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Line Klein Photography

It’s time for a new blog of the week, what do you think? Yes? Okay good so let’s examine another lovely, inspirational space. This week we’ll visit the space of Danish photographer Line Klein, whom I discovered thanks to Sidsel. I did not know that Line had a blog – which delighted me on this gray Monday with gorgeous views of places she has been and things she has seen. It’s a very special honor to view the world through the talented, trained eye of Line…

Line Klein

Line Klein

Line Klein

I hope that you will enjoy her blog along with me this week and if you haven’t already, please take a moment today to enjoy her portfolio online. It’s pure eye candy.

(images: line klein)

Posted in Photographers on November 30, 2009

Stylist Glen Proebstel

Interested in hiring a stylist to go shopping then to take them back to your place to help decorate with those gorgeous new found treasures? Oh yes! Lee Tran Lam is an editor over at Inside Out magazine and sent me a tip today about talented stylist Glen Proebstel, represented by Katrina Herschell Management. Have you heard of Proebstel? I hadn’t but whoa… the moment that I entered his heavenly portfolio I purred like a kitten… so cozy, so gorgeous, what creative vision he has!

Stylist Glen Proebstel

Once a style director for Inside Out, he has 15 years experience as a freelance stylist and store merchandiser which brought him into his most current role as a personal shopper. He works in Sydney where you can book him for a minimum of 2 hours in-store and then you can take him back to your place to discuss decorating and installation ideas. How fun!

Stylist Glen Proebstel

Stylist Glen Proebstel

I did quite a bit of personal shopping with clients in Boston and loved the work but on the flipside I like the idea of taking a stylist home with me to provide an alternate view of things, don’t you? No matter how good our taste or ideas it can be quite eye-opening to gain the opinions of those whom we respect with an aesthetic that we’re fond. You can be the best chef in the world but you don’t only dine on your own meals… in fact all of the chefs that I follow often refer to the culinary experiences they’ve had in other restaurants or in the homes of their chef friends as being “defining moments” or “learning experiences”. And why not? I think it expands the mind and builds upon experience giving a really solid presence and even helps to further define our own style.

Yet in the world of interiors how many times do you hear of one designer hiring another for tips or inspiration? I think it can be very beneficial if you are an experienced designer to gain the impressions of your colleagues, I find it a bit of a challenge even and though it invites criticism why not see what the other has to say? A stylist like Glen Proebstel could be a real gemstone to invite by for the afternoon whether you’re a pro or not.

Who wouldn’t want to take home one of their favorite stylists for the day? I’m not too proud to say… Sign me up.

(images: kmm)

Posted in uncategorized on November 30, 2009

Happy Monday!

Good morning! Did you have a nice weekend? I hope that you did! I’ve been very busy since I saw you last – never a dull moment when one is still in the “honeymoon stage” of a relocation. There is so much to absorb and do! One thing that I did was attend a beautifully organized arts and crafts show called the Weihnachtsschau for Kunst Handwerk & Design on Saturday.

Lab Partners

Imagine two floors in an all white gallery-like setting with nothing but jewelry, papers, wood, glass, felt, candles, ceramics and handmade textiles and all for sale, you could purchase and take home any item that caught your eye. I enjoyed seeing so many lovely handmade things presented in a gallery setting where you’d expect sculpture or painting, it elevated craft works to where I feel they belong — displayed as pieces to respect and cherish for many years. The only thing about this presentation that made it difficult was that some things felt too “fine” — I almost felt intimidated and I did not want to touch anything fearing it may not be the right thing to do in such a setting. And in some cases, I could not touch items to try them on — all of the jewelry was locked in glass cases where you could only write down the number and take a slip to the cashier in the front of the building requesting to see the item. This all felt entirely too complicated and given the crowds, I was not willing to navigate them to ask someone to unlock a case. And as a result I left this wonderful exhibit without purchasing a few of the pieces that I liked so much. Which leads to be think about a study I read once about touch and how researchers found that if you touch it you will buy it. Here’s the article, it’s fascinating – I’ll quote a bit of it below.

“The amazing part of this study is that people can become almost immediately attached to something as insignificant as a mug,” said study leader James Wolf, who began the work while he was a graduate student at Ohio State. “By simply touching the mug and feeling it in their hands, many people begin to feel like the mug is, in fact, their mug. Once they begin to feel it is theirs, they are willing to go to greater lengths to keep it.”

I still enjoyed the event very much and the overall offerings, the presentation was exquisite and of course the level of skill and talent shown left me speechless in some areas of the exhibition — I found things that were truly impressive examples of talent and craftsmanship. And surprisingly enough, prices were affordable. I expected some items to cost double or even triple. I didn’t walk away with anything but I’m thinking of returning this week to give the show a second look because downstairs I did find an item that I loved, and that I touched and surprise! I have been thinking about it ever since so I think that study just may be pretty accurate when it comes to my shopping behavior.

What did you do this weekend?

Buy 2 Get 1 Free

To start things off today I thought I’d share with you the latest prints from Lab Partners called Pen Pals. Sarah Labieniec was nice enough to send me her new work last night and because I’m a fan I couldn’t resist sharing them here this morning. Sarah also has a sale going on right now in her shop: buy 2 prints get one free! The free print must be of equal or lesser value and this offer is valid only until end of business TODAY, November 30, 2009.

(images: lab partners)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on November 30, 2009

Until Monday!

First of all — I have great news for you — decor8 is on a new faster server AND only 12 (instead of 20) posts show up on the main page to decrease site load time. Yay! Now I have great news for me. :) Today is turkey day (US) so I’m taking off for the afternoon along with tomorrow and Friday to relax with my family, enjoy the winter markets that just kicked off, finish some work-related projects and a bunch of other things including a mini getaway and I’m attending a design & crafts fair this weekend. I also plan to practice a little photography! I’m excited about my mini break…. weeee!

little things :)

My husband is taking me to see New Moon tonight, isn’t he sweet? In my local theater you can buy movie tickets in advance and reserve specific seats (they’re numbered, great idea right?) so we have fab seats and so we won’t have to worry about arriving early and waiting in line. New Moon is huge here, all of the film times sold out within a day.

What do you plan to do over the next few days? Anything fun?

I’ll be back on Monday, November 30th so I’ll see you again real soon. Much love to you!

(images: holly becker for decor8)

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