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Yarn Wreaths

I was feeling crafty and whipped up this yarn wreath over the weekend. It was very relaxing, easy, and a lot of fun! I got the idea from Katie Runnels who makes and sells them in her shop and who just so happened to post a tutorial on her blog TODAY (talk about timing!). I thought that, being my first wreath, I could attempt to make a little something for my door. Here is the result, it’s a winter wreath that I will no doubt use until I’m tired of it and decide to get more yarn and make another! :)

finished my wreath!

close up.. :)

I selected these colors because the craft store that I went to only had 10 colors and I wasn’t feeling the primary color scheme so I grabbed three of my favorites, a pretty little bird with a feathered tail, and a plastic ornament that splits in half — I used only half of it to build the little nest. The nest was made out of recycled packing materials (I keep things I feel may be good for a crafts project), a little ribbon, and mushrooms that were bright red that I painted eggplant. The wreath is white foam, flat on the back side so it’s great for hanging flush against the wall. I basically wrapped yarn around the foam, tied it into place and then embellished here and there with some ribbons in white since I’m very limited with supplies since I’m still unpacking!

Now I’m inspired to make more, I figure with this one only being my first and taking me about 2 hours in front of a movie, then perhaps I can whip up a few more as presents… I really want to do one in a nature theme in greens and blues with natural twigs and a little nest too. Maybe for Spring! If wreath making is your thing, and you’re looking for something crafty and fun to do that is also quite inexpensive (Mine was $10 total for all materials), then I encourage you to give it a try. :)

(images: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on November 03, 2009

Deb Mclean is Busy Being Fabulous

Photography and the styling of objects is huge — I thought the trend could slow as more magazines fold but I’m seeing a definite upwards curve with more independent creative types looking to photograph and/or style — either as possible hobbies to fill a void or as potential income-maker. Regardless of your intentions, no doubt you’ve been perusing websites and blogs seeing all the gorgeous interiors and food imagery and have thought, “If only I had a good camera, I’d love to take pictures like that!”. Well, have you? If so, but you’re broke and unable to buy your dream camera at the moment: take heart. I was looking at stylist Deb Mclean’s blog, Busy Being Fabulous, this morning when I suddenly realized that the gorgeous photographs she shares, the ones she personally shot herself, well… my dears… I will show you some first and then I’ll tell you what I realized. It may just make you rethink waiting for the day when you have your dream camera….

Deb McLean

Deb McLean

In the photos above she has used her, ready for this… the camera on her iPhone! Yup. If you’re at home styling shots, or out and about enjoying something special there is no reason why you cannot quickly style up a vignette and take a photo of it with a good quality phone and upload it to share on your blog. Don’t let the lack of having a “real” camera in hand hold you back. No need to wait on that expensive camera, you can start small and work your way up and still have a gorgeous portfolio of photographs to enjoy along the way.

In addition to Deb’s blog, you can view her professional styling portfolio online showing some of her most recent work from the pages of top magazines. These photos below were NOT taken with an iPhone but by a professional photographer and of course, there is no comparison – a pro won’t show up on a shoot with only an iPhone in hand (ha! can you imagine that scenario!?) and a phone camera lacks sufficient quality to turn out photos suitable for print publications or a billboard. So we need the expensive cameras, the “big guns”, too. But I’m just sayin’. If you can do THAT above with an iPhone then the only thing holding any of us back is the excuse that one needs a better camera to take a better photo, right?

Deb McLean

There’s no harm in learning with whatever equipment you currently have, so again — don’t let excuses hold you back. Any photographer will admit that while a pro camera is vital to shoot professionally that in the end the most important thing is not the camera but the eye of the photographer and whatever they are seeing through that viewfinder that gives the photo it’s uniqueness and style. So in the end, it really comes down to Y-O-U. :)

(images: deb mclean)

Posted in Inspiration on November 02, 2009

Bill Kingston Photography

A decor8 reader, Nicole, commented on a post last month referencing a man she’d gone to school with named Bill Kingston. She encouraged me to look at his portfolio and I just never got around to it. But then this morning, I recalled her comment out of the blue and went back to find it and I’m so glad I did! Bill Kingston is a lifestyle, food and interiors photographer in North London, represented by the Re:fresh agency, and here is a glimpse of his portfolio to get us in the decorating and design mood this week!

Bill Kingston Photography

Bill Kingston Photography

Bill has an impressive client list which includes IKEA, Habitat, Elle Decoration and Livingetc to name a few — perhaps when you browse his online portfolio some images will stand out as familiar to you as they did for me.

Don’t you love the wellies and the photos on the wall in the bathroom? I also dig those rainbow stairs. What arrangements of things that you see are you particularly fond of, and why?

(images: bill kingston)

Posted in Inspiration on November 02, 2009


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