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Elizabeth Demos Event Design

A picture truly is worth a thousand words. That is why you must see this moodboard, what an inspiration and the words that come to mind are a thousand wows and like, ohmigosh and yowsers! Who designed it, you ask?

@home vintage general

I first told you about Elizabeth Demos back in early 2006, she owns @home vintage general in Savannah, Georgia and is a wonderful stylist who has contributed to magazines in addition to the beautiful work in her own shop. I’ve talked to her a few times over the years via email and she has always been wonderfully pleasant and helpful, a true southern belle. I’m so excited to now learn that she’ll be launching her own event design firm. I just know that she’ll be so good at it! If you are interested, you can bookmark her event planning website – soon to launch. Or follow her blog where there is always something beautiful to see.


(image: elizabeth demos)

Posted in uncategorized on September 04, 2009

Hello & Things…

Hello friends and happy Friday to you. Oh how I do love a good weekend with a beautiful weather forecast! Yippee! And how are you today? Doing well I hope. I hope that as many of you as possible can sneak out of work a little early today (join me, please!) and go play… I mean, you know what they say about girls and boys who only work, work, work. Dull, dull, dull! So if you can, grab your little tote and make a beeline to the door when you are able, perhaps a little earlier than usual, and go do something for yourself. Even if it’s only an hour. When you pause you return with more inspiration and ideas than you would have otherwise.

You know what I did before getting out of bed this morning? I started reading Julia & Julia. Have you read it? I know, I’m a bit behind. Blame the relocation for that. It was so nice to read a chapter before starting my day and the whole theme of a blogger in a film is just the sweetest thing to me. Do you remember the first time you watched You’ve Got Mail? With the adorable Meg Ryan and clumsy-cute Tom Hanks? Wasn’t it so exciting to see that AOL mailbox on the big screen… I mean the whole idea (back then) of meeting a man online was so new and of course, AOL was the bomb back in the day. How I’d open my email program with great anticipation, hoping to find the mailbox icon and that man announcing that I had mail! Weeee! The days before massive spam overload when an email was actually personal and from someone you knew! I do not get that excited over most email these days. I’ve had it with viagra and private part extensions and nutty people sending me product submissions pertaining to the most abstract things like campers and grills. Yeah, we talk a lot about camping on decor8, right? Rigggght. :)

Anyway, that is how I feel reading Julie & Julia… excited. And I know I’m late to this because the film has been out in America for what, a month now? Nine years you say? Oh stop teasing me. Parts of Europe are a wee bit behind with films being released. But yes, this same exact excitement over blogging being mentioned in a film, that it has become mainstream now (at least in America and most western countries), and worthy of a mention makes me giddy. I can’t wait to see the film but I’ve vowed to finish the book first. Have you seen it? It’s just coming out here in Germany but in German and well, I only watch original English films because I’m a snob. If the movie was made in English originally then I refuse to watch it dubbed over. It’s almost as bad as those old Japanese fighting films or vintage Godzilla movies. Okay, I like the old Godzilla movies… but you get my point. On the flipside, I pay the same respect for all languages, if a film is in French I will watch it with English subtitles but never dubbed over in English. Well okay, maybe a few times I’ve done it. (shhh) Anyway, I’m going off on a tangent here. Thanks for joining me on my rollercoaster writing adventure! Welcome to what it feels like to live inside of my head.

So! After reading and then rising for the day, I am now writing (okay, I’m captain obvious), billing and emailing about thirty thousand people back. Then I’m taking a break to sneak out and hit the bookstore for a few cookbooks (Julie has me inspired!), Balzac for iced boba tea and then I’m going to the museum to see a special exhibition I’ve been hoping to see and it’s Free Museum Friday here so why not take advantage of a good freebie! I’ll be writing on my blog too, so no worries… I won’t abandon you.


In fact, I’ve already visited Simply Stated today and wrote a post about Chronicle Books because they have new paper products for Autumn and I really like their collections. I have a brief roundup of 9 products that I think you may like… You may visit the post here if you’d like. The image contained in this post is my bait. I like to use bait sometimes to encourage reading. :) So please bite my bait so you can be hooked on paper along with me and so you can see where each of these pretty products can be found on their website. :)

(images: chronicle books)

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By Nord: Nordic Inspired Interiors

Who isn’t inspired by nature, it’s one of the most common answers when a designer speaks of their inspirations. And how can nature NOT be inspiring… it’s all around us, completely free of charge, transporting, uplifting, and in harmony nature does what it does so well. That’s why when Danielle sent out an email to friends of her shop today about By Nord, I had to show you this Danish label that she now stocks. Danielle has such gorgeous taste, so I always know that if she takes on a new line that is must be stylish, modern, simple and nature-inspired. You can find lots of pretty pillows and duvets in Le Souk right here and big plus — she ships worldwide!

By Nord

By Nord

By Nord

By Nord

By Nord was founded by graphic designer Hanne Berzant and fashion designer Hanne Louise Roe Andersen. These two friends are inspired by Nordic nature which is quite evident in their work. But beyond being stylish, what I personally enjoy is that this design is really taking that traditional cabin and lodge design up a notch to a more modern, sophisticated feel. I love rustic modern when it’s done right and this is so, soooo right. I also appreciate the marrying of feminine and masculine design elements. What man would bark at his wife for wanting to add a wolf pillow to the sofa accompanied by a lovely floral one? See my point?

Lovely new add to Le Souk, Danielle!

(images: by nord and bo bedre)

Posted in Rooms on September 03, 2009

The Community Bookcase

I wrote about this bookcase over on Haus Maus but since not all of you read my other blog I’m posting about it here too because my wish is that if I talk about it enough, and then maybe you link to it and talk about it also, that the idea may just catch on. And then perhaps you’ll have your very own bookcase too. Allow me to explain.

My hood

See this bookcase standing on the sidewalk? No, it’s not waiting for the movers to come pick it up. And no, it’s not part of some eviction. Oh and it definitely is not an animated bookcase that came to life at night in the local library and decided to go all independent and flee the scene. This is indeed a normal, everyday bookcase with glass doors that you can open and contents inside that are 100% free to the public. No library cards, overdue notices or payment required. At this bookcase you simply visit it, find a book (or two) that you want, remove it and put it in your little tote or bicycle basket, and then go on your merry little way. The bookcase only asks that in return, you bring some of your own books back to replenish the supply. And this is not the only bookcase that I’ve located here in Hannover. There is another one near the city center. This one happens to be a few blocks from my house on Jakobistr. Of course, all of the books are in German but it encourages me even more to keep up with my studies! I want to sneak in a few of my English books next time I’m out, I’m sure some would be interested in them. :)

Don’t you love this idea of a community bookcase? I’m not sure how this would work everywhere, I mean in some cities I imagine people who take books and sell them for profit on eBay, but here it does not seem to be a problem and the bookcases always have plenty to look through on them. What do you think of this idea? Would you want something like this in your city?

In Germany, you may find these bookcases at locations listed on this page.

(image: thorsten becker for decor8)

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