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6 Gifts From The Curiosity Shoppe

I needed to replace my stapler recently so I thought I’d look for something to match my wood rolodex from Margaret and Walter in Scotland. Searching online for what felt like ages, I came across the perfect wood stapler over at The Curiosity Shoppe and cha-ching, in my cart it went. Score! Of course paying for an international move is not cheap so I’m watching what I spend and sadly I had to stop with the stapler. However you may have a few extra coins in your pocket than I do right now and if so you must pay them a visit. Especially if you’re looking for some pretty things to either fluff your nest or give to someone you love here is a glimpse of what caught my eye. These finds are perfect for the new couple or the friends who just rented an apartment (or bought a home).

The Curiosity Shoppe

1. Don’t Forget chalkboard, 2. Wallpaper Projects book, 3. Wood stapler, 4. Owl Wall plaque, 5. Hot plates and 6. Wooden radio.

I already own the Wallpaper Projects book and highly suggest ordering a copy if you are looking for fun and easy DIY projects for wallpaper or even left over pieces you have that you’d love to use because there is no end to the creative projects with wallpaper in this book. My favorite one has to be the single strip of wallpaper used in the interior of an entryway – loved it! In case you didn’t know, the owners of this shop, Derek Fagerstrom and Lauren Smith, just-so-happen to be the author of this fab book too.

(images: the curiosity shoppe)

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Sweet Art

I pulled together a tiny selection of prints with a painterly wash of pink pastels that feel like Summer and I thought I’d take a moment to share them with you. Get a load of these glasses and the giant bubble blowing kid. I was looking at the Bakers Dozen recently and came across illustrator Valerio Vidali from Lisbon and well, I adore the #2 print shown below. Please take a close look at it. I’ve added a second image to show an enhanced view below. Notice the paper shape?

Sweet Art

#1 Volcano, #2 Valerio Vidali #3 Lydia, #4 Gemma Correll.

Valerio Vidali

Oh yes, Valerio has cut this print to mimic a Polaroid. Isn’t this the best? And those frayed cotton edges on the bottom – swoon. Love the tiny details. I’ve not yet noticed other artists doing this with paper prints so I’m delighted to spot something fresh, though it’s certain to catch on because the Polaroid trend is so huge right now… Lovely work!

(images linked to their sources above)

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