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Good Morning, Monday!

Hello friends… it’s me Holly checking in to say hello. How was your weekend? What did you do? I had a very balanced weekend — I got a lot of things done (shopping, organizing, flea market visit), but also enjoyed some relaxing times too. See this shelf below, it’s in my kitchen which I love cooking in by the way. It’s so sunny and everything is new so it has that showroom feel. I wish the “new car smell” would last forever! And by the way… the weather has been beyond beautiful since we stepped off the plane so I’m very grateful for all of the sunshine. Today it will be sunny and 9o.

My kitchen shelf

Last night I wrapped up the weekend at our neighborhood bar, Blattgold. Remember it? I showed you a glimpse of it before — if you missed it here’s the post. I’m on a crazy detox/fast program so no mojitos for me… I only had a ginger/orange Bionade but still… it was fun to hang out at Blattgold and to listen to Bob Marley and Clueso – a band I’m really enjoying right now that I highly suggest checking out.

How about you? How was your weekend? What did you do?

(image: holly becker for decor8)

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Happy Friday!

Well it’s that time again — the weekend! Yahoo! Tomorrow I’ll be at a flea market and then off to visit friends and family. Then next week, I’ll still be popping in from time to time and reading ALL of your comments as they come in on the blog (I am approving all comments so I am able to keep in touch with everyone and also so you know that I haven’t abandoned you!) and my guests are reading your comments and replying to them, too! I have tons more guests for the “My Favorite Things” series, as well as a few others writing about indie designers they love and of course, Leslie will be back with another installment of Color Me Happy to appear on Monday so stay tuned for that! She shared it with me yesterday and wow, oh wow! You have a lot to look forward to on Monday…

Happy Weekend~

So for now, I’m signing off and wishing all of you a great weekend. I hope you get to chillax a little and catch some sunshine where you live — sunshine makes you happy as does a giant scoop of gelato as I’m learning VERY well here in my new city with gelato cafes all over the place. I think next week I’ll go play roving reporter and shoot photos of local cafes and share with you a bit of my daily life here. Would you be interested in seeing that? If so, I’ll get started on my assignment. :)

See you on Monday! Bis Montag, Tschüss!

xo, Holly

(images: holly becker for decor8)

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Thanks Hus & Hem Magazine!

I am beyond honored to learn that Hus & Hem magazine in Sweden, a favorite of mine, has named decor8 along with 9 other bloggers as one of the best decorating blogs! This is a great opportunity for decor8 and those featured on this site to receive increased exposure in Sweden to some new readers. I’m always grateful and very happy when decor8 receives a press mention — it means that we’re all succeeding together — not just me but those who are featured on this blog or who have been guest blogging recently while I’ve been keeping a temporary part-time blogging schedule. We all stand tall and succeed together and I’m proud of us when decor8 gets a good press mention because without all of you — from your link backs to friendships, contributions through posts or submissions, we ALL get the credit and I thank each of you for always supporting this site. :)

Hus & Hem Press

If you are new to decor8 and coming over from Hus & Hem, I’m Holly Becker — an American writer and design consultant (interiors) who just moved to Hannover, Germany last week and will now be based here full-time after 5 years of living and working between Germany and New Hampshire, USA. I launched this blog in May 2005 but was not sure how to go about blogging and didn’t know what exactly to say until I officially started writing in January 2006 and the second I started typing I wrote about art & design from all over the world – and I still do!

Everything that you see on this site was found and curated by me with the exception of posts written by guest bloggers (clearly indicated in each post if not authored by me). On Tuesdays I feature a special column called “Etsy Take Five Tuesdays” where I write about 5 Etsy stores and share images of some of my favorite things from their shops. On Thursdays, I write “Musical Thursdays”, a post spotlighting 2-5 CDs of the week that I’m listening to since I love music and think it makes a huge difference in the home environment and ones mood and even emotional health.

In between these columns, I post about things that have caught my eye, interior designers, photographers, fellow bloggers, anything and everything that falls under decorating, art & design and my own personal design aesthetic. I write daily Monday through Friday 3-5 times each day, more if I’m feeling up to it or super duper inspired. :) Anyway, thank you for visiting and I hope that you will enjoy reading decor8!

Thank you Helena for telling me about this press mention (tack!), and to Anna for sending me this image above.

(image: anna)

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sfgirlbybay: Favorite Things

A few of my favorite things: sfgirlbybay

Hello and greetings from San Francisco! I’m Victoria Smith from sfgirlbybay and I’m visiting here on decor8 while Holly is getting her life set up in Germany. I live in a one bedroom in beautiful San Francisco, California and honestly, I have so many ‘things’ but today I’m sharing some of the pieces around my apartment that mean the most to me. Thanks so much for including me, Holly, and best wishes with the move!


My vintage portrait collection. I love these crazy, quirky and kitschy paintings. They started with Rico Suave (that’s him with the ‘wide lapels’) and his family has grown to include Emma Lou, his girlfriend, and her brother Narcoleptic Leo, among others. I love finding these at the flea market and adding to the family!


My barstools. A friend pointed these out to me at the flea market and I knew I had to have them. I repainted them in a nice crisp white (they were icky cream colored and chipping) and I recovered the seats with my handy dandy staple gun (the lazy girls friend) with some vintage drapery panel fabric. I love when guests sit here and chat with me while I cook in the kitchen.


My Eames Rocker. Most of what’s in my apartment in second-hand, found at the flea market, or on craigslist, but my Eames RAR Rocker I bought new at Velocity Art & Design, and I love it. It’s really comfortable, and I love the modern touch it adds to the vintage-inspired, eclectic mix I have going on in my living room.


My ceramics collection. I love this little collection of white and aqua colored pottery. My uncle started me with a beautiful vase he made me, and I love adding to the collection. Nothing is too expensive, and mostly flea market finds (even some IKEA pieces thrown in!). I threw my new vintage globe into the mix, too. It just seemed to belong there because of it’s color.


My vintage pillows. I love these funky pillows – again found at the flea market. I like that they are one of a kind (at least I’ve never seen another like them!) and are made from uniquely beautiful vintage fabrics. And they cheer up all my very white bedding!

I get inspired by many things… my friends, films, books and galleries – mostly creativity of any kind, but photography especially. A few years ago, I gave up television – I don’t own one. However, I am completely addicted to flickr, so there you go. But I found TV to be such a time suck and one I never got much out of. Whereas perusing flickr constantly inspires me with all the thoughtful and beautiful photography. I’ve been taking photography classes and it has become my main hobby, and obsession. I think even the sfgirlbybay blog has been affected by it, because I find myself drawn more and more to featuring inspiring photography with the readers.

I think my favorite advice came from an unknown resource. I don’t know who first said, “Do what you love and you will succeed at it”, but I really believe this philosophy. All my life I wanted to do work in a creative field, and although I worked as an art buyer in the advertising industry for many years, there’s nothing like the feeling I get being able to combine my three great loves into the blog – writing, photography and design. They just encapsulate everything that inspires me, and writing sfgirlbybay on a daily basis has become the perfect career path for me. I am very fortunate. – Victoria

(images: victoria smith)

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