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Flamingo Chandelier – Bock Lighting

Wowie zowie! Talk about a statement maker… check out this recent submission that I received from Bock Lighting. This hot little number is soooo South Beach! The new Flamingo Chandelier from brand new lighting company Bock Lighting is quite amazing, I love how it looks in this clothing store don’t you?

Flamingo Chandelier

I’m always on the look out for new, amazing lighting and am a big fan of bold pendants because they can really make a room so this thing excites me on all levels. And umm… it’s pink — how sweet it that!? The glass (hand blown in Poland) comes in several other colors — white, crystal, amber, brown, gray and blue.

Is this light your taste or not? Would you have one in your home? I think it would be gorgeous in the right space, a very contemporary minimalist home comes to mind. I imagine it in a foyer or dining area, but love the idea of it in a restaurant or as shown here, a retail space. It’s got wow factor, for sure.

(photo: bock lighting)

Posted in Objects on July 29, 2009

Utterly Engaged

I received an email last week from Utterly Engaged and totally forgot to post about them — so this post is long overdue. Have you heard of this wedding e-zine? It’s so inspiring, whether you are engaged or not it’s like Martha Stewart Weddings — you don’t need to be walking down the aisle to appreciate the beauty of it and draw inspiration from its pages.

Utterly Engaged

Utterly Engaged

Utterly Engaged is a lovely e-publication, you can flip through it online and enjoy it 24/7, I spent some time on Sunday flipping around and here are some of my favorite images from it. I hope you visit them online and see for yourself, it’s so charming!

(images: utterly engaged)

Posted in Books + Magazines on July 28, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday… and Tuesday…

Hello friends! I’m sorry for posting quite late today, I’ve had a very busy week thus far. Yesterday, the int’l relocation company arrived bright and early to help us pack and then moved everything out of our house. What a hectic day! Today it’s all being loaded onto a ship down in Boston, yay! Then we were invited over to the neighbor’s house for dinner, they own our home and have been the best landlords to us over the years since we moved here from Boston. Being that they are both deaf, we wondered how the evening would go and it was absolutely lovely! They taught us some more sign language and prepared a beautiful meal for us. We were at their house “talking” the entire evening. They are both 70-years-old and so energetic and I appreciated how they had a story for every item in their home. A plate from this friend in Alaska, a clock from their great-great-grandfather in Scotland, a table handmade by a parent, I felt very cozy in their cute little 1870s home with all of these special things surrounding me. When the night was over they photographed us so that they could always remember my husband and I (cute, huh?) and they gave us a few pretty things for our new home to take with us so we wouldn’t forget them or New Hampshire. I was completely touched by this gesture. What a terrific ending to a very busy day.

Moving Day!

Today was crazy, I cannot believe how much we got accomplished but I’m thrilled that we sold our beautiful car this afternoon back to the dealership where I purchased it 18 months ago (sort of my baby, I got a bit attached to it) and I got the exact number I was hoping for so that made me very happy. Now we’re in a rental car until the weekend and then we’ll be in Boston for 5 days at a beautiful hotel on the waterfront just lounging and enjoying our room and hanging out in the city. Each day we have friends and/or family coming in to say goodbye so lunch and dinner will be hectic, but at least we have the hours in between to do absolutely nothing. Oh how much I love the sound of that. Let me say it again. Absolutely Nothing. We’ll then be in London and finally, our new home in Hannover, Germany! To say I’m ready is an understatement, I just want to get down to Boston and start vacationing because I need one badly.

I’ve prepared posts for decor8 in advance (my first time ever doing this in 3.5 years of blogging so I’m excited about it) and I have lots of guests coming on board next week and the week after to show you special things in their home and talk about what inspires them – the guest series is called “A Few Of My Favorite Things” and will kick off on Monday, August 3 and guests will show up daily on decor8, along with me, for two full weeks of fun! I also have Marichelle from Heart Handmade covering Etsy Take Five Tuesdays for me next week so stay tuned for her picks on August 4th.

I’ll be back later on this evening with Etsy Take Five Tuesdays for this week along with another post or two, but I wanted to give you an update! See you in a moment…

(image: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in uncategorized on July 28, 2009

DIY: Tea Light Lanterns

DIY: Tea Light Lanterns.

Posted in uncategorized on July 27, 2009


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