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Stylist Meghan Guthrie

Hello everyone! We made it to the other side of the pond… London is lovely and the weather is amazing! We just left and now we’re HOME in Hannover — I can’t believe we’re here. We were going to stay longer in London but decided to just come to Germany right away. If felt wonderful to turn the keys to the door of our apartment. Sooo exciting! Everything is so white and clean, just as I left it and the rooms are flooded with sunshine as the weather is absolutely amazing. My mother-in-law prepared a meal for us, and put a welcome wreath on the front door that she made along with a bouquet on our dining room table. She also stocked the house with all the little necessities that she knew we’d need upon arrival. So… all is well. Now to unpack, go through mail, take care of lots of appointments and paperwork, apply for my driver’s license… the list is endless so I’ll be spending the next week or two on these things but of course I’ll still be here blogging from time to time but mostly I’m leaving decor8 in the capable hands of the many lovely friends who have been filling my shoes while I’m out and about. Have you been enjoying them?

So before I head off, I wanted to share Meghan Guthrie with you… She has been popping up all over design blogs, but in case you haven’t seen her work yet let’s take a peek together, shall we? Meghan is a prop stylist and set designer based in NYC and I’m guessing you’ve noticed her work around whether you’ve realized it or not since her touch has graced the pages Natural Health magazine and West Elm (in print). I follow a number of stylists and I’ve added Meghan to my list as I’m certain you will too. Here’s only a smidgen of her genius. To view more, please peruse her online portfolio.

Meghan Guthrie

Meghan Guthrie

I’m endlessly inspired by such creative types, I love seeing how they decide to arrange things and I often look at each arrangement, dissecting it and imagining why or how the scene was created. Do you do this too?

(images: meghan guthie)

Posted in inspiration on August 06, 2009

Melissa Loves: Favorite Things

A few of my favorite things: Melissa Loves

Hi there! My name is Melissa and my blog is Melissa Loves… I am thrilled and honored to be a part of lovely Holly’s guest series (how fun!). Here’s hoping you all enjoy a few of “my favorite things.” (cue music) :)

Melissa Loves

1. My desk. I love the calm colors at my desk and the artwork in and around it. I look at them everyday and they make me happy. I haven’t been able to paint the rooms in my house yet, we have only been here for a few months but I hope to do that sometime in the near future because that always has a huge effect on my feelings in a room.

Melissa Loves

2. Porch. I have longed for a front porch my whole life and now I sit out there every chance I get! We eat out there, I swing on the swing and just think things over — I love it so very much and am so grateful for it.

Melissa Loves

Melissa Loves

3. Playroom. This room is so cheerful and bright and it makes me happy to think my girls can go in here and have fun and play. The room before the door is my littlest one’s room but they share the playroom.

Melissa Loves

4. Mantle. I love fireplaces and this one is no different…the bird candelabra is one of my favorite things and I like it up there.

Melissa Loves

5. Photo/art wall. This is a work in progress and is probably not for everyone but I love that I can put up my daughter’s artwork, some of the work by the artists I love and photos of my family all in one spot and that it has room to grow over the years. I would love to paint this room a pale pink! :)

I feel inspired by so many things….beautiful artists, music, books, movies or people that make your heart sing, puts your mind at ease or makes you want to jump around!

People: my husband and best friend Joel. I joke and say he is my anchor and my touchstone…but, it isn’t really a joke. I think he is one of the wisest people I have ever met and he inspires me every day. My two little girls. they see everything in such a different way…fresh and with new eyes and because my goal is for our home to make them feel loved, comfortable and safe, it inspires me to try to create something lovely and happy for them. My closest girlfriends. Annie, Enid, Andrea, Allie and Ez — thank goodness for them when I need a good laugh or to sort out a problem. And my blogging friends and artists. I can’t list them all for fear I would leave someone out…but I don’t know what I would do without their daily inspiration and love.

Music: David Gray (for his beautiful voice and hopeful sentiment), Feist (her gorgeous voice and unusual way of storytelling, Sia (her amazing voice) and Shawn Colvin (wonderful voice and she is also an amazing storyteller).

Books: Memoirs of a Geisha (for the romantic and intriguing story and for a story you can get lost in), To Kill a mockingbird (my little one’s middle name is Atticus after Atticus Finch), The Joy Luck Club.

Movies: Raise the Red Lantern (for the gorgeous scenery), Shawshank Redemption (for the beautiful and hopeful ending), To live (for the struggle & courage).

I am inspired by a cool breeze on a warm day, a wonderful day at the beach, ordinary people’s smiles (and how it completely changes their faces) or small acts of kindness, courage, honesty, the romantic ideals I hold in my heart, animals (particularly dogs, whales and elephants), gorgeous smells (the beach, lavender, gardenia, honeysuckle, fresh cut grass and my little one’s skin). Could someone bottle all that for me, please? :)

My favorite advice: “Just love them” and “just be yourself”. Harder to do than say but when I succeed in doing both I am so happy and content.

Thank you so much for having me Holly, this was so much fun to do! I hope your journey to your new home and a new country goes beautifully! — xo, Melis

(images: melissa loves)

Posted in guest bloggers on August 06, 2009

Yvestown: My Favorite Things

A few of my favorite things: Yvestown

Hello it’s Yvonne Eijkenduijn from The Yvestown Blog here and I’m dropping in to show you some of my favorite things while Holly is moving across the big pond to set up home in Germany. My husband, the one with the golden hands a.k.a. Boris, and myself are in the middle of a drastic renovation. We bought a double fronted house from 1896 in a Belgian border city of The Netherlands exactly a year ago. As I type this I find myself in one of the rooms that we use as our living room, my office, book storage and the electrical and plumbing transit. You can imagine it looks lovely here. I’m going to share some photos of the things that give me a homely feel in a house that still doesn’t feel like a home yet.


The inside of my desk drawer is white, my primary decorating color, and holds all my geek things like Apple docks, headphones, a dictaphone, my National Trust handbook (which I should toss out and replace with a new one) and my notebooks full of scribbles and plans. It makes me happy when I open this drawer as the contents tell a lot about my personality, it’s a little bit like coming home.


I’m a blanket person, it’s something I inherited from my mother as she’s one too. There are always baskets full of folded blankets everywhere in my house. Often when I have friends over we sit under blankets on the sofa with our feet up. As I’ve always lived in old houses with high ceilings it can get rather cold and blankets provide such instant coziness, warmth and comfort. And it looks incredibly cute when we’re all huddled up under them.


The sunroom is the one room in my house that is actually almost done. I don’t like it yet and there’s still a lot of decorating needed, like finding prints for the frames above the Swedish kökssoffa and a bigger rug. It’s also the one room in the house that we’re not going to use. Maybe when the old barn outside is gone and when there will be a garden to look at, we can sit in this room. But we’re not much of a ‘sit around and do nothing couple‘  — rooms need to be functional and this one isn’t for sure.


There is a super functional room in my house, tucked away downstairs, and it is my sewing room in one of the cellar rooms. Although it still needs proper paint that keeps mold out, it’s pretty perfect as everything is in place and it’s my crafter’s paradise.


When I’m not spending time with my elbows covered in paint I’m cooking. I strive to cook a homemade meal at least 5 days a week even when it’s just me and that’s quite often. My cooking style is quite fusion as I love to mix different food cultures together. My big cooking influences are Donna Hay and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall from the River Cottage. In a couple of years, when the barn goes down, I want to grow my own fruits and vegetables and have a couple of chickens. I’ll be an urban farmer!

I want to wish Holly and Thorsten a good move and lots of joy, happiness and good health in their new home country. We’ll definitely get to see each other more :o) – xox Yve

(images: the yvestown blog)

Posted in guest bloggers on August 05, 2009


Good morning everyone! I’m leaving today for London – yay! I can’t believe today is my last day in the United States as a resident here — I’m nearly an official expat. I can’t wait to arrive to Germany and begin my new life. I hope you have been enjoying my guests, I’m still monitoring the blog each day and reading your comments, replying to some emails as I can, and even writing a few posts here and there so I’m not 100% offline. I’m also on Twitter if you want to be my “friend” over there, just click here. It’s the best way for us to stay in touch while I’m traveling. So! I’ll be jumping back on the blog again in London tomorrow from some random cafe so I’ll see you again then… – Holly

If you ask me whether or not I’d like some letterpress stationery and drink coasters from Kamal I’d most likely reply: Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes, please. See why?


Yummy, am I right? I love the metallic accents and the fresh, modern designs along with the fact that they are eco-friendly using 100% cotton paper, post consumer kraft envelopes and chipboard.

(images: kamel)

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