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Sharyn Cairns Photography

Sharyn Cairns is an Australian photographer whom I’d like to share with you for a moment because I think that her work is so warm and inviting — she is a real mood magician! I want to sit before every table and lounge in each room.

Sharyn Cairns

Sharyn Cairns

Sharyn Cairns

Raw linen, smokey black, wine, oysters and mood lighting… these views are all very romantic and charming, also some are a bit Parisian don’t you think? I also loved the photograph showing vintage silverware — I almost bought a set like this from the 1800s before I moved but decided to lighten my load and try to find it over here. I’ve decided to resume my search and hunt for it over the winter.

Thank you Emma for highlighting this fab photographer! (images: sharyn cairns)

Posted in inspiration on November 25, 2009

Ryan Korban Interior Design

Ryan Korban is a twentysomething interior designer in New York who designs both residential and commercial spaces and who has recently been featured in a number of design blogs, including The Selby. It seems he has a knack for creating warmth with a touch of glam through layers, textures and deep, moody colors. Add to that a dash of shine through a lamp or two, a carefully placed teapot, a sculptural flower resting on a stack of books and a sexy side table with a horn base and you have Ryan’s signature look — nothing is overly styled or stuffy, things are somewhat sloppy in a very good way and his vibe is without fuss and quite cozy.

Ryan Korben

I’ll admit, I’m not a big leather sofa fan, nor do I care for faux fur rugs, horn tables or shiny ornate table lamps, but Ryan has a way of putting things together that I’m not naturally drawn that makes me pause and think, “Okay, maybe“. I think that this is a sign of a good designer that we often overlook and do not discuss to often on design blogs. We’re often so fixated on finding designers who share our aesthetic — but when you notice an eyebrow being raised as you stumble across work you’d not characterize as your sensibility then that’s something to pause and think about. Hmmm.

I compare this to a good makeup artist or hair stylist. Sometimes we get stuck on a look, some may even say in a rut. Fringe with blond highlights, blunt cut with caramel highlights, curly hair, straight hair, the “Jennifer” hair cut. Or how about makeup — smokey eyes for going out, a nude and pale palette with a touch of pink lip gloss by day. Let’s say your stylist thinks that with your coloring and personality, you should experiment a little and go with auburn highlights instead and lose the fringe because it does not complement your face shape. And the makeup artist suggests peacock green eyes for night with faux lashes and by day a bit more color – a soft gray eye with a just-bitten red matte lip. You may shrug, thinking it’s, “Oh no — not me” but perhaps you try this new look out and you can’t believe your eyes — stunning! Pros who work with color, proportion, texture, etc. all day tend to have a broader vision. They also deal with many personalities and income levels so they have a lot of experience that we sometimes forget to take into consideration.

Ryan Korben

And so I ask… shouldn’t anyone you hire in a creative field give you a bit of an Aha! moment and share something that you may NOT have considered before? That is a part of interior design that makes hiring the right one worth the investment. A fresh, new custom-tailored perspective can be quite an eye opener.

(images: top, ryan korban. bottom, the selby who profiled him here.)

Posted in Designers + Stylists on November 25, 2009

Workstead: Industrial Chandelier

Robert Highsmith, one half of New York based collaborative Workstead which also includes Stefanie Brechbuehler, recently shared a new light fixture with me that I fell for instantly. Workstead is a firm offering graphic design, architectural services, furniture and lighting and this little beauty had me at hello. It’s called the Industrial Chandelier and retails at around $1,150 so it’s a piece you’ll mostly likely need to fall in love with before you open your wallet.


Robert explains the light far better than I can, so I’ll let him tell you more, “This ceiling fixture, fuses the concept of the chandelier with a keen understanding of function and flexibility. It utilizes re-purposed O.C. White industrial joints, vintage Hubbell sockets, and new-cut steel. The arms can be articulated in multiple axes; the joints allow for 360 degrees of rotation. Sockets placed at the end of each arm have a turn-key function, allowing for 1 – 3 bulbs to be illuminated at any given time. The fixture is both articulate and elemental. Its goal is to gracefully exhibit the physical properties of light.”

And don’t you just love the entire room? Drool. The windows, rustic table, weathered wood floors and fantastic lighting really caught my eye — and the chandelier — oh yes, the whipped cream on this perfectly delicious space. Focal point = found!

(image: workstead)

Posted in Objects on November 25, 2009

High Road House

I was tweeting a few moments ago asking my friends if anyone knew of a good hotel in London and Little Miss Wedding tweeted back that she suggests the High Road House in West London. I looked them up and I like what I see! I’m thinking of inquiring now, as I’d love to spend a few days there sometime soon to visit some museums and do a little shopping. And my husband keeps bugging me about it… he LOVES all things British and is dying to go back.

High Road House

Check out these exquisite rooms at the High Road House. Don’t you love all of the white with shots of yellow, red and gray? Dreamy… I want the gray and yellow wallpaper in the dining area. Oh my, gorgeous.

High Road House

High Road House

High Road House

High Road House

Now I’m wondering who designed this place, it’s fantastic, huh? Anyone know who did this lovely work? I also love how they managed to warm up all of the white with textured carpets (they look almost like sisal don’t they?) and white paneled walls. Very subtle, but it does the trick because these bedrooms do not look at all sterile or cold.

(images: high road house)

Posted in travel on November 24, 2009


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