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Tulu {Istanbul}

Wow.  I just read all about Tulu, a gorgeous shop in Istanbul owned by a American antique textile dealer, Elizabeth Hewitt, who moved there since she married a Turkish man. Ah, love — it takes us to so many places sometimes, doesn’t it? It’s not always a state of the heart, but can change your entire life — including your country! Elizabeth’s taste is gorgeous and I owe a big thanks to interiors stylust Raina Kattelson for telling me about it because Turkey has been on my mind a lot lately. Tomorrow I’ll show you why. :)






As I was saying, Raina visited this exotic city recently and her photos really inspired me. Istanbul is 2 hours by plane so I’m thinking of visiting because the idea of seeing Turkey when I lived back in New Hampshire felt a bit far off to me. But 2 hours is nothing so why not visit. Plus friends tell me I’ll love it and now Raina is blogging about how great it is there. I love Turkish people, I’m making friends here who are Turkish, and have you ever had their cooking? Yum. Yet I know so little about Istanbul outside of the history – I know nothing about modern day living there.

This shop inspires me because I love the ethnic prints and patterns and the gorgeous colors – they’re so vivid and positive, I imagine any of these pillows brightening up a home. I’m seeing a lot of bedding that I’d like to own too, don’t you? It was interesting, as I did some more digging online, to find more information about the owner of Tulu, you can read all about Elizabeth here.

Have you ever been to Istanbul? What did you think? Any tips?

(Images: tulu)

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The Well-Dressed Home {Book}

Fashion and interiors definitely go hand in hand, especially since fashion often finds its way into interior design trends within a year or two after walking down the runway… sometimes even sooner. I love watching the master minds out there translate what they’re seeing on the runway into a cohesive collection for the home, whether it’s West Elm, Zara Home, or your local boutique – fashion does seem to inspire many a home collection. Yesterday over at Real Simple, I reviewed a newly published book called The Well-Dressed Home by Annette Tatum, which not only shows examples of fashion and mood boards but how all that inspiration is collection and translated into a room. It’s a rather interesting book, you can read more about it here in case you’ve been wondering about this title since it seems to be popping up on lots of blogs lately.

The Well-Dressed Home

Also, The Well-Dressed Home is the decor8 book of the week. This means that if you purchase it after clicking this link that I will earn 6% from the sale.

Have you read this book? Or flipped through it? What are your impressions?

(images: the well-dressed home)

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Turquoise, Persimmon, Neutrals, Grey and Black

Hello Friends, it’s me Leslie again for Color Me Pretty! This time around I decided to play with turquoise, persimmon, lots of neutrals, a little grey and a touch of black. I wanted to use this palette to explore some David Hick’s inspired patterns. It seems Hick’s has influenced many American designers these days, like Kelly Wearstler, Tory Burch and Jonathan Adler. It is easy to see why as his work was bold, graphic and loaded with colors and textures. I tried to tone it down a little to see how we could incorporate some of these bold graphics into our existing décor with a little DIY project, I hope you like this little study.

Color Me Pretty

DIY I wanted to create a super easy piece of wall art with some of the patterns I painted for you. Thus, I scanned in the painted patterns and printed them out onto matte ink jet paper. (The colors do not always come out exact as scanners vary – like mine -which is not very good!) I then took my lovely little Marvy square punch and quickly punched out squares from my patterned paper. I then created a grid on a piece of 12 x 18″ paper – I used this size because I had an old unused frame in my garage that was just waiting to be dusted off. I used spraymount adhesive (a type of toxic spray glue that works beautifully as it does not warp the paper like regular glue) to lightly spray each square and then placed it in the grid I had penciled on the white paper and voila! Now, if you do not have a square punch it is easy to cut up paper with an x-acto blade and a ruler. As for the patterned paper you could use anything with a design on it that matches with your home…it would be really nice to use old photographs too- because if you are like me there are lots of photos in boxes that could be used and would look great. (Like all those ocean or flower shots!)

Color Me Pretty

Color Me Pretty

When you use a primarily neutral color scheme in your home you must rely on texture and pattern to create some interest so that the space does not look to bland. It is fun to then use dabs of bold color to really show off the colors you enjoy like persimmon (which is basically just a darker orange but sounds more “designy” – right?). I use this color in little doses in my dining area with some vintage plates hanging on the wall along with some art that features the dark orange-red along with grays, whites and wood. Turquoise looks great in the mix too as it really makes the dark orange pop especially when you have the neutral tones in there creating negative space around the colors. If bold colors kind of scare you start with some flowers or a small accessory like a vase and see if in fact the color may just brighten your day!

Color Me Pretty

Color Me Pretty

I hope you enjoyed this study and I will see you back here November 9TH, enjoy the rest of the month! – xo, Leslie Shewring

To see  more of Leslie’s posts, click here.

(image copyright: Leslie Shewring)

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Calendar Round Up: All Others

To wrap up the “calendar round up of all calendar round ups” and the “motherload”, as I’ve been told (thanks you guys!), I’m concluding with this post: All Others. These are calendars that don’t fall into the printable download, wall, desk or poster category. They are the planners, wallet cards and mini houses (yes, really) of the world and offer alternate ways to track the days ahead…

More calendars!

I love these, both my husband and I have one. They’re the size of a credit card but don’t do nearly as much damange :). Made by Sandra Juto, wallet card, $4.

More calendars!

Linea Carta, agenda, $24 – I love the hand drawn boxes and lines inside and the pretty cover, don’t you?

More calendars!

Dorobot, agenda, in German, 20€. Another hand drawn style agenda, which I’m loving… And it’s in German in case you’ve always wanted to learn. :)

More calendars!

“Within this paper mansion, six smaller abodes reside, each with a piece of the calendar year set against their clapboard and cedar siding.” Cuteness, I’m dying here. Available at Anthropologie, $24.

More calendars!

Cath Kidston agenda, $14 in all it’s red, blue and pink country sweetness.

More calendars!

Galoshes pocket calendar by Jen Hewett Studio, $11 — again, these hand drawn calendars are what I’m loving at the moment. I use to draw calendars with each new month and got out of the habit of doing it but these are encouraging me to do it again.

More calendars!

Elle’s Studio, calendar circle tags, $3.25 — good for adding to a gift. If it’s for an anniversary present, you can give a gift with the corresponding month and circle the date perhaps?

More calendars!

Kate Spade desk calendar, $22. We all love Kate. Period.

More calendars!

Perpetual calendars from Orange Beautiful, $28 for those who love type.

More calendars!

Campbell Raw Press: handbound, accordion-fold book with a letterpress-printed interior, and cover choices include 10 different decorative papers, $29.50.

More calendars!

Floral leaves datebook from Jill Bliss, $16.50 – this agenda is well, pure bliss. :)


The Paper Thieves, shopping tag, $6, My Lavender Garden planners $20, weekly planners from P.S. Paper Goods $15.

If you missed my round ups on Friday for calendars, here they are:

Wall Calendars

Desk Calendars

Poster Style Calendars

Download Calendars (that you can print!)

I hope that you enjoyed my annual calendar round up this year as much as I’ve enjoyed pulling them together to highlight all the beautiful work that is being created out there by so many talented people. Did you find anything that you liked? Remember, if you find more than one and they can be framed, why not put several frames on a single wall with all your favorite calendars inside, just swap out the months. That would be pretty cute, huh!?

(images linked to their sources above.)

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