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Elisabeth Perotin

Elisabeth Perotin is a delightful French illustrator and photographer with an online shop you’ll certainly want to peruse today… it’s magical. Here’s a glimpse of the goodness you’ll find there.

Elisabeth Perotin

Elisabeth Perotin

Her blog is quite dreamy as well, especially if you’re a lover of all things French.

Thank you Elisabeth for writing to me today!

(images: elisabeth perotin)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on September 11, 2009

Amy Butler Office Collection

Move over Martha, Jamie, Rachel and Donna… did you get the memo? Amy Butler is going for world domination (yay!) alongside the best of ’em and she’s going BIG, baby! Fabric, bags, giftwrap, tableware, sewing kits, scrapbooking supplies, bedding, card kits, software, patterns, books, rugs, stationery and now office products. I’ve died and gone to heaven with these… Here are a few glimpses to make you reconsider your office space and how much better it would look with a little dash of Amy where you work!

Amy Butler

Amy Butler

Amy Butler

This collection will be available via Mara-Mi and will include coordinating desktop and office items like folders, organizers, binders and more. The entire collection will be available soon in Amy’s web store as well. Stay tuned!

(images: amy butler design)

Posted in Stationery on September 11, 2009

Handmade Namolio Throws

Cozy up with a Namolio throw

Posted in uncategorized on September 11, 2009

Stylist Stella Nicolaisen

I came across the portfolio of stylist Stella Nicolaisen today thanks to a comment left by reader Anna Sterntaler (thanks, Anna!) and enjoyed viewing all the details in each creative scene. I think the teacups on gifts is my favorite idea and image, though this has a lot to do with all the tea that I buy (and consume!) and how pretty I think a dainty vintage teacup is both as a vessel and as somewhat of an art object. I also love the display set up in the white ceramic sink, so usual yet there’s a story there if you look close enough and allow your imagination to wander. I’m sure you’ll enjoy visiting Stella’s website today… Here is but a glimpse of all the beauty to be explored on her site.

Stella Nicolaisen

Stella Nicolaisen

Stella Nicolaisen

Beautiful and most certainly a stimulating collage of images for the senses… Makes the hands want to craft and create, the mind to explore, the heart to carry one away… wouldn’t you agree? When I see the work of a talented stylist, I immediately want to repurpose objects in my home, restyle something on a shelf, or run to a flea market to source some magical find for a corner in my home. I guess that is the point of viewing all of this talent each day — to stimulate imagination and creativity. :)

(images: stella nicolaisen)

Posted in Inspiration on September 11, 2009


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