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Dandi: New!

Dandi is a brand new homewares company based in Sydney made up of four ladies who met in college while studying industrial design. They decided to combine their talents and form a business and Dandi was born. I heard from one of these ladies, Melinda, who sent me these photos to premiere here on decor8 today. They specialize in the design and creation of innovative screen printed fabric and etched bamboo products for the home. Dandi infuses their collection with bright colors, fresh patterns and a bit of the 1950’s housewife femininity combined with nature motifs.


The Dandi team.







The Dandi girls playing around…

Dandi Treasure Box


To view more products or to learn about these lovely ladies, visit either their website or blog, Fine and Dandi.

(images: dandi)

Posted in kitchen, textiles on July 23, 2009

Photographer Petra Bindel

It all started with this tear sheet of a super delicious dining room (my dream DR) and the search for its origin, and finally I landed upon the online portfolio of Swedish photographer Petra Bindel. Her work is stunning, she has done a lot for Elle Interiör Sweden which some of you may recognize right away.

Photographer Petra Bindel

My dream dining room shown above right. I already own some of these things, it’s just a matter of finding a new apartment with an adequate dining space and making it my own. I also love all the storage options, I could easily have a dining room/craft space in one with a dining table that doubles as a work table for sewing and crafting. This gives me ideas as I begin my new apartment search…

Photographer Petra Bindel

I’ve long wanted a framed butterfly, even more so now… I’m going to start looking for something like this in the near future. And don’t you just love the composition of things in this photo? The poodle reminds me of a vintage Avon perfume bottle on my grandmother’s dresser.

Photographer Petra Bindel

Here’s another glossy white table with mismatched seating in white and wood tones. Must be a Scandinavian thing, huh? I love it. I have a shelf like this one in my current eating nook, I should play around with it and add some new accessories to liven it up.

Photographer Petra Bindel

I haven’t stopped today long enough to eat, and this bun looks delightful. What really grabbed me in this image was the lighting and composition of the shot but also that backsplash tile. I long to someday have pretty tile like that in my kitchen. I’d love some vintage tiles from Belgium, Holland or Turkey, I seem to like their patterns best.

Photographer Petra Bindel

I have a Moroccan wedding quilt (vintage) just like this one but never in the world did I think to tack it to the wall over a sofa! I see lots of people use them on the floor but honestly, I can’t imagine doing that with mine. For now, it remains at the foot of my bed more for decorative purposes than functional ones.

Photographer Petra Bindel

I’m looking for a low lounge chair in wood or rattan for my living room, I can’t seem to find exactly what I want though so I’m in my second year now of searching. But I know once I find what I see in my mind’s eye I’ll be really, really happy and I’ll always keep it! That’s the beauty of getting something stuck in your head, if it stays stuck for a long time — you know you must have it. Then once you do find it you’ll treasure the possession above all other things for many years. It’s better to buy what you love than to settle for something you don’t for a quicker fix.

Photographer Petra Bindel

There are so many things about each of these rooms that speak to me, I don’t know where to begin really. I think in the end it really comes down to the feminine bits combined with the bolder pieces and all of the eclectic items thrown together to compose the perfect interior melody. That turquoise door is to die for, the shoe shelf, beaded chandelier, it’s also very amazing… and then you have a white glossy table again with wood chairs. I also love that black Swedish oven, those things are lovely – aren’t they? The bedroom with that lighting, ah – so welcoming. I like the casually tossed heels on that fluffy white rug. Nice touch. Now can I move in?

If you are interested in Petra’s work, she is represented by Susanne Björkman at Folio in Stockholm, her contact information is listed here.

(images: petra bindel/folio management/portfolio cph/elle interiör)

Posted in inspiration on July 22, 2009

New Business Cards By INK + WIT

Looking for snazzy business cards that make an impression? One major bullet point that was top priority on my moving list of Things To Do was to order new business cards. I have no clue how or where to do all of this abroad so I figured it was best to get it out of the way before I leave, plus I ordered them in time to share some with my friends stateside so that they have my new address. I decided to leave my phone number off of them, no one calls me anyway unless they know me, most new contacts shoot me an email. Would you like to see my new cards?

My New Business Cards

A little background on the design: this time I wanted to go for something less traditional than the standard format, so I opted for a 3×3 format on delicious thick white paper, letterpressed in aqua, so that receivers could enjoy the whole tactile sensation that I love so much about letterpress stationery. Plus this will fit into a European wallet quite nicely as they tend to be wider and shorter to accommodate the Euro bills. I also wanted to bring in the butterfly and add some type of pattern to give it personality.

One of my leading ladies, Tara Hogan from INK + WIT, designed these cards for me. Tara has been my official go-to-girl for business card design from the start because she consistently does such gorgeous work for me and work is done quickly so I never have to wait. If you want some pretty business cards definitely contact her — she’s great and I love her minimalist modern design, it’s clean and professional without losing the cuteness factor that I’m such a fan of.

Thank you Tara for your beautiful work!

(image: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in small business on July 22, 2009


I’m so happy that Gildem is back from vacation and has stocked their shop with new handmade goodies. I love their floor mats and leather storage containers, don’t you? I’ll take one of everything please.


Here are a few of my favorites. I wrote to them to see if their leather pouches are available in soft blue or white. I’d love some white ones, imagine a really large one for storing magazines in the living room, or to store wood near the fireplace? Maybe I just gave them a new product design idea for the winter months ahead… :)

(images: gildem)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, flooring on July 22, 2009


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