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Betz White: New Organic Fabric!

Author and designer Betz White contacted me this morning to share her new organic fabric collection just in time for Summer called Family Cottage, and you can learn all about it here on her blog. Betz is the author of the popular new book Sewing Green and aside from being talented she’s just the nicest lady — I always love hearing from her.

New Organic Fabric

And Betz — thank you for writing in and sharing your line with decor8 readers today and congrats on your vibrant new fabric collection!

(images: betz white)

Posted in Objects on July 30, 2009

Caravans Are Hot!

I’m seeing lots of caravans lately… in print, online, in photography, on clothing, caravans are hot! And they’re not used only as design motifs, real life caravans (well in Europe they’re called that, here in the states we usually refer to them as travel trailers) are a hot new trend popping up all over – a bit of a home away from home with unlimited decorating possibilities. Here’s a few caravans to inspire you today in case you haven’t noticed them yet — surely you will now.

Caravan Trend

a. Ken enjoyed the peace and quiet by Yellow Monday, b. the caravan exhibition by Seaspray Blue, c. image from No Chintz, d. caravan series by Leah Giberson, e. Remember Happiness by Vol. 25, f. fabric from Leanne Graeff and g. Metal caravan.

Caravan Trend

Or how about the Mehrzeller concept caravan? I prefer the vintage gypsy wagons myself, or the American classic Airstream but if you’re a modernist this one will dazzle (and confuse) passerbys on the interstate for sure!

Caravan Trend

These caravans are so sweet… Imagine owning one and keeping it in the backyard as an traveling art studio that you could bring to fairs if you are a painter/crafter? So cute! Psst: Here’s a great article in the London Telegraph today about Caravans of Love that you may enjoy.

Where are you seeing caravans lately? Would you like to own one? How would you use it – vacation, staycation in the backyard, for business???

(images linked to sources above)

Posted in trends on July 30, 2009

Nicola’s Homes

I was reading recently that Garnet Hill has teamed up with interior designer Nicola Manganello of Nicola’s Homes in Maine to create a lovely bedding collection that looks simply dreamy! I love all the texture and vintage charm in this new line, I think exceptional bedding is pretty important and though I don’t own tons of linens what I do have to dress my bed is quality — I can’t sleep on anything that feels scratchy or synthetic. Of course, beauty is important too and I can’t think of anything quite as nice than beautiful bedding. Nicola is a lady after my own heart, she loves combining the old with the new.

Aug 5th at Garnet Hill

“Nicola’s philosophical approach to bedding embraces creativity with one rule: a match, not a set, makes a statement. Antique quilts, traditional needlework, vintage linens, and turn-of-the-century prints — it’s all about combining patterns, colors and textures in an artful way. This new collection draws inspiration from the contrast: the mixing of flea market finds, antique shop treasures, and heirloom pieces nestled away in attics — and newer boutique discoveries from international artisans.” – Garnet Hill.

Would you like to see this new collection? You’ll have to wait until Wednesday, August 5th when it premieres on the Garnet Hill website — mark your calendar!

(photos: garnet hill & nicola’s homes)

Posted in Rooms on July 30, 2009

Melanie Porter: Knit Chairs

These look so cozy for Autumn, I can only imagine the comfort and warmth curling up on a custom knit chair designed by Melanie Porter in the UK. Today Melanie shared her collection with me and I just had to post about this because I did promise I’d lay off the wedding-related content so I’m onto chairs now. :) Who knows where my next blog post will take us, I’m constantly flipping around like this. You too? Thing is, there is so much out there to be inspired by that one never needs to draw a line — if something inspires, no matter what it is, that’s just how it goes. Your design compass points and well, you simply must follow!

Melanie Porter

About Melanie’s work — in her own words, “Each project starts with the chair itself – anything from an antique Victorian nursing chair, to a 1970s Egg chair – which is painstakingly stripped back to the frame, before being restored and reupholstered using traditional techniques. This blank canvas is then covered with a series of hand-knitted panels, especially created for each chair.”

What a process, sounds like a lot of work but a piece that someone would cherish for life. Would you love to have her whip up a custom chair for you? Me, me me! Yes!

Clever and a delight!

(photos: melanie porter)

Posted in Objects on July 29, 2009


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