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Yvonne Bakker Styling

The more I read portfolios, the more amazing people I’m discovering today. I’ve spent so much time this afternoon reading – it’s exciting to find so many wonderfully talented people out there and here in Europe there are tons that I am just learning about. Though I love receive submissions via email, I make sure I don’t only post what is being sent to me, rather I’m blogging about things I’m doing the legwork to find on my own because there are so many artists and designers who are shy and do not write to me (or any blog or magazine) so if I didn’t do all of this digging I may not come upon them otherwise. Like for instance, interior and food stylist Yvonne Bakker.

Yvonne Baker Styling

I’d not heard of Yvonne before as her work has been in magazines that I don’t regularly read (though now that I’m in Germany I want to subscribe to VT Wonen for sure!) but I’m so glad her name popped up because I’d like to talk about her for just a moment if you don’t mind. :) She lives in the Netherlands and has been working as a stylist for quite some time now, her portfolio includes VT Wonen, Eigen Huis & Interieur, Elle Wonen, At Home and more. Because of her diverse clients, her work spans a rather broad range of styles from classic interiors to country, modern and eclectic.

Yvonne Baker Styling

Yvonne Baker Styling

Don’t you want to run home and redecorate your entire flat now? It’s so motivating to see beautiful spaces that are full of creative ideas, isn’t it? And we owe it to stylists like Yvonne for giving us their inspiring, artistic impressions and bringing all of these creative ways of enhancing a space to us through the pages of some of our favorite magazines.

(photography: John Dummer)

Posted in inspiration on October 07, 2009

Brigitte Magazine Goes Model-Free

I know I author a design blog, but since I have an abundance of female readers, I thought this fashion-related topic is relevant somehow as I think this is the most beautiful news article I’ve read in long, long time. And as woman, we care about this sort of thing. Even the men who read this blog may be interested in knowing this… I was moved — it is quite powerful and sends a very positive message I’ll tell you what it is…

brigette goes model free

Brigitte is a fashion and lifestyle magazine for Woman based in Germany, they have been around for ages… I started reading it when I was in my 20s visiting my husband while we were dating. His mother used to give me copies of it so I could learn more about German life and fashion. Now that I live here, I pick up my copy monthly and have always enjoyed it… but now, I’m just so, so proud of Gruner+Jahr (the publisher) and the magazine in general because they’ve just announced a radical change for the magazine that will begin in 2010. It will be model-free, at least when it comes to their photo shoots (not advertising of course). You have to read this…

“The Hamburg-based title published by Gruner+Jahr plans to choose from readers who register online and staff members based on their meaningful qualities other than their dress size. Attractiveness has many faces,” editor of the bi-monthly Brigitte Huber said in a statement.

“Whether they are actresses, musicians, first ladies or women on the streets of big cities – they all affect fashion and beauty styles.”

Is this not spine tingling? You can read the full article here.

And while I love Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum, there is much, much more out there that is beautiful that is not represented and I am excited to see where this exciting new direction takes this publication. I don’t mind seeing models in fashion magazines, they are woman too and should not be excluded because of their beauty and no longer featured because they are “model perfect”, however I think that having all fashion magazines saturated with such ideal types can really be stressful for young woman and even older woman as it makes the rest of us feel a bit left out. You need the Vogue and the Elle magazines, yes, but you also need diversity on the magazine stand — you can read Vogue to see “the dream” and you can read a magazine like Brigitte to see the beautiful reality — you and me — our life. I like a good mix and so I’m happy about this bold new direction!

One person, on a board I visited over at Brigitte magazine said in response to all of this, “Thank you for allowing women to be women, and showing them for what they’ve accomplished and who they are as dignified human beings, not as mere superficial bodies.”


(image: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in uncategorized on October 07, 2009

John Dummer Photography

After writing about Dutch stylist/textile designer Marieke van Proosdij yesterday, I heard from her and she told me that photographer John Dummer shot the rooms in her home so of course I had to check out this other amazing talent from the Netherlands. I’d not heard of him before so I was surprised and pleased to come across his portfolio and I know that you’ll enjoy browsing it today as well.

John Dummer Photography

Food, stills, people, travel, interiors… it’s all there and each photo captivates and draws you in. I’m drawn to a photographer who can present what is real but also give you an element of fantasy and help you to flex your imagination of what also could be. John’s photos do this so, so well. It’s really an art.

John Dummer Photography

I’ve chosen these 6 images to share with you (please click on them to enlarge for details) because all have a real mood to them that feels cozy and welcoming but not styled to absolute perfection, there is a casual elegance here that feels lived in and loved. The tea and blankets, the worn hardwood floors, wallpaper that doesn’t continue over the door or onto the rest of the wall (love this!), and those transom windows… I dream of having transom windows in the house that exists in my mind…

Do you recall when I shared with you the bed & breakfast, Bed of Flowers, owned by Floriene Bosch, also in the Netherlands near the border of Germany? Well that amazing B&B was photographed by John too.


(images: john dummer photography)

Posted in inspiration on October 07, 2009

Jonathan Alder Dachshund Bookends

Barnes & Noble has these delicious little dachshund bookends designed by Jonathan Adler and I’m dying here because I cannot order them as they don’t ship outside of the U.S. – wahhhh! (update: Wait! I take that back! They will ship other things outside of books and videos. YAY!) I want these so badly for my books. Well those of you who are in America, you are the lucky ones… You can have this set of precious white resin bookends for under $40. Oh, I’m positively dying here. Want. These. Badly.

Want. These. Badly.

Look at the little tongue. Cute. Ness. And let me tell ya, I just know that pup is sticking his tongue as if to say, “nah nah nah nah you can’t have me!”. Little jerk! Rrrrrr.

(image: barnes & noble)

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