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Car Möbel Inspiration

I’ve raved about Car Möbel before because I’ve ordered from this German company in the past (furniture) and really like their selection… and I’m here to rave again because I always find something on their site or in their catalog that I like, whether it’s a pouffe or a bookcase. And while they only ship locally, at least I’m guessing from what I’ve read on their site, many of you can look at some of their arrangements of things to gain inspiration for how you’re displaying objects – I think they do a good job of it. I really like the hallway decoration shown below with the soft, pale blue wall with gray and white. So fresh and welcoming.

Car Möbel Inspiration

Most of what you see pictured are from the major brands that Car Möbel carries from Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Germany. Some of these brands include TineK Home, RICE, Greengate, PIP-Studio (they have their bedding and bags now!) and House Doctor. Though what makes Car Möbel so special is that they also carry their own line of furniture shown in all of these photos that is available in natural wood, white and sometimes black. I like this because you can buy unfinished pieces and customize them. The brands I’ve mentioned above are quite common to find, I guess you can say they’re as common as West Elm or Pottery Barn is in America.

If you live in Germany then you can feel free to order as they come highly recommended by me (and I’m a picky customer!). I really love their professional, prompt service, packaging, and quality of goods. I also need a desk, so I’m looking high and low for one and found something on their site this morning that just may work for me. So! Here are some arrangements that I like that I thought would inspire you over the weekend, if you feel up to it, to redecorate or style a particular part of your home in a fresh, new way without purchasing a single thing. Give it a try – the bookcase that looks a wreck, your closet, the hallway, even a few shelves in the kitchen or bathroom.

Car Möbel Inspiration

Car Möbel Inspiration

Car Möbel Inspiration

Car Möbel Inspiration

Car Möbel Inspiration

Often mini refreshers like this can make your surroundings much more enjoyable – plus I think it’s good to have movement in the house. What I mean by this is that when something stays in the same place to long it almost makes me feel stuck or in a rut emotionally just looking at it. I move things around frequently because it feels like the energy can circulate better. I know in words this makes little sense, but just try moving things around and you’ll see what I mean… there’s freedom and a fresh perspective that can often result from the moving of objects. Plus I observe a lot of movement in the natural world and thing that it’s easy sometimes to forget that our interior environments may also need to change from time to time in order to allow for growth and change. At least, according to me. :)

(images: car möbel)

Posted in Objects on October 30, 2009

Until Friday!

Hello friends! How are you doing today? I am very well and quite happy because a giant moving truck arrived this morning and delivered everything to us which means that my three month relocation is officially over. Phew! And despite the fact that my home looks like a bomb dropped, I’m very happy to have all of my belongings in hand. I just blogged about it here and included a few photos in case you’re interested…

Pinwheel DIY

So! With that I am signing off until Friday. I’m not leaving you without some inspiration first, so I’ve blogged a few posts already, including Etsy Take Five Tuesday.

Also while I’m away from my desk, here are a few links to keep you busy:

DIY Pinwheels from Style Me Pretty (shown pictured above, project here).

Now I can say I’ve moved by me.

Nicola is busy setting up her new apartment in Germany, too.

Gorgeous gray room inspiration at Canadian House & Home (if you can endure all the annoying pop-up ads!).

Emma’s pretty new bedroom in Stockholm.

Tea towels from To Dry For.

Soon to visit Istanbul? Check out PukkaLiving!

A Danish clothing line I’m currently loving… Graumann.

And by the way, thank you for going on this journey with me as I’ve relocated from America to Europe. It’s so special to have those whom you’ve grown to know well enough online to view as friends to share this life change with. You’ve all been so supportive and encouraging along the way so thank you for that and well… I’m off! See you in a few days on Friday.

With love,


(image: style me pretty linked above)

Posted in uncategorized on October 27, 2009

Tiny Paris Apartment

Would you like to tour a sweet little apartment in Paris with me today? No you say? Yeah, right. I know you, I had you hooked at tour. Or was it Paris? :) Either way, let’s go visit the city of lights, or in this case, the apartment of lights… Elodie, who authors the sweet blog la mechante, invited me to share photos her home here today and I couldn’t refuse as I think it’s darling and a total inspiration for those living in a small space (like me!). Elodie is a designer/interior architect and a photographer and lives in a 26m² flat, which is roughly 279 square feet – yeah, that’s little living!

Tiny Paris Apartment

Tiny Paris Apartment

Tiny Paris Apartment

Tiny Paris Apartment

Tiny Paris Apartment

Look at all of her books and nooks, this place is packed with stuff but so cozy and charming though a minimalist may go a bit bonkers with all this stuff around. But Elodie likes it quite a bit and has made her life in this place surrounded by the things that she loves and with what inspires her to life a happy life. And that’s the point: we should live however we’d like just so long as it supports us personally.

This is but a glimpse of her magical world, to see more click here (including her kitchenette). Thank you so much Elodie for sharing your home with us today!

(images: elodie at la mechante)

Posted in Home Tours on October 27, 2009

Song and Scene Blog

Photographer Diana Brennan recently started a new blog, Song and Scene, that I find unique and inspiring. Especially since my husband is a photographer and music composer (both hobbies, yeah he’s a smarty) and often composes songs around the photographs that he takes. I have to tell him about Diana’s new blog! This may inspire him because she shares a photo that she took along with a song, not her own song — but a favorite tune that she feels fits the photo. In case you wonder what she’s using on her blog it’s called Soundshark, suggested to her by Tara Lutman Agacayak.

Song & Scene

I really like this because it’s so nice when artists try to make the blogging experience more emotional and heartwarming, attaching their work to music and/or video certainly makes it come alive and also gives one further insight into the personality of the artist. Check out her blog and see what you think, I’m sure that she’d really enjoy your feedback on this idea of hers as well… it’s a nice one.

(image: diana brennen)

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