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Feelin’ Fall

I like to share some of my expat adventures for those of you who are interested… I talk about them over on Haus Maus fairly regularly. If you’d like to check out a Fall Fest that I attended this past Saturday you may see the hear the full report here. :)


Only if you want to…

(images: holly becker for decor8)

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Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Here are some lovely picks for chilly days, hot cocoa days, quirky days, upside down days and classy days… I hope you find a new shop or two for adding to your bookmarks or perhaps even find a little something for your shopping buggy. :)

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Oveja Negra: {etsy} {twitter} {facebook}

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Soda: {etsy} {website} {blog}

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Virginia Kraljevic: {etsy} {website} {blog}

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Mia Accessories: {etsy}

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Lila Ruby King: {etsy} {other etsy shop} {and okay, a 3rd shop!} {twitter} {website}

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Bird Tray @ IKEA

I found the cutest bird tray over at Kay Loves Vintage today — she discovered it in the latest IKEA catalog which (ahem) my mail carrier failed to leave in the corridor of our house… though he delivered them to other buildings. Hmmm. Perhaps my husband told him to avoid leaving them here as he slipped him a twenty or something. :) Well I think this tray that Kay found is brilliant and as she noticed too, it’s very Charley Harper-esque which I completely love. So colorful and fun!

IKEA find

I’m sure lots of these will soon pop up in home tours on blogs around the world as the latest IKEA must-have item. I know as soon as my local IKEA stocks these I’m ON IT. Hey, why not? They are practical and cute and for Summer, great for serving drinks on the patio. They are even good for the desk to arrange pencil holders, notepads and such on. Let’s hear it for fun, affordable design! And birds! Birds rock people.

(image: kay loves vintage)

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Jana Orsolic

Ivana is a reader from the UK who wrote to me about Jana Orsolic, a designer/art director from Serbia because she thought I’d love her blog. Well, thank you Ivana for the suggestion and you are right – it’s a great site with plenty of unique finds. It is written primarily in Serbian but also some English, but with links highlighted and lots of interesting photos, I found my way around just fine. First, I found her own gorgeous online portfolio

Jana Orsolic

Jana Orsolic

Jana Orsolic

Wow Jana! She does these amazing wish lists for a Serbian magazine called Sensa that covers topics related to women’s beauty and health and the importance of having a healthy, happy life. I found it interesting that it’s actually under the umbrella of G&J here in Germany, a huge international magazine company. Wow! I have to get my hands on a copy of the September issue (can anyone help me? I will return the favor with a beautiful German magazine)… what a gorgeously designed mag! Can you get enough of this, wow? Again, blowing me away…

fruit notes

On Jana’s blog she highlights numerous products and movies that catch her eye as an art director. That’s how I found out about these Fruit Notes from Japanese company D-Bros. Sorry, I have no clue where you can buy them online but wow, they are definitely fresh & juicy. I would love an apple or pear near my phone.

Jana if you’re reading this you’ve inspired me so much! I feel a connection to your work despite never have met you. I’m sure those reading this do too. Just seeing these layouts makes me feel so refreshed because I often imagine things like this in my head but fail to see them in the magazines I read. You make the connection that I long for… warmth, spirituality and organic beauty combined. Lovely!

(images: jana orsolic/sensa magazine, d-bros and sensa photos by Mihajlo Savic)


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