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Sparrow’s Nest – New To You Furniture

Nichole wrote in from the Sparrow’s Nest to share some of her recent furniture projects with us where she took some pieces in need of help and gave them each a terrific overhaul, then sells them in her online shop. I love chevron patterns and so I think that the pink and white end table is quite a cutie, don’t you?

Sparrow's Nest

Would you like some inspiration for your next furniture fix-up project? Or are you looking for a fresh add to your space? Nichole’s your girl!

(images: sparrow’s nest)

Posted in DIY, Etsy Faves, Objects on July 31, 2009

Hello Victory: Biology Charts

Kate from Hello Victory just told me about these amazing vintage biology charts from Germany that she now stocks in her shop. Check these out! My husband had these in school growing up and now they’re in homes as art. I personally love the soft colors…

Hello Victory

I remember back when I posted about the Jung-Koch-Quentell charts a few years back (here) you guys were dying to find an affordable source in the states so Kate just may be your girl!

(images: hello victory)

Posted in vintage on July 30, 2009

Caravan Inspiration

I just received the most fabulous email from Erika at Miko Design in Holland with caravan inspiration for us all. This is so darling for the backyard, your heart will simply swell… Look at these photos! It’s a playhouse for her daughters complete with a kitchen and living room. Awwww.

Miko Design

Miko Design

Miko Design

Don’t you want one for your yard now too? Erika’s daughters are so lucky, can you imagine having something this cool as a child? I made playhouses out of cardboard boxes — I liked to collect them from the sidewalk whenever someone got a new appliance and left their gigantic box on the curb… but a kiddie caravan? Nope, never had one of these. Erika is one cool mommy.

(images: miko design)

Posted in uncategorized on July 30, 2009

Online Version of Frankie Magazine

If you’re a fan of Aussie fashion mag Frankie like I am, you’ll be happy to know that those of us outside of Australia can download Frankie issues from their website. Yay! I did not know about this until recently when one of the editors let me know via a tweet. Of course, there’s a fee involved for each issue, but if you love the magazine you’ll no doubt have little problem shelling out the cash for your own personal copy to support it. Though I’m a bigger fan of the hard copy over the electronic because I’m old school and since I fear more and more mags may fold for good, I think that when magazines want to reach out to a broader, international market that it’s wise of them to have electronic versions available.

Frankie Mag: e-copies!

Frankie Mag: e-copies!

I guess in the end if I cannot have a hard copy of Frankie I guess an e-version will have to do… :) Find out more information on how to get your hands on these here.

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Editor’s Note: I’m heading out for the day to finish some pre-move errands (we leave our house Saturday morning – eek!) so if you’ve emailed and I haven’t gotten back to you I’m sorry – it’s best to tweet me at this point as I’m not glued to my laptop day and night as I usually am — but I do carry my trusty iPod Touch with me so I can answer your tweets if you send them to @decor8. Also, there will be no Musical Thursday this week simply because I don’t have time to write it — but I’ll say this — the 500 Days of Summer CD is great so be sure to check it out!

(images: frankie mag)

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