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The Wedding Chicks

Forgive me, but I’ve been on a wedding kick lately. I promise, it’s nearly over! :) My anniversary was on the 14th but I’m still thinking about weddings and I’m guessing it’s due to all the photos I’ve been looking through lately as I prep for our move. Last night I pulled out our wedding and reception DVD and my husband and I watched it on his laptop — we recently had the video tape transferred to DVD with all these special features added like short clips and a image album so it was fun to look at. I promise, this is the last wedding-ish post!

The Wedding Chicks

Have you heard of The Wedding Chicks before? No? Oh you will love me for sharing these ladies with you today! This is such a beautiful place on the web to visit for wedding inspiration. I must confess though, that even for us married girls it’s a great spot for simply viewing lovely things and dreaming up ideas on how we can use some of the ideas and color schemes in a non-wedding sort of way.

The Wedding Chicks

They also have some great DIY projects that you can certainly use whether you’re about to wed or not. Enjoy!

(photos: the wedding chicks)

Posted in Inspiration, uncategorized on July 29, 2009

Photographer Jose Villa

Have you heard of southern California photographer Jose Villa? Oh baby, oh baby! Just you wait! This man is a total pro and specializes in wedding photography that will make your heart skip a beat. If I ever decide to take second vows with my man I’m contacting Jose. One look at his portfolio and I was smitten, transported, struck…

Jose Villa

Positively divine. Go have a look. You will swoon and use multiple adjectives simultaneously too.

Psst: Jose has a separate portfolio for all of his gorgeous shots of children and an inspirational blog, too. Oh and did I mention that he teaches workshops? Oh yes… There’s one coming up in Italy in October!

(photos: jose villa)

Posted in Inspiration on July 29, 2009

Pretty Good Blog

I’m always so inspired by the Pretty Good blog, which is actually pretty awesome… I bet you’ll love it so here’s a glimpse in case you missed my earlier post about it here. I decided to make Pretty Good the decor8 blog of the week so you can be reminded to click over each day this week.

Pretty Good

This blog is unique because author and photographer Mary Swenson doesn’t deliver typed text, only swirly very brief text on photographs that she takes, and that makes for a very unique blog and a creative way of sharing information. She shares yummy recipes, too. The only personal concern I have with this format is that if you don’t have text and/or links in your blog then your content is not easily found on google so not all may want to go image-only on their blogs (in case you are thinking about it this is something to consider)… But if you are looking for a more creative way to share then this format is absolutely lovely. I look forward to every post and know you will too. Enjoy!


(photos: mary swenson)

Posted in Bloggers on July 29, 2009

Lulu Dee

Have you heard of Lulu Dee and her mid century prints? Would you like to know more?

Lulu Dee

Here you go…

(photo: lulu dee)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on July 29, 2009


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