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Beautiful Czech Video Game

Czech puzzle game, so pretty!

Posted in uncategorized on October 08, 2009

Piou Sandrine

I stumbled upon the blog and shop of Piou Sandrine in France today via Flickr and really, really enjoyed what I found! Would you like to take a peek into her world too? Oh good! Let’s look together at some pretty corners in this whimsical Paris home, I’m sure her children love having her for a mommy with all of these fun colors and patterns around!




I love all of the bright, joyful colors and the sticker on the front of her white dresser. Not to mention her gorgeous cat! Awww, so cute. I think what moves me the most though is her unique stamp on this space – it is very personal and original. It feels cozy and lived in, and like this lady really puts a lot of her creative energy into each corner. I really admire this!

(images: piou)

Posted in Inspiration, uncategorized on October 08, 2009

Japanese Tape DIY For Frames

Okay so I was sitting on my sofa the other night looking at the artwork on my wall thinking about my frames and how I’d love to do something with them. I’m not in the painting mood. And then I thought about decoupaging the frames. No, not feeling that idea either. Then I thought about Japanese tape and the whole obsession with it lately and how I could easily use it on my frames because it is creative and commitment-free. As I looked at the rolls I realized their width is nearly the same as the frames, so I grabbed a few frames, placed them on my table, and got started this morning with a 5 minute DIY project that I’d love to share, minus detailed instructions because it’s quite straight forward. It involves tape, a pair of scissors, and a frame. :)

Fun Frame DIY

The best part is, you can change them as often as you’d like because the tape leaves zero tackiness behind, it is super easy to remove, and you can use it over and over again. I imagine this being a hit with students, in work spaces at home, and for teenagers in addition to those of us who are just a bit kooky and enjoy being creative at home with our art supplies. It also does not lift the paint from the frame. It’s the perfect tape for this project so if you try this ONLY use the masking kind made with Japanese washi paper since anything else may be a problem. Also use frames they are nearly the exact width of the tape (3/4″), mine are all from IKEA. You can use the tape on the natural wood frames but since some of it is semi transparent it seems to work best on those painted white.

Fun Frame DIY

Fun Frame DIY

Fun Frame DIY

Fun idea, right? Of course, you can glue lace, ribbon and everything else to them instead but I wanted to do something extremely easy and inexpensive to my frames and this was the quickest solution I could find. Plus, I mean seriously, there are so many cool things to do with this Japanese tape that I couldn’t resist thinking of something new.

Tip: Select tape in colors and patterns that enhance the artwork or photos inside, for instance the grid pattern above really brings out the lines and colors of this Mississippi riverboat print by Jennifer Davis.

Here’s where you can find the tape I’ve used: Ginko Papers, Origamisan, MissMacau, washimatta, lovepetitzakkajapan, felt cafe, Pretty Tape, and the HeyDay Shop to name just a few!

Additional DIY Tip: You can use it on your shelves at home, just tape around the edging and there you have it – fun!

Have fun! (images: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in DIY on October 08, 2009

I Heart eBay

I love eBay and here’s a round about reason of explaining why because I’m feeling rather chatty (or you can say long winded) today. Okay, so I hit the farmers’ market in our square today and grabbed all these flowers for 5- Euros (about $7 USD) and a most beautiful loaf of bio bread for the apple preserves that my cousin handmade for us yesterday, fresh from the tree in her garden. And so, I went home to arrange the flowers and to present this bread to my husband to enjoy the apple preserves with — and what arrived as I was busy preparing lunch?

Flowers for 5-Euros

Apples & Bread :)

A box from the Netherlands, from Danielle who recently put a lot of her vintage German vases on eBay. Well this is the vase I won and I absolutely love it. To. Die. For. Right? Thankfully no one had to die for it though so all is well there… Want to see? Sure you do…

Enjoying the day...

I plan to put wooden spoons and kitchen utensils inside of it and place it next to my stove. Won’t it be a nice addition to the kitchen? I think so… Although the intended purpose is most likely for flowers or to display with nothing at all inside, but I see this vase and think of rustic wooden spoons… perhaps Turkish ones?

Le Souk Pouffe

And this is the next delivery I’m expecting from Danielle, as she just stocked these crocheted pouffes in her shop, Le Souk, and it will go just perfectly in my bedroom. I’ve been having a nice time setting up house, as you can tell.

But back to the vase… I cannot stop looking at it, I love it so! I’m delighted that Miss Danielle put her things on eBay, I’m such a fan of her style and that site but even more when I win things that I really, really want. Have you scored any good finds lately? Tell me about them, I love knowing what you find that makes you giddy and long winded, too. :)

Now I think I’ll go have some of the apple preserves again – this post made me hungry. I’ll warm them up this time and put some on a scoop of vanilla ice cream and then add some cinnamon, walnuts and nutmeg on top. Oh yes, that will make my evening really sweet I think. It’s after 9pm here, so I’m logging off for the night, I have some projects to work on around the house, so I’ll meet you back here tomorrow!

P.S. I picked up a CD today that I’ve been playing over and over again all afternoon, it’s by Berry and it’s called Mademoiselle. You can sample some of it here online. It’s French and just wonderful.

(images: holly becker for decor8, with the exception of the last image taken by danielle de lange.)

Posted in Decorating Tips, Handmade on October 07, 2009


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