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Stevens Happy Accidents: My Favorite Things

A few of my favorite things: Stevens Happy Accidents.

Hello everyone, I’m Steven from the blog Stevens Happy Accidents (and etsy shop), and I’m so happy to be visiting decor8 whilst Holly is moving, as part of her guest series “a few of my favorite things”. I live in a tiny rented house just outside London, I’m close enough to use and abuse everything the big city has to offer, but far enough away to feel like I’m in the countryside. I live here with one husband, one unloving cat, an overly needy dog, and two greedy fish. And here are a few of my favorite things.

Stevens Happy Accidents

(home..) This is the place where I sit and smile, with colour and texture all around me. It’s from here where I visit every corner of the world and make my heart go boom boom boom, by seeing whats new on my favorite blogs and places I have to click into every day, be it an amazing new wallpaper or the latest celebrity scandal. It’s from here where I pull up a tiny table and get out my sewing machine to create whatever happy accidents happen that day, it’s from here I laugh out loud at the silly dancing my David does, it’s here where most nights we eat dinner and watch Dynasty (I love Jeff Colby) and it’s here where I could and would, given half a chance stay and smile forever.

Stevens Happy Accidents

(vintage pinball..) This corner of my home is where I proudly hang a vintage wooden tabletop game that I rescued from the evil clutches of someone at a car boot sale here in London, and to think I almost walked away from it, because it’s now one of my favorite things. It’s a fair point to say that one persons trash is another persons treasure, and I love that forever now it will be part of my life, it might hang on many different wall’s and be positioned alongside many different things, but it will be seen and loved, never discarded and sold.

Stevens Happy Accidents

(bedroom..) This is my side of the bedroom, the side where i dream a happy adventure, where I bury my head under my brightly coloured pillows and hide, where my dog whines at 3 in the morning to be let out. It’s where I refresh and start every day new, it’s where I talk too much, and apparently snore too loudly, it’s where I look up and plot my world travels. It’s where I sleep with my feet out..and never under the duvet. It’s my bed, and I love it, and you can’t have it. :)

Stevens Happy Accidents

(hi..) This is without doubt, the greatest thing i have ever rescued from a car boot sale, and one of the best things in my home. Please imagine the scene, early morning, coffee in hand, and I suddenly sprint across the field at the sight of these big chunky letters just sitting under a table, I’m screaming on the inside “oh my god oh my god“…… I ask how much for them, expecting to be told a stupid amount, and the man says “£10 mate”, “yes please” I scream back at him. Sprint off again to get some money from David, and finally walk away, now out of breath with my best ever find. One day I will attach it to a wall and fit lights on the inside.. but for now, I love my Hi.

Stevens Happy Accidents

(bathroom) My bathroom was already painted these colours when we moved in, and the landlady refuses to let us paint over them, but I have come to like it. Whoever knew aqua blue and lavender would work well together? But mixed in with my own little additions its a room I do love. It is big, it floods with light, and its got in it one of the greatest inventions ever…the bath, where like the pig I am, I wallow, and soak away any cares I might have had. Where I read the trashiest of books, and make the best magazines all soggy and wet. The getting clean part is just an added bonus of this room, my aqua blue and lavender bathroom.

(inspiration) I remember many years ago, on a school trip to the Louvre in Paris, I got told off by a security guard for trying to reach over and touch a painting, I just wanted to feel the texture, feel what the artist felt, and its this tactile nature I have that inspires me to this day. I have come to realise that fabric is my material of choice, I like many different crafts, but give me some fabric and a sewing machine and ill make you something unique. I don’t plan my work too much, and call most things I make a happy accident.. and I’m usually happy with my accidents, be it a pillow, a bag or a plush toy and if it sells in my shop its just a bonus, never the aim.

(advice) I used to live with my grandmother, and she would always tell me off for cooking too fast, being impatient, heating things too quickly, and would always say “never let baked beans boil” and I always remember this advice.. and it reflects onto my life daily… because instead of thinking things through, I usually just dive in and try, instead of making plans and following them through, I quickly rush at the last minute, missing a few things on the list along the way. And I suppose it’s because I always want my “beans cooked” quickly, when maybe I should just let them simmer.

(images: stevens happy accidents)

Posted in Home Tours on August 10, 2009

Owls To Download!

Don’t even try to resist this cuteness. These wise guys are available for download (only £1.00) on the Mibo website. Look at the little one on the far left — he’s looking a little stunned while the tiny blue one looks a bit buzzed. Then you have the sleepy green one and the black owl that is hungover from too many pints the night before. Silly owls! Which owl are you this morning? I’m the sleepy owl for sure!

Wise Guys

Woot! Woot!

(image: mibo)

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Heather Ross

Good morning friends and happy Monday, though Mondays are never quite that happy are they? Well, I promise to make today and all week good days for you because I have lots of fantastic posts lined up for you here on the blog. First, I’m starting out with Heather Ross whom I wrote about just a few moments ago over at Real Simple (post here).

Heather Ross Wedding

Heather is one amazing lady and I just love the details she paid attention to for while planning her recent wedding inspired by a children’s book. I was so inspired by her lovely wedding that I’ve decided to make her blog the blog of the week here so you’d be reminded to visit her throughout the week if she already isn’t on your regular list of blog reads.

(image: heather ross)

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Happy Weekend!

Hallo everyone! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, I plan to be very busy visiting with friends and family, unpacking, cleaning our apartment and getting it stocked with groceries because there is nothing in the cabinets! I will also sort through lots of mail and magazines that have been arriving since we were here last in December — 8 months of mail is quite daunting but I have lots of German and Dutch design magazines in the pile waiting for me along with some nice catalogs so it will be FUN to sort through it all. I love fun mail (no bills, yet). The weather is beautiful here – tons of sunshine and warm temps – so the welcome to Germany couldn’t be any nicer.

London Loot!

Here’s some loot from London, I picked these magazines up yesterday there before catching our flight. I couldn’t believe it when our flight was only 55 minutes from London to Hannover – wow! I can’t believe how close I live to one of my favorite cities in the world. Exciting! Watch out London, I’m flying back up to visit you knowing how close I am and how cheap it is to grab flights.

I hope you have a nice weekend my dear friends, I’ll be popping in over the next few weeks to say hello and post from time to time, but I have lots of lovely guests sharing their favorite things to keep you busy while I’m getting my life set up and such. Hope you’ve been enjoying My Favorite Things… I think it’s a wonderful way to not only learn more about some great people, but through their words (I’ve been editing them so of course I’m reading along too!) I think each of them are inspiring in so many different ways — though the message running through them all is clear — we all have cherished things in our home and it’s important to pause and reflect on that fact and realize that we don’t always need to run out and shop or be like anyone else when we’re decorating. We can decorate using what we love as all of my contributors have been showing on decor8 over the past week.

Remember — the best things in life are really are free — our cherished possessions but also our memories and interactions with others — who inspires us, what advice we’ve heard that made a difference, these kinds of things,  don’t you think? I hope that as you’ve been following My Favorite Things that you’ve been putting together a mental list of some of your favorite things too. What would you list? What is the best advice you’ve been given? Who has inspired your life? Feel free to tell me below if you feel like sharing… I’d love to know. :)

See you again on Monday!



(image: holly becker for decor8)

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