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Photographer Magnus Anesund

Magnus Anesund interior photography

Posted in uncategorized on September 10, 2009
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Helena Christensen At Home

Love: Helena Christensen@home

Posted in uncategorized on September 10, 2009

A Real Swedish Home

So honest and inspiring….

Posted in uncategorized on September 10, 2009

Ulrika Ekblom Photography

Ready for a hearty dose of visual inspiration? I was reading through one of my favorite design blogs this morning, Emmas designblogg (based in Stockholm), and came across a photographer that looked really interesting, Magnus Anesund. So I clicked over to the site and then clicked around some more and came across another photographer that I instantly fell head-over-heels for. Her name is Ulrika Ekblom and she is a food/lifestyle photographer and her photos completely touch me — some in an emotional way — like I feel like I’m in the scene or enjoying the weather in some of her outdoor photographs. Others simply make me hungry for the food that she is presenting so beautifully!

Ulrika Ekblom

Ulrika Ekblom

Ulrika Ekblom

Ulrika Ekblom

Ulrika Ekblom

Ulrika Ekblom

Ulrika Ekblom

Her sense of color is astounding and her ability to capture natural light makes one feel present alongside her as she shoots. What a special talent she is and so inspirational. I hope that you’ll take time to look at her work here but also on the website where much more is featured, VOL, which happens to be her agent as well.

Do you have a favorite image above? Which one? Why? I am keen on the gingham tablecloth in aqua/white with the crumbled recipe and coffee stain… I keep going back to it for some reason that I’m finding a difficult time explaining. Perhaps it is the imperfect perfection. The casual beauty. I also love the first image, the lady presenting the delicious drinks upon a serving tray with the carnations. I think carnations get a bad rap but to me, especially when I find them in white, violet and pale pink, I see beauty and delicacy there — and all the folds are so feminine, like the bottom of a ruffled ballgown.

(images: ulrika ekblom for VOL)

Posted in inspiration, kitchen on September 10, 2009


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