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Antler Magazine

I’ve talked about Antler magazine before but this time it just feels better and yes, it’s possible! I also want to promote those who put so much heart and soul into independent publishing because I am sure there is so much work involved and such a limited budget for advertising and getting the word out. I’m swept away by their dreamy aesthetic – such a popular “vibe” right now in publishing (especially indie fashion/art mags) and their photography is lovely… I love their models, beautiful but in a “real girl” sort of way and not in a supermodel unapproachable way. I also appreciate their illustration spotlights, this month they’ve featured a few of my favorites so it was fun to flip through their online pages to see their work in full view and to read the interviews with some very talented indie artists who have made quite an impact online.

Antler Magazine

Antler Magazine

Antler Magazine

The magazine is free so definitely check it out — it’s inspiring and so, so nicely done up all girly like – so feminine and informative… Make sure you click on the last image (above) to enlarge it and read what their take is on a typical Antler reader… Lovely!

(images: antler magazine)

Posted in Books + Magazines on September 16, 2009

What Is Country Style To You?

I wrote a little introduction today over at Real Simple to an online shop called Patchwork Harmony (based in England) where they stock things that are very typical “English” country style. And after writing the post I sat here with my green tea staring into space thinking, “well wait… how does English country style differ from say, American country style”.

Country Style

And then I thought of Swedish country style, and German, and French and Irish and it suddenly made me realize just how many country styles there are out there that are really country-specific and so if you say on a blog that has international readers that you like country style, they may interpret it to mean the style they are accustomed to associating country style with in their land. I also thought about this style and how it differs per country because of the landscape, language, culture, even religious beliefs and the various arts and crafts movements of the past. It also made me wonder what Japanese country style looks like, and what elements define Russian country style. It’s a pretty neat topic to ponder.

Country Style

Now I will put this topic on the floor and ask for your opinion. Can you comment with where you live and what elements define country style in your part of the world. Maybe you can write about the most popular country styles, colors, old-fashioned customs that influence your local country style, etc. Also do other cultures influence country style where you live (I see a lot of “New England” country style here in Germany along with Scandinavian country, French country, and a more folksy country style that is more local I think), etc. Of course in the states we have a variety of country styles influenced by craft movements from the past, but there is also retro country that is very “American” specific. And of course, in American we have shops that carry only French country products. Then there is this New England country style which has a more coastal vibe. Another idea is that you can post all about this topic on your blog and then leave the link to your post below so we can all pop over to visit you and read about your impressions – maybe you can post photos or something to support your impressions?

(images: patchwork harmony)

Posted in Decorating Tips, real talk on September 16, 2009

CUT Magazine: New

This is a happy day for me because my friend Anne blogged about the new German indie DIY fashion/craft magazine called CUT which looks absolutely cool. Though I’m told it deals more with fashion than crafts and decorating/design, but still…I can’t wait to find a copy and preview it for myself so I can see what it has to offer. I value Anne’s opinion though, very much, and if she likes it then I’m sure it’s pretty good.

CUT magazine

CUT magazine

CUT magazine

If you live in Germany or can read German I suggest you visit their site. And CUT staffers if you are reading this, I just moved from the states to Hannover and would love to know where to find a copy locally. I haven’t seen it around here yet. :)

9/18 UPDATE: This magazine is available in Hannover in the bahnhof in the “crafts” section near the wedding magazines at Quick Press. I went today and looked at the magazine – it’s wonderful. I highly suggest buying a copy.

(images: cut magazine)

Posted in Books + Magazines on September 16, 2009

Styling Secrets Anyone?

Okay so this room is wacky. I’ll admit it. And colorful. And childish. But on some level it speaks to me. It says it’s okay to be flighty and to forget your keys on a regular basis. And maybe to leave some magazines all over the floor without cleaning up before the guests arrive. It tells me to eat on that amazing tray, toast with jam on a Sunday morning – dripping with real butter – and a cup of coffee that is so strong and black that your eyes go ::BING:: the second it touches your lips.

Car Moebel

This photo reminds me of living in your home, living your real authentic self, and if your real authentic self is a little left of center than so be it. You’re better for it. Living the way you want to live with all the brilliant crazy color and the bubblegum-inspired rug along with the brightest red Chucks you can find for your feet despite the fact that you’re old enough to remember wearing the same ones in high school… This room is the reality we all crave in our homes, to combine real life with magazine perfection and have it look like this. It’s what I crave.

Yet somehow when I try to attempt this imperfect perfection it comes out all wrong – it looks messy in a most imperfect way. To tell you why I’m obsessing over this at the moment is well, I’m trying to study styling through the images I see right now, as I’d like to get more involved in styling settings like these because my goal is to someday author a book — and so I must work hard to obtain this recipe that seems so easy just remains such a secret.

Does anyone out there have some styling tips for me? Secrets of the trade? Ideas to share? I know about decorating and interior design but styling isn’t something we learned in school and I can’t find any book on the topic…

This image, by the way, is from the lovely Car Moebel in Germany where I shopped for my dining room chairs and entryway furniture upon moving here. They’re the best, I highly suggest ordering from them if you’re located here too.

(image: car moebel)

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