – gorgeous!

(Images: Skarp Agent + Stellan Herner)

Posted in Inspiration on July 10, 2009

The Make Lounge

I just adore this little creative space in London (Islington) called The Make Lounge — isn’t it just darling? You can sign up for craft workshops at their studios and meet other groovy crafters like yourself. Then in August, they’ll be adding a retail space that will stock fabrics, books and mags, notions, handmade goods, sew kits, patterns, and more. I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of shop meets learning space. It’s community building and I like that aspect best — you can get to know those in your city and have fun doing it.

The Make Lounge

The Make Lounge

The Make Lounge

I see this as a growing trend in America and parts of Europe, Australia and beyond and hope these types of places just continue to grow especially since more and more women are getting back in touch with using their hands to make things. Sewing, embroidery, knitting, these are all invaluable skills to have and once learned, there is no stopping you from making original one-of-a-kind things that not only are functional but also look beautiful and build your self confidence. Plus, there is a great need for us to get back in touch with our local community. Most of us don’t even know our neighbors and that’s a bit sad. Retail/Craft spaces like The Make Lounge is a great place to make new friends and to give yourself a little “you” time away from work and home responsibilities, too. Three cheers for that!

The Make Lounge is located at 49-51 Barnsbury Street, London N1 1TP.

Have you ever taken classes at a similar setup in your local city? What was your experience like?

(images: the make lounge)

Posted in Shop Tours, Travel on July 10, 2009

Selvedge Store Grand Opening: London!

I was talking to Clare over at Selvedge Magazine recently and she told me that the magazine will now have its very own shop opening on July 11th! This is so exciting for those living in London, I think fans of the magazine will just love this new getaway where you can stroll through the pages by walking in the front door. A magazine brought to life – how fun!

Selvedge Shop NEW

selvedge map

Selvedge Shop NEW

If you visit, please let me know how it was okay? I want to go in August when I’m in London… The shop opens on the 11th at midday with cupcakes, elderflower cordial and discounts of 25% off everything and up to 50% on some lines. Have fun and eat a cuppy cake for me. :)

P.S. I love that these ladies are all wearing different color tights. Makes me want Autumn to come soon!

Location: Selvedge, 162 Archway Road, London, N6 5BB. T: 020 8341 9721

(images: selvedge)

Posted in Shop Tours, Travel on July 09, 2009

CB2: Fresh Finds For Summer

I was reading through some tweets today (I’m on twitter, click here if you’d like to be my twitter friend) and came across one from Michelle who writes Design Evolution. Her tweet had to do with some sofa she loved over at CB2 which landed me on their site clicking around… One click, two click, three click, four! I landed on these affordable finds that I love and think you just may adore too!

CB2 Finds

1. swoop desk $299, 2. pressed vinyl dot runners $24, 3. pebble mat $45 (they show 3 together here to form a runner), and 4. oliver appetizer plates $3.That little man eating the massive olive makes me laugh…

CB2 Finds

5. beale lounge chair $249, 6. houses gallery tote $15 and 7. scan lounge chair $499 (I want to reupholster it in something fun!). I really love these two chairs as I’ve been hunting for a low lounge chair for my new living room and think either the Beale or the Scan would work perfectly… Hmmm…

(images: cb2)

Posted in Round-ups, Shopping + Products on July 09, 2009


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